From Gary Graham: District of Corruption

by Gary Graham:

As I started in on my new hobby this morning, Dissecting the President’s Latest Scandals…. I paused to reflect how odd it is that the President is allowing his Attorney General, Eric Holder, to dangle in the breeze for so long. Is it that he just doesn’t believe the rock is not squeezing against the hard place, and that there’s still wiggle room? Does he think that the issues of the AP bugging, the FOX NEWS’ James Rosen persecution, and/or possible criminal implications of lying and/or misleading Congress will be sloughed off like Fast & Furious by a disinterested and heretofore sycophantic press? And that the mainstream press (or as I like to call them, the President’s Ministry of Misinformation, Convolutions and Cover-Fire) will once again cut him a pass, and the entire episode will die on the vine of inattention and short memory? Or is it a simple case of incompetent mis-management of one’s own incompetence that keeps the President so disengaged, so out of the loop, so disconnected with anything his own administration is doing, (supposedly in his own best interest), that provides such a layered cushion of plausible deniability — that he is having an out-of-body, out-of-loop experience?

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  • cynthia fraser

    I think he its doing everything very methodically. And his plans are going the way they probably should. And now not giving our warriors breakfast. Its total bs he has been totally getting away with it. All of it. I am ashamed of my government.

    • Stacey Mehaffey Rawlings

      All due respect, the meal upset is way out of control. the soldiers are not being denied meals. What is happening is that they are having an MRE for breakfast instead of a hot one. Not a big deal. It has been done before. I served in Desert Storm and our typical day consisted of 1 MRE and 2 hot meals. As we approached our date of redeployment to Germany, we ended up with 2 MREs or 1 MRE and T-rations for 2 of our daily meals. It is certainly not ideal, but definitely not a travesty. Soldiers are trained under some pretty uncomfortable conditions and if they are wise, they know that it only gets more uncomfortable during a deployment. They are not at a spa or some other place of pampering. they are deployed in a war zone. If this is what keeps them up at night, then perhaps they should rethink their career choice.

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