An Appeal to Sarah Palin & Mark Levin


I hear Sarah Palin and Mark Levin are seriously considering a third party. I can understand them contemplating this, but I don’t agree. And if you have any love for my work at all, please do what you can to slam their social network pages with this vid. For I really believe they should re-think this. I also compare Sarah Palin to Frodo, in that Sarah like Frodo isn’t looking for power, but ultimately willing to take responsibility.  And even the power you never wanted can be hard to let go of. Sarah Palin always had someone trying to bite off her finger to interfere with her purpose, to serve their world view. That’s why I say she let go of the power like Frodo (Who actually didn’t let go) I don’t include that in the video because it would mess with the flow, hoping people would just kinda get the point, that power is hard to let go of, but ultimately she stepped out of her governorship. So I added this addendum, yo!

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  • I can see your point, but remember this: Even Martin Luther had to eventually leave the church after trying to reform it from the inside.

    Right now I’m not sure which view is the best: Do we continue to try to reform the Republican party or venture out on our own? Either way, there are perils ahead.

    What we need to do is prayerfully consider both options before making a decision.

    • Zo

      “What we need to do is prayerfully consider both options before making a decision.”
      Best advice.


      Those who chose to listen to Levin/Palin, etc. should have taken the time to learn more about Mitt Romney! He had zero interest or reason to become a “corrupt shell”. Even skeptic Glenn Beck who for months joined in the “we need someone better than Romney” song, FINALLY did his research and admitted he had been wrong…too late! Everyone was so SURE their candidate was the best and when their candidate lost the nomination…they were hell bent on destroying Romney’s chances…Palin and Levin more than most!!! Romney’s record of leadership is without reproach…his economic GENIUS is proven, his character and morals have NEVER been questioned, he was truly running because of his love of America…no other reason! What these “talking heads” should have been doing was worrying about Obama getting 4 more years and getting behind our Nominee 100%…regardless of who it was. Yes, those of you who “just didn’t vote” because your guy wasn’t nominated….or Wrote in Ron Paul because of “principal”…got all of us Obama!!! John McCain? Yes, maybe some of his decisions would not please everyone but just look what Obama’s decisions for the last 4 years have caused! Until we Conservatives (yes, some more than others) STICK TOGETHER, UNITED, we will lose this battle. If everyone who was so vocal AGAINST Romney last year would be as vocal with the RNC…changes would occur! Wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrats were as divided…they are LOVING this…We divide….they conquer!


      “Dividing” the party won Obama another 4 years!! All we need is another “party” to further split the vote (or as in November cause “write-ins” or stay at home if the candidate of choice wasn’t the nominee) Campaign like heck during the primaries…then BAND TOGETHER and vote for the eventual NOMINEE!!

    • Like I said, even Martin Luther ended up leaving the church after trying to reform it from the inside. Both trying to reform the Republican party and creating a new party have their pros and cons.

      Look at the american party system historically: The Republican party was created because people became sick and tired of the choices offered at the time. I can see why many would want to create another ‘party.’ It is frustrating to see almost every politician become nothing but corrupt shells out for their own interest. Maybe it is because I lived in Arizona for so long, but I’ve seen how people like McCain Operate first hand. When you get to the polls, do you vote for someone like McCain or Romney or not vote at all? It is easy to say that those that didn’t vote for Romney last year helped Obama to win, but I think it’s better to say that the Republican party didn’t field any candidates that were really worth a vote. In this type of “Republican” environment, It isn’t hard to see why people want to split off and form another party.

      Yet, I also can understand what Zo says. It makes sense: Try to clean your own house before building a new one. Zo, however, has a really positive attitude in the face of what we are going through. I love watching his videos for that and he is one of the few ‘political’ analysts (If you want to call him that) I watch on a regular basis now. However, many of my fellow conservatives are beat down, unfocused, weary, and just want to live life and stop the fighting. We haven’t just been fighting for the six or so years Obama has been in office, we’ve been fighting since at least the Clinton era. That’s a long fight and many just want a reprieve. There have been so many losses and so much infighting, it really is hard to support the idea of the Republican party for many. It doesn’t help when you have some conservatives mocking others because, say, they don’t believe Homosexuality is right. These things need to stop and yes, we should come together. But the idea of flipping the bird to the current party really resonates with people and gives them a bit of energy again. Yet, is it the right decision? I don’t know.

