When Did I Say, You Have To Be Christian To Be Conservative Or Republican?


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  • hollywoodron

    Yah I’m having a tough time with this one…. after all, I’m going through Samuel, Kings… again.. my Church, though Biblically there… is so against being Conservative and puts it on the same footing as Liberalism. So I’m like… whoah….

    • IdiocyAbounds

      quick question. You have stumped me? As a life long believer I can not fathom what you mean that your church is against conservatism
      and places it next to liberalism.

      Would you give me a quick explanation of what you mean?
      Thanks in advance for taking the time and patience to help me to understand

  • Jeff Anselmi

    GREAT commentary ad usual!

  • David Parker

    You very much Alfonzo! People for some reason often get in a rut of
    declaring “They are ‘This’ so that means they are also ‘This’.”
    Or they often say a person can’t be ‘This’ unless they are ‘This’.
    Where people get these bases for division is unfortunately something
    that is handed down but not always from one’s relatives. It often
    seems to come from people who are ‘against’ one group yet ‘for’
    another. Sometimes people are unknowingly groomed by a group to first
    be their little soldiers then to teach others their ways thereby
    perpetuating that group’s thoughts, ways and means. This can be good
    or it can be bad. I think it depends on the actions the group takes
    with what they have learned and how they make those actions. The
    final step of what they do and how they do it determines how they are
    truly viewed not just by their piers but by everyone else also. I do
    not think we will see a world with only one ‘side’ in my lifetime and
    I also think that is good. Many no doubt think this would be somewhat
    of a Utopia. I cannot help but feel there would be so much wrong with
    such a world that it would be truly unbearable. But nobody would dare
    say so because at that point the ‘Powers That Be’ might well have You
    killed or some such punishment because you had the gall to state that
    you disagree. Personally I would rather the world stay divided than
    to live in such a state.

  • Humbl Opinion

    Sure wish He’d come back soon

  • Ed

    Alfonzo, while I agree that you don’t have to be a Christian to be a Conservative, there is absolutely no reason why an Atheist could not be a Conservative for a very long period of time, up to and including, a full lifetime. Atheism is merely the rejection of Deism or the acknowledgement that God, as a religious construct, does not exist. Atheism does not imply that there is no morality to the people that choose it nor does it imply that there no ethical code for these people–for all ethics is is an extension of morality into practice. Morality, as a concept, has existed FAR longer than Christianity has–however, we do not have proof that morality in and of itself, is older than any religion created by man simply because religion has likely been around as long as man has in some way, shape, or form. For an Atheist, morality is a daily choice that he or she must deal with on his or her own. If that person chooses to do something amoral, then that person has to deal with the consequences in real time of that choice and it may cause that person to be even more conscious of their actions or may cause a person to be far less conscious of their acts. Having a religion that allows repentance does not mean that your actions will automatically become “better”; what it does mean is that if you choose to act in a certain manner and you subsequently choose to reject that old action and truly turn away from it (what repentance actually means), then you will be offered forgiveness for the original action. While Atheism does not have this moral construct, it offers something almost more real at its core: the real time chose to act as you are on a daily basis without the endowed choice of repentance from a Creator. While Atheism in itself may not have any core beliefs, many people have interpreted the Bible quite drastically to make it conform to their own beliefs. Does that make those people right? No. Does it mean that they aren’t Christian? Also, no. What I’m attempting to get across here is that Conservatism and Christianity (hell, American politics and Christianity) may be wed to one another, but that does not mean for an instant that a person who chooses Atheism is in any way less Conservative than someone that has a Christian background. In fact, Conservatism is a core of beliefs based on governmental decisions–governmental decisions used to be based on morality, so you could argue that amoral decisions were anti-governmental in a way. With the loss of morality in our political landscape, the politicians themselves have become increasing areligious and thus closer to Atheists than what has been considered moral in the past. Maybe morality has a new definition, but I would think that an Athist can be guided by a system of morality and ethics that is just as strong as anyone that is Christian if not more strong than most Christians.

    • Smile

      While you are correct in saying it’s possible for an atheist to be conservative, I think you are missing the point of what is being said. Christianity has a base of morals given and taught to us by our lord and savior Jesus Christ (and when I say our I mean all of ours as humans). He is who us Christians try to emulate to the fullest……Jesus knows we can’t live the perfect life which is why he offers his love and forgiveness for our sins……he made this possible by dying on the cross for us all. Christian values and conservative values run hand in hand due to their foundations………what is atheism founded on? Who sets the standards? What is moral and amoral? Depending on a person to hold conservative values without a true path is a crap shoot at best. In your defense most people have a sense of right and wrong when it comes to stealing or killing (well, killing a person that they can see in front of them)
      and other things that are morally wrong based on the bible but without a healthy love, fear and respect of something greater to yourself you are asking a flawed human to set the rudder straight in their life and keep it there. This is a losing battle and the reason why Zo said atheism and conservatism don’t jive.

