Paula Deen, Independence Day, And The Twilight Zone

I love watching the Twilight Zone Marathon for Independence Day. But considering how liberalism is more and more impressing government DEpendence, and their backward perspective on things like racism, it’s been like we’ve been trapped in a Twilight Zone for a long time!

Here’s brief commentary on Paula Deen, but Right now I just gotta remind y’all that Paula Deen IS a liberal democrat. But she’s expendable. The liberals want to make her appear as a southern fried so called conservative, and make themselves appear as champions of political correctness.

Mean while, Alec Baldwin demonstrates that hypocritical hate he’s famous for, this time using homo-erotic hostility. Liberals are always using the most bigoted language, and have been for decades, yet to this very day, they still try to say it was conservatives.

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  • LK

    I love your posting policy! and I love your videos and I love what you say and what you stand for! Thank you.

  • Don’t forget that Deen also allowed Sexual Harassment and a Hostile Work Environment in her restaurant. It’s not *just* about a 20 year old slur.

  • bondroid

    Thank you again Zo. You make us feel hope…

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