      That is why I say we need to prayerfully make this decision. Regardless of what happens politically, I know I won’t be giving up my Christian beliefs. I pray we get a party, be it through reforming the Republican party or starting a new one, where Truth and Justice actually mean something again. Right now i see that in very few politicians, Of course the ones I do see it in are Republicans.

      I don’t mean to have a long answer, but sometimes seeing a post like yours (with the CAPITOL LETTERS and such) just seems hollow rhetoric to me. I feel like a warrior that is sick of fighting and just wants to go home and rest. I’m sure i’m not the only Conservative that feels that way.

      I do hope we band together, but I think people need to realize the state of not just the Republican party right now but the spirits of Conservatives across the land. Let’s work on getting the spirits up then work on getting our party back in line.

      Sorry if I rambled. I do hope you have an awesome day. Right now i’m just glad that people like Zo have taken up the political cause. I’m so tired of it all, I’m just focusing on helping the spiritual side of people regardless of political beliefs.

  • Bob

    Zo, your analogy of Frodo is way off base. In the end Frodo succumbs to the ring.

    • Zo

      Did you read the addendum in my article?

  • Britt
    • Britt

      Recall All Rinos

  • Ray

    Zo I love you brother but I’m not sure I agree on this one.

  • Mike

    The GOP Party is now run by elitist progressives. You are in error about a 3rd party becoming the same as what we have now. The reason both parties are becoming more and more alike is because the GOP is playing on the liberals playbook. A party can be different by running under a concrete foundational requirements to maintain control at the grass roots level. Check out read the revised version of the constitution and bylaws and you’ll find out that all county chairs have a seat in the State Executive Committee. That mean that no half dozen people can run the state party. If that rule were adopted by the GOP I would go back. I resigned from the GOP and my leadership position in it on July 4, 2013. The local GOP here has been making positive strides in the right direction but they still endorse and support Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker. You’d quit too.

  • Robert Lee LaPointe

    Zo, absolutely one of your very best presentations.

  • Kelly Gregory Icard

    a two party system is why were in this mess

  • David J Spuria

    Is it me or has Zo been co-opted?

    • Zo

      It’s you.

  • Humbl Opinion

    Here’s the problem: they made a back room deal at the last convention, drove delegates around the convention center, and cheated the conservatives out of any chance at winning the election with a real conservative (Ron Paul). What makes you think that we have any chance of getting the Republican Party back from the RINOs as long as they’re doing that?

    • surfcitysocal

      You’re absolutely right. Romney and his RINOites made sure the grassroots could and would not get any traction in any future conventions–although I don’t know that I’d say RP was a conservative, libertarian, yes, but conservative, not so much.

  • Kait

    I think we need to stop listening to Carl Rove for one thing. He picks wishy washy candidates anymore. We need John Wayne.

  • surfcitysocal

    You make some good points. I will consider them although I have already left the Republican party and registered as a conservative. Here in California, party affiliation doesn’t matter anymore since the party primary system was eliminated.

    Here’s the thing, way back in late 2011, Steve Deace, a conservative Christian radio host and author, in a semi-endorsement of Michele Bachmann, made a compelling argument as to why Christian conservatives haven’t had a single policy victory in over 30 years.

    “Christians acted as if they were sovereign over the process, and not God…We debated who could win instead of who should win. We supported candidates with positions, and not candidates with convictions. Because of this we have been fooled time and time again by well-funded sellouts and weak-kneed opportunists.”