      As for what you were saying about people interpreting the bible as they see fit……you are talking about a Christian making a set of rules fit what they want and what they see fit yet you are saying that an atheist without a true set of rules is able to have moral standards and not twist them to their own understanding or desires? Some Christians do interpret the bible in different ways but mostly on small details……not the fact that you have to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. any person that contests this main principal is not a Christian no matter what they claim they are or how much they read the bible. They may have good morals but in the end the core of Christianity is the acceptance of Jesus.

      So in all anyone can adopt conservative values but some more than others will have a difficult time holding all of these values to heart without a good base in a higher power that is founded on moral beliefs based on the bible. and let me leave you with one last thought……children without authority can still choose to do right and wrong……some may have a good heart and veer away from the big wrongs in life and others may not…..but without knowing a set of rules even the good natured child can do amoral things not realizing the consequences or even rationalizing things to fit what they desire………we are all children in the eyes of Jesus……he is our father and has set the standard for us to follow…….we must choose him and then do our best to live the life of Christ..

    • love zo

      Ethics have existed far longer than Christianity – sure. But how much longer than Judaism (think: the Old Testament)? Also, where do these morals come from? Go visit any sandbox and you’ll see they aren’t innate to mankind.

      Please give us an example of one nation founded upon Atheism that 1) was Atheist from the start, with no influences (including moral systems) from any belief in any gods; 2) you’d consider “moral.” Please cite your source that morality has been around “FAR” longer than religion.

    • Fo

      Anyone would be hard pressed in making any claim that a nation is “atheist” since the majority of people believe in some sort of (g)God, gods, superior etc. when their said nation was founded. One could argue that China is, however they are deeply rooted in Taoism.

      Morality has been shaped over the course of thousands of years eventually finding it’s way into religion such as the Judaic religions. I read about Luke 6:30.. “do unto others as…” but in my mind that is common sense. I was raised Christian but do not believe (in any religion) anymore; however I am still a conservative. IMO conservatism means common sense, exactly what is said in the vid. I agree with your messages about conservatism all day. They are loaded with a daily dosage of sense. I don’t think Christianity helped you construct these messages, I think your brain did. (a brain that came into existence with the benefit of millions of years of evolution sharpening and shaping the senses) Anyway, that was a shameless Atheist plug, it’s your channel and site 🙂 We can agree on a lot of issues. (I’ll try and cite l8tr)

  • mackelby

    Well done!

  • Brother, as a BIBLE believing Christian, I find that Conservatism is a big complement to the Christian Faith Structure. Our founding Fathers, though not perfect may I add, they where onto something I feel what GO- has ordained us to live as the way HE wants us to live here on Earth. In Short, Liberalism, promotes godless society of man as just a primate species no more or less, than by some intelligent design by proxy, that was created out of “nothing”!!! Yet to figure that one out!!! “eyes rolling in the back of my head as if I am auditioning for a part on the Exorcist”

    I do have a few other point, but I may get more long winded than a Pentecostal Preacher!!!

  • Chris Linn

    I would like to hear Zo’s veiws on the shameful westboro church.

  • Guest

    Excellent ZO!! God Bless you Dawn Axford Hopkin 🙂 I do find it hard to believe that the people that say they are Christians can be Liberal. That just doesn’t fly with me, or the Bible!

  • Dawn Axford Hopkin

    Excellent ZO!! God Bless you 🙂 I do find it hard to believe that the people that say they are Christians can be Liberal. That just doesn’t fly with me, or the Bible!

  • Laurel

    As always well done!

  • EmilyG

    Alfonzo For President! 🙂
    Love your videos!!! Keep up the AWESOME work and GOD BLESS!!!

  • WillVMI68

    YO ZO: You GO BRO!

  • janelle

    Wish I could read your message board better but the letters hardly show up. Maybe it’s my computer. ???

  • Duane

    It would be really great if you provided a transcript of your videos as a professor in university allows anything written on the Internet to be used in support of arguments presented in class. I would really like to use and cite some of your articles but cannot use videos. If there is anyway for you to do this I and many other conservative students would really appreciate it. Please consider posting transcripts of your videos.


    • Mike Orton

      Duane, sounds like a good idea, and since change starts with us, I’m sure Zo would appreciate anybody willing to take on such a task, and many people could profit, from your transcripts of his work. Just sayin. Of course only he could give it the okay. 🙂

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