The L.A. Plastic Bag Ban

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FROM PJTV: “What do the people of Los Angeles think about the new plastic ban, and the tax on paper bags? Do they think that these eco-regulations will improve the environment? Find out as AlfonZo Rachel hits the streets and asks the denizens of Los Angeles for their reactions.”

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  • Patriot Hookup

    So Liberals made us switch to plastic. They were very vocal and insistent. I guess they did not think it thru. But…when do they ever? Great post Zo! Bounce!

  • crofootski

    I recycle my plastic bags at the DOG PARK!

  • Vladia

    Apparently the progressives have once again forgotten about the Law of Unintended Consequences. I mean, they love poor people, right? Yet those in poverty are going to suffer the most under such a law. A lot of poor people have to use public transportation. Picture this now: several plastic bags slung on each wrist, plus a few in each hand, as one boards the bus. Compare that to… one paper bag per arm? Seriously? Gimme my plastic bags!

  • AlwaysRight

    Hello! What pet owner doesn’t use plastic bags multiple times a day for pee/poo. Z0, what the heck is Bean Pie?? BOUNCE!

  • Rhys

    Man, what are they gonna line their tiny trashcans with now?

    I once patched a garden hose with Wal-mart sacks and a piece of nylon rope. Try doing that with a paper bag!

  • Daniel

    I am a little torn on this one. On one hand, using less plastic bags would be a lot better for our environment. On the other hand, its not hard to recycle them, this is a free market system, therefore people should have the choice. If you are going to tax both plastic and paper bags to encourage the use of “reusable bags”, that is one thing. However if you are going ban plastic bags, and leave people who can barely afford their food with only one choice, which is to pay for their bags (no matter how small the charge) that is wrong.

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