    The desire to leave the GOP, I believe, stems from many Christian or evangelical conservatives knowing that we’ve been lied to time and time again in order to get our votes, only to be thrown under the bus once the election is over. I don’t think any conservative, evangelical or not, believed for a second that Romney was even remotely “severely conservative.” And although I swore I wouldn’t, I trudged to the polls and voted for the oh-so-electable Romney.

    You’re right, it will take a team to win, and that the Democrats would like nothing more than to decimate the Republican party by a third party being formed. I’d like to add that in California, it’s bad. The anti-conservative, anti-anything-that’s-not-liberal sentiment is really, really bad. I doubt that a Republican will ever win a statewide office, or carry the state in a presidential election. And so, I ask myself, what else is there but for me to vote for who should win?

    Deace continues: “In concert with the Republican Party establishment repeatedly turning its back on its own base and its own platform, we have at least been unintentional accomplices to the cannibalizing of our own efforts to preserve our freedoms and liberties for future generations. Which is why in the end we always seem to get more big government, more depravity on demand (a lot of it subsidized), and more of what the radical left wants even when the Republicans win.

    By going for “the winner” as opposed to the most faithful, we (and our children’s futures) often end up being the biggest loser.

    The main reason rewarding faithfulness should matter to Christians is because the Bible is clear that God rewards faithfulness…” And yet, there I was in November 2012, voting for the latest Republican incarnation of, as Deace would say, “Mitt McDole.” Shame on me.

    I think of it as tough love. Maybe we should give Republicans a good, swift kick in the pants, instead of continuing to dole out a $20 here and a $20 there to the rebellious, disrepectful teenager who would sooner see you die and leave the inheritance for them to blow. Third party or not, it’s likely to get a lot worse before it gets better. I’m not sure if the much-needed team-builder you speak of has manifested him or herself yet, but I’m utterly pessimistic that the Republican party can or will deviate from the drain-circling course that it’s on.

    However, and I think it’s a big however, should a third party come about with Palin as the mascot, I doubt that much will come of it. Although the explanation for her stepping down is reasonable, nobody cares. She’s still viewed as a quitter. I know I would not run and join a party of which she would be a leader, because the question begs to be asked once she tires of it, will she quit that, too? So in the end, the question of a viable third party may be moot.

  • Bryan Lyman

    You are right that splitting the party would be doing exactly what the democrats want. The whole reason Democrats have power right now is they cling together like fire-ants in a flood, it doesn’t matter to them who drowns at the bottom as long as their party is held up into the fresh air. Democrats will support any other democrat regardless of if they hate them or disagree with everything they say (ie Clinton backing Obama); the reason being, they know having a united cause makes them all more powerful individually. Everybody knows the GOP is divided on many principals, and I agree that the fence-sitters are being absorbed into liberalism because they don’t want to be on the losing team. Splitting the party would lead to less power in both the GOP and the newly started party because the voters would be depleted even further by two ideals of which they would have to make a choice. It is Ross Perot and Ron Paul all over again. I agree with you as well that the GOP needs to defend their own party borders, Ron Paul should have never been allowed to run on the GOP ticket for example, he is about as much a Republican as Al Gore is a Scientist.

    • Eric Koernke

      You should have replaced the name Al Gore with Mitt Romney. Ron Paul was more of a Republican than any of the other “Republican” candidates. You talk about the party being divided, which is exactly why Ron Paul didn’t run as a third party candidate.

  • Swampdog

    Utterly incoherent

  • Max Bond

    Zo, I always enjoy your comments. I would like to see the Republican party restored but how. Now we only have the Rino party. Most of the new blood we get is soon converted to liberalism of the new world order. I guess they have a lot of cash to offer. There are some merits in a third party but not a clone of either party unless you want a dummy party to steal votes the the democrat liberals. A third party that pays strict attention to the constitution may be a go. The biggest problem in this country is how do we get past the 43% who vote their pocket book. The deficit would make a major turn around as soon as we tightened the strings on welfare and foreign aid. I always think of Andrew Jackson who did away with the central bank of the day. At the end of his administration the country was in the black the only time in our history. We need to undo the damage done since our founding fathers set up this country. I am thinking of the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments. They gave to much power to the Feds and business in this country. Keep up the work young man.

