Klan of the Klepto-Krats

Liberals are always accusing people of saving money under their mattress or for having off shore accounts. Yet they don’t seem to understand that they’re the ones who give power to policy that forces people to do that. When the government (the very entity that is supposed to be protecting our right to property) is stealing our property, what do they expect people to do?

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  • SandiinMaine

    Is there any chance you’ll ever consider running for public office?

  • love zo

    Just want to remind folks to donate; the man’s got a family to support. The donate button on the right makes it easy. And no, a couple of bucks is not chintzy – it’s a couple more than nothin’.

    • delf

      Donate button? Want to donate but I just can find it.

    • delf

      Oh, wait, I know what happend. The state of CA ripped that off, too.

  • Emma White

    While watching your last commentary (ZOreo), I got an idea: How about you do a commentary without the hat, dressed in an expensive suit, standing behind a podium with teleprompters, backed by people with blank looks or little smiles on their faces? Maybe it would be a more comfortable delivery of truth for your liberal followers. (I know it would be hilarious for those of us who love what you say!)

    • rick0857

      You must have missed the abortion birthday rant Zo did.

  • TheSunDidIt

    We fought the first Revolution over this sort of confiscatory behavior by King George and his crowd. It REALLY took off, though, when they tried to take the guns and ammo. THAT started that war.

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