DOMA Bad, Traditional Marriage Good

FROM PJTV: “Zo thinks it is possible to support traditional marriage and still be against the Defense of Marriage Act. Don’t get it? Then tune in and hear why as AlfonZo Rachel defends the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

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  • Yee L. Yang

    *sigh* so much truth to the matter. Brother Zo, keep preaching!

  • James Jt Tillman

    I love you man! I pray your voice stays strong brother! Keep shouting to the rooftops.

  • Tony

    I’m glad you mentioned the church being attacked by the legalization of gay marriage. I’ve been saying that for a while and finding that not many people considered that argument. Keep on keeping on, man! 🙂

  • bradhilton1

    Liberals have been targeting the very morals that make our country great. Because we’ve been a Christian nation, they view change as dismantling of the church. That’s why they accuse Christians and those that disagree with their agenda as haters. Keep on fighting the good fight Zo!

  • Wesley K. Brown

    I still think you need to be on prime time…darn it!!!!

  • Laurel

    Simply put: BRAVO!

  • ERB

    Neither Gay marriage or abortion should have ever been voted on, nor should they pass any laws for or against either. If you are a Christian then you should feel the same way, we know it is wrong but God wants us to have free will, leaving us to choose for ourselves the out come of our souls. As far as a marriage license goes,
    if these people want to waste there time purchasing a piece of paper from the government that does not have Gods approval or authority that is there choice. Or for that matter to give permission for marriage for any of us.
    We really need to stop thinking that we should make decisions for others, anymore than we want them making decisions for us.
    SPEAK OUT but let others choose there own path…

  • grumpy3625

    This guy is brilliant!

  • bondroid

    Wow! Didn’t think of it that way. You’re right! You’re also the BEST! Thanks ZO!

  • Frank Provasek

    Religious Freedom? Lutherans, Episcopalians, Quakers, Reform Jews, Unitarian-Univeralists,  United Church of Christ, Metropolitan Community Church, are all denominations that allow same sex marriages. While the government cannot force any religious group to perform gay marriages against their teachings, you seem to have a one sided argument that striking down these laws discriminates against churches that oppose gay marriage, but with no mention that upholding such laws discriminates against churches that ALLOW gay marriage. And the same people expressing outrage that an activist Supreme Court could strike down DOMA, passed by Congress and signed by the President — were often the same people THE DAY BEFORE who cheered an activist Supreme Court for striking down the Voting Rights Act — passed by Congress and signed by the President.

    • f8tule

      not Missouri Synod Lutherans.. But the other Lutherans (evangelical) will allow queer pastors as well as homosexual marriage. As God said, most churches will change for the times, but a True Christian Church will stay true to the word of Christ. So, in this meaning, these really are NOT Christian denominations. that shuts your argument down.

    • Frank Provasek

      The only true church is the Catholic Church, founded by Jesus and passed on to Saint Peter as the first pope. All other “Christian” churches are apostasy. But God has given man the choice to sin.

    • John Hintz

      Wow brother…. You aren’t assuming that the Catholic Church is the one true church are you??… and in a blind statement assuming that all Protestant churches allow gay marriage are you??.. Because that would just demonstrate a bigoted view towards your Christian brothers and sisters. In fact MOST Protestant churches oppose same sex marriage as well as sex outside of wedlock…. Oh by the way…in keeping with Biblical truth they do not venerate saints, Mary or any other man…

    • Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness
      Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness

      [21] …For from the time that the Bishop of Rome had gotten to be acknowledged for bishop universal, by pretence of succsession to St. Peter, their whole hierarchy (or kingdom of darkness) may be compared not unfitly to the kingdom of fairies (that is, to the old wives’ fables in England, concerning ghosts and spirits and the feats they play in the night). And if a man consider the original of this ecclesiastical dominion, he will easily perceive that the Papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman empire sitting crowned upon the grave thereof. For so did the Papacy start out of the ruins of that heathen power.

      Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994.

    • Thomas Hobbes said the Papists and Presbyters were nothing more than ‘ghosts of the deceased Roman Empire sitting crowned upon the grave thereof.’

      Hobbes had to flee for his life to France while Oliver Cromwell laid waste to the British Isles proving it.

      Cromwell was so popular they actually dug up his corpse to hang it…

  • love zo

    The main point is that homosexuals have always had the exact same rights as heterosexuals. They could always get married. One man, one woman. It’s open to all adults. Granting homosexual unions is giving them extra rights.

  • tony sellers

    run for president I ll vote for you Zo

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