    Tet 68

  • Rebecca

    I’m on the fence about a new party. I can’t consider myself a Republican anymore though.The RINOs are in charge of the party. They sabotage their own to get more RINOs on board and to keep RINOs in office we’re trying to get rid of. And somehow they manage to turn those we thought to be conservatives in the party to liberal ideas. Before we know it people we thought were fighting for our rights are RINOs with the best of them nipping away at our freedom a little at a time. Rebublican just nip a little slower than Democrates.

  • Jim

    I’m torn by the idea of a new party. I’ve been burned by the RINOs far too often but I know how hard it would be to get something new started and I don’t think this country has the time. The question; how do we keep the RINOs out of the party and remove the ones already there? How is McCain, and others like him, allowed to remain in the party? In the past my solution has been to vote my heart in primaries. No party affiliations, Just answer a question. “You’re about to swear an oath to defend the Constitution. Have you read it and do you understand the reasons the Founders limited Federal power?” Unfortunately, that candidate rarely, if ever, gets beyond primaries and I’m left voting the lesser of 2 evils at election time. I held my nose and voted for McCain, because the alternative was so much worse. Maybe a 3rd party is not a good idea, but with big government progressives everywhere you look, what’s the alternative? Term limits would be a start, but that doesn’t stop them from voting for things they haven’t read. As I said, I’m torn!

  • Buster’s View

    Zo, I’m a big fan of yours, but recommend on this issue you seek out what Mark and Sarah have said themselves. You have been slightly mislead. Both have since addressed this question and, I expect like you, do not want to be forced to leave Rep party, but want to see it restored to the party of liberty, the constitution, and the rule of law. Particularly Mark has expressed the problems with going third party. I’ve already refused to identify as a Repub any more, I’m so disgusted with most of them, but still hold out hope that if we all stand up and fight, we can restore the party to it’s roots and make it again the party of opportunity and liberty for all Americans.

    I just hate to see anyone taken in by party hacks or msm types distorting what conservatives say.

  • Starcutter

    The power of restoring the GOP to its conservative roots lies with the voters. A third party is not the solution; in fact, it creates another problem. Like you say in your videos Zo, the country is divided enough already, and most countries that have republics like us also operate on a two-party system. I’m no fan of Jesse Ventura, but he once said (on third parties) that it would “add another head to a two-headed monster, because the third party in question would have to become as corrupt and powerful as the two mainstream parties.”

  • Starcutter

    Also, the only Republicans that held slaves were Ulysses S. Grant (who freed his last slave in 1859, before the war) and a few of the Republicans that were former Whigs (some Whigs were pro-slavery, but only against the expansion of it).

  • Terri

    Amen and Amen! Thank you Alfonzo for so intelligently saying what I have always thought! We already have too many parties dividing the Republican party and this great country. If anyone thinks they can form another party that they will agree with 100% is delusional! I, too, believe in a 2 party system. Having more than 2 parties is like watching a baseball or football game with 3 teams playing against each other. Total confusion! I believe we should stand together and restore the Republican party. We should work through our differences instead of walking away from a once great party. Another party would only divide our votes while the democrats and their lemmings stick together and win elections. Too many people already waste their votes on candidates that run under other titles (independents, libertarian) knowing they don’t have a chance of winning just to prove a point. The point is, OBAMA IS STILL IN THE WHITEHOUSE!!!

