ZoNATION: A 2nd Look at 3rd Parties and The Risk of Being Divided and Conquered


Oh, and here’s the previous commentary on it, in case ya missed it!

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  • new to the zo

    I respect everything you’re saying and agree with 95% of it. if the republican party keeps nominating leaders with agendas instead of representatives, what are we supposed to do. after searching long and hard my only solution is to choose a representative with the same ideals, and that just so happens to be a libertarian. what are your thoughts?. I would really appreciate your opinion

  • Terri

    Thanks again Alfonzo! I enjoy watching all of your videos. I am always enlightened. God Bless You!

  • Ray Peck

    This is amazing stuff. I reactivated my facebook account just so I could ‘like’ these videos. I dunno if Alfonzo is a spokesman or another Thomas Paine. Either way I was lucky to find his stuff.

  • StarTripper

    Good points as always Zo. If we can’t take back our party then how the heck are we going to take back our country?

  • Anthony

    Wow I love this guy, he makes perfect sense…..

  • Marc Howland

    Zo, here in the UK, a FOURTH PARTY to challenge the elite has emerged with force. It’s called UKIP, which is more or less an equivalent of the US ‘Tea Party’ ….. it is a breakaway from all the ‘standard’ political parties ….. because none of the 3 ‘standard’ parties have anything in common with WE THE PEOPLE …… The same thing WILL happen in the USA with a 3RD Party as the 2 ‘standard’ parties are moving further and further away from YOU THE PEOPLE …….

  • MrSurriban

    Old “Return of the King” song reference was epic. Glad you busted that out, Zo. More than proved you knew what you meant about Frodo.

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