Progressivism Includes The Progress Of Regressive Racist Thinking

Do you think it’s stupid that people think that just because you’re a certain race you have to only appreciate certain types of music, and if you listen to other types of music it means you’re trying to assume another racial identity? This is important y’all, because people with this kind of limiting mindset are succeeding at the ruin of our republic, and racism is their biggest tool.

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  • John Julian

    ZO – Check the avatar. I’m from Texas. And you ROCK! BTW – I’m an old WHITE musician. I’ve read your book and EVERYONE needs to read it. I agree, “racism” is just another red herring, false flag, to distract from the Truth. Case in point, what do these people all have in common?

    1. Bill Clinton

    2. Hillarious Clinton

    3. Mao

    4. Hitler

    5. Stalin

    6. Pol Pot

    7. Obama

    8. Idi Amin

    9. Joe Biden

    10. Jesse Jackson

    They are all Progressive Socialists.They lie, steal, murder and are psychopaths (not an opinion).

    Bonus Round! What do THESE people have in common.

    1. Frederick Douglass

    2. George Washington

    3. Thomas Sowell (didn’t see THAT coming, did you?)

    4. Thomas Jefferson


    You get the point.

    Rock on, Zo!

    you’re honky bro in Texas (Sorry, that’s racist!!),


    Yea, I borrowed the handle from Julius Erving, and I’m proud of it!

  • jackjack

    This is literally not a thing, and you’re just making it up to play the racism card.

    • AlfonZo

      Ok. Prove it. Start by proving that conservatives of color never get called uncle toms. Then we’ll go on to there. -Zo

    • jackjack

      So, it’s okay for you to embrace stereotypes and derogatory terms against liberals, but if somebody does that against you, it’s not okay. That there’s a real man, ladies and gentlemen. Not every black conservative gets called an Uncle Tom. Not ever white person will call someone that. There are just dicks in this world. Period. End of story. You generalize, you assume. It’s very ignorant.

    • Zo

      You’re right. Not every white person calls a conservative black person an uncle tom, but the white ones that do are typically democrats. Yes, liberals do tend to see things backward and are in deep denial. You’re a prime example. You’re following a stereotype right now. Please take your bitter backwardness elsewhere. You’re contradicting yourself and confused. In your 1st attack you say this isn’t even a thing, as if this doesn’t happen, and then in your second attack you say, “But if somebody does it against me it’s not ok” Hmmmmm. How can I not be ok with something you claimed doesn’t happen. And You’re right, there are d*cks in this world. You’re proof.


    • JTL

      Agreed. I grow tired of the liberal attack machine. I work at a homeless shelter and I get bombarded daily because I am Republican therefor I must be a racist and I only care about the rich. They ignore the fact that I work alongside them at a HOMELESS SHELTER. Drives me nuts.

    • Chris

      They ignore the fact that you’re a Conservative Republican who also works at a homeless shelter for the needy because it doesn’t follow their narrative that Conservatives hate minorities and the “underprivileged”. Any avenue of attack becomes the vehicle of said attack for them, and they use it shamelessly.

  • KenSterling

    If us ‘Old White Guys’ didn’t dig and support* the Blues, it would disappear completely !
    *(Support by buying tickets to shows and albums)

  • Victor

    Alfonzo, I sure wish many MORE people listened to your rational logic! I’m just saying…

    • Chris

      I would say that in our current culture, his logic would unfortunately be deemed “radical” and not “rational”. Keep up the good work Zo.

  • Ken Rob

    It’s amazing that even though you throw it all out there for everyone to see (no hidden messages) they still deny the problem. We are a nation that is in self denial and fast moving towards a very divided nation that seems bent on self destruction. How clearly can you say something, how many facts can you present, before they will finally understand. Look up and lookout… He’s coming soon!

  • obozo1

    New to the fan club but keep up the good work Zo.

  • Sarah

    My 7 year old’s favorite musician is Howlin’ Wolf and he walks around singing his songs all the time. My 10 yr old loves anything that has someone playing the drums awesomely lol. And my 2 year old loves George Thorogood (He’ll stop everything to go dance to it.) We listen to everything in our home from blues to heavy metal and bluegrass to classical. We listen to music from the 30’s and 40’s to present day. Should I tell my 7 year old he has no right to admire an amazing Blues singer because some people don’t seem to think it’s acceptable for a little white boy to enjoy his music? He also loves Louis Jordan. And btw my 10 year old thinks you rock on the drums! He picked up a set of sticks that belonged to one of toys before he could even walk and we have never been able to tear him away from a set since (He’s on his third set). I honestly don’t see anything wrong with people of different races looking up to each other, isn’t that what liberals keep crying for? Yet when they actually see it, it’s not acceptable? In my opinion if you enjoy something and it honestly does no harm to anyone else, whats the problem? Keep on rocking out!

  • gl

    when are you going to get your own show? I could listen to you daily for 1/2 to 1 whole hour. Lets get a man some funding!!!

  • Virginia Qureshi


  • virginia


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