    • Eric Koernke

      Our founders would disagree with you. They didn’t want a 2 party system. The question is, why do you only want a choice between Coca Cola, and Pepsi, when there is so little difference between the two? Obama is still in the white house because the Conservatives that knew Romney was another McCain either voted for a 3rd party or just stayed home. So you would have us vote for a “Rino” the very thing y’all keep talking about being the bad part of the Republican Party? The Republican Party was started as a Third Party, the Democrats and
      Republicans have both typically gone the way of Big Government in recent years. If you
      create a third party based on the original principles of the Republican
      Party, and don’t waiver from it, how many Republicans would be left as
      “Republicans”? Do you know why people vote for third party candidates? Its because they have seen enough evidence that the opposing party candidate is either as poor a candidate as the person already in office, or worse. You want to blame independents and libertarians, place blame where it belongs, you only have the puppeteers in the Republican Party to blame like Carl Rove.

    • Terri

      I agree with everything you said. I was not going to vote for Ron Paul because I knew he didn’t have a chance of winning and I didn’t like his foreign policies. I felt the GOP shoved Romney down our throats but I believed he would be a much better president than Obama. When a third party is involved in an election the votes usually split the republican votes allowing for the democrats/liberals/progressives to win because they all run as a democrat and get all the democrat votes.
      You said:
      “Obama is still in the white house because the Conservatives that knew Romney was another McCain either voted for a 3rd party or just stayed home. So you would have us vote for a “Rino” the very thing y’all keep talking about being the bad part of the Republican Party?”
      You made my point, when someone voted for the third party or just stayed home the result was OBAMA IS STILL IN THE WHITEHOUSE! Which was the worse choice of all!
      (I don’t like coke or pepsi) LOL

    • KnowbodyXXX

      As much as you all invoke the founding fathers lets remember that Thomas Jefferson was elected from a group of about ten different candidates with and equal shot at winning. Now all we have are two main choices and I don’t see how that’s democratic. That makes me proud to have voted for Nader.

    • Terri

      I never once invoked the founding fathers and we are a republic!

    • KnowbodyXXX

      We are a democratic republic and i’m talking about how you conservatives invoke the founding fathers in general while endorsing the two-party system they has warned us against.

    • Terri

      Again, ” I ” never invoked the founding fathers and we ARE A REPUBLIC! So when you say “all” conservatives you have to admit you were wrong. You liberal puppets don’t know how to think for yourselves and spew whatever your puppeteers tell you.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      Ok, forget the founding fathers and us being a Rupublic since it is not serving your argument right now. Who’s the puppet though? I’m the one who votes for third party candidates and criticizes both sides while you obediently follow the GOP and regergitate their talking points mindlessly.

  • Anthony Retka

    Great video! I agree with what you said about Lincoln. I have always been torn. I am a libertarian leaning conservative. I’m pretty right-wing. States’ rights was a big issue for the south given our heritage of secession, but they wanted to break away, not for taxes or for unlawful search and seizure, but to hold other humans in bondage against the teachings of the declaration and constitution. Lincoln did some crazy stuff during the war, but I applaud his overall dedication to the war and preservation of the USA. Our nation could not move forward without abolishing the terrible institution of slavery. Anyway, I don’t always agree with what you have to say, but I appreciate your guts and passion. Keep up the good work!

    • Eric Koernke

      Although part of it may have been because the North was using taxes to create strongholds for their impending war on the South (they were preparing long before the South started talking about secession), several of the Southern States wanted to seceed simply because they didn’t want to be part of the war and ended up joining the South as a result. Most historians speculate that had the North not waged a war, Slavery would have ended within 10 years of when the Civil War had started anyway due to several technological advances. It was that war that changed the States from governing themselves. It also changed the Federal Government meeting only once a year to being the main central governing body. In many ways the Lincoln administration was the start of the mess we’re in now.

  • Very interesting. I have become more libertarian as I am getting older, but I am still a constitutional conservative. I have gotten very frustrated with the republican party and how they have become so progressive. On my libertarian side I don’t know why we are even fighting gay marriage either. I think we should be fighting the government having any say in marriage. I don’t think marriage should have ever been dictated by the government it’s just ridiculous. This is just more government red tape and legislation. Marriage should not be between you and the government they don’t even need to be involved.

  • teawithjill

    Excellent argument against a 3rd party, i was thinking that is the only way until I watched this. Maybe we just have to be ZO Republicans!!!!

