It Would Be Great If Politicians Would Follow Michele Bachmann’s Lead On this

I already deeply dig Michele Bachmann, and here’s an example of why. Though I may be dissapointed she won’t be seeking another term in congress, her decision well represents conservatism. It’s almost assured that the longer a person stays in office, the more that whatever conservatism they went in with is subject to decay. Michele isn’t looking to become a master at being a seasoned double speaking career congress woman. Maybe she’ll seek another office, but she’s done her service as a congress woman. lay the ground work for another full spectrum conservative to be received after her. -Zo

  • Franklyn Halamka

    What about her voting for the Patriot Act and her lack of fiscal conservationism? She may be a darling of the Tea Party but she hasn’t the conservative chops in my opinion.

    • Nondescript Member

      You said it all, brother!

  • Billie Jo


  • Jeff

    Bachmann isn’t stepping down as some act of altruism. She is stepping down because she is being investigated by the FBI, and the Congressional Ethics office. (She probably believes that if she exits now that the investigations will be called off.)

    And the chances of her winning reelection don’t look so good.

    • rick0857

      If you had payed any attention to what she said you may have learned she has other intentions. For example she said 4 terms is enough time for “ONE CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT” (or words like that) which means she may move in the state of MN to a different district or she may be considering a run for the Senate. I doubt she’ll seek the presidency again but I don’t in the least think we’ve heard the last from Mrs. Bachmann

    • Jeff

      I was paying attention. Perhaps you were not aware of this story.

      The fourth-term Republican congresswoman isn’t up for re-election until 2014. But Bachmann’s campaign is running more than 30 spots on local Fox affiliate KMSP-TV starting Thursday, May 16, according to filings with the Federal Communications Commission.

      The ad buy totals $14,565.

      Really undercuts your ‘she said 4 terms is enough time for “ONE CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT” (or words like that)…’

  • Who cares what her reason is, she can tell her story walking. Though part of me will miss the amusement she brings with her kookyness and hope she doesn’t become stranger…I mean become a stranger.

    • Zo

      I care. That’s why I posted. You’re not very observant. Just full of yourself. But if you’re going to ask who cares about what, let’s be clear I so couldn’t care less about what you think, and the one who needs to get walking is you.

  • mackelby

    Over all she was good congresswomen but we can never forget she was a a supporter of a very very liberal bill the Patriot Act. I find it most difficult to forgive any of them for that. A true conservative would not give up liberty for safety. If they where controlling the borders and profiling for the terrorist type then investigate all that don’t pass the profile test we wouldn’t be giving up our liberties.

  • rick0857

    I see a couple of you remarking about the Patriot Act. I’d be willing to bet that in 2001 all of you fully supported that very same act and I”LL BET NONE OF YOU READ IT OR EVEN BEGAN TO KNOW WHAT WAS IN IT UNTIL OBAMA BECAME PRESIDENT!!!! So don’t fault her for that act. She was only one vote and it wouldn’t have made any difference if she voted against it because it still would’ve passed.
    Everybody in America was angry, scared and unsure of what to do about those horrific attacks and Congress acted based on opinion surveys at the time. They just, as congress is woe to do, OVER-REACTED. SO DON’T BLAME MICHELLE FOR THE PATRIOT ACT. SHE HAD ONE VOTE OUT OF 535!

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