Kira Davis: To Rep.Cleaver:This Message was NOT Pre-Approved by the NAACP

It’s Kira Davis. Yes, she does Rocketh! Watch the vid. You’ll see. She just presses record, and she just says rockin’ stuff. It’s natural for her, just like it’s natural for liberals to say stuff that sucks, but when they do there will most likely be a VLOG from Kira.

  • Oh, this is one smart lady. I am just loving this message. Good for her, for standing up for her RIGHT to be seen as a person, and not a color.

  • Love you Kira. Never get endorsed by the NAACP unless that do a 180. Don’t wait for it.

  • Ken Lane

    The nerve of Mitt Romney to address a group based on their simply being Americans! The next thing you know, he’ll be evaluating the attendees based on their character and completely ignore the color of their skin! Why, we can’t have that!

  • joan

    I love you Kira!! You are as cool as Alfonso (and that’s saying something).

  • Matt

    Kira ,good for you ,glad to see that you can think for yourself,and not follow the masses,or let peer pressure influence you .There is hope for the future after all.Kira please consider politics,you have my vote

  • You Rock, girl! Keep up the great commentary!

  • Awesome. Rock on, lady!

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