  • Eric Koernke

    The Republican Party was started as a Third Party, the Democrats and Republicans have both typically gone the way of Big Government. If you create a third party based on the original principles of the Republican Party, and don’t waiver from it, how many Republicans would be left as “Republicans”? The Republican Party has been taken over mainly by “Rinos”. Yes, the same problems will plague the new party eventually, but for the most part, they tend to be small gradual alterations over time. If the construct is too damaged its time to either repair or demolish it. Often times its not worth the time and effort to repair it compared to the cost it would take to rebuilt it.

  • DownNDirty

    Slavery? Wasn’t that like 400 years ago? People, get your heads out of your asses and move on. Those that refuse to forget the past are doomed to repeat it….

    • KnowbodyXXX

      400 years ago? Slavery was outlawed in 1865, do the math.

    • willhen50

      Slavery and the illegal immigration issue have 1 thing in common, CHEAP LABOR, the businesses and farmers got greedy and wanted higher profits. The abolition of slavery was done as a humane right and caused a civil war that killed Americans by the thousands. Republicans were the ones that freed them and democrats are the ones that enslaved them. The one thing that “the slaves” seem to take for granted is freedom means to be completely on your own, protect your rights, and show allegiance to your country by voting. It is easy to see how easily they can be duped because of their lack of education and the flow of stipends just for a mark on the ballot. The same will hold true for the illegals because that is what is happening now; will there be a civil war??????

    • KnowbodyXXX

      In other words, black americans have yet to embrace freedom after slavery because they insist on living off handout, that’s what you appear to be saying. The majority of people on welfare are white women. Furthermore, only 23% of blacks, a small minority, collect welfare checks. This correlation between blacks and welfare is and has always been false. People who argue that are still stuck in the archaic Reagan era. Illegal immigration is a separate issue that you are clumsily conflating.

    • Bryan Lyman

      Um, I think the quote is: “Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them” — George Santayana. So forgetting the past would be the same as not knowing the past, and you would be doomed to repeat it. However, if you mean “forget” in the context of “forgiving and moving on”. Then I agree with you totally. Nothing good can come from beating a dead horse. In the case of slavery, that horse is so dead, they are waving their bats at carbon molecules.

  • willhen50

    The problem with a 2 party system is no candidate seems to be able to think on their own, they have to vote down party lines. In congress the votes seem partisan and who ever is in the majority the bill passes. They don’t even read the bills they just vote on them. They don’t even follow constitutional guidelines and allow the occupant of the white house to usurp their powers. There are some politicians that show disagreement with their party but are ridiculed by the media and the party members. Even elections are rigged to the fact that any other candidate not a democrat or republican is not even given recognition. All a third party candidate would do is take votes from a front runner. However, if the voters is so tired of “politics as usual,” this might be the right time for a new party to emerge.

  • Swashbuckler Jones

    You defeated your own argument, by saying the country is divided enough as it is. I don’t know what reality you think you’re in touch with, but as someone with supposed intelligence, you state there’s two main ideas of what America should be, and state the ‘fact’ that people basically have to either be on one side or the other.
    To that, and to you, I say up yours, Rachel. I have both liberal and conservative beliefs. Yeah, imagine that concept. Beliefs from both sides. And last time I checked, there was no law against that. I vote my conscience, and I’m proud of that fact. I don’t believe in undoing our constitution. Anyone who claims to be perfectly left or perfectly right is either a liar, or a nut.
    And we’ve had conservatives stay ‘hard in the yard’ in the last two elections, and yet all they can seem to produce is failed candidate after failed candidate. And just for the record, I didn’t vote for Obama either.
    I can be as on the fence as I like with my political beliefs. Telling me I should take a side? You’ve not only fallen for this media-driven bipartisan crap, you’re now showing signs of being a part of it. Last time I checked it was a right I have as an American. And you can get over that fact. I watched your bits in the past because a good deal of them make great common sense. But sorry, I’m not with you on this one at all.

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