Kira Davis: Emmett Till’s America? Really Touré?

zo kira

FROM Kira Davis: “MSNBC’s resident tap dancer is at it again. I find the comparison of the Zimmerman aftermath to “Emmett Till’s America” not only ignorant but supremely disrespectful to the memory and legacy of the civil rights movement.”

  • Skezzcrom

    Thank you Ms Kira, well spoken and dead on accurate.

  • MormonYoYoMan

    Ouch! Direct hits in every sentence! I think you sunk his battleship!

    Ms Davis, you cut right to the heart of the matter – and CONCLUSIVELY prove that things are considerably different from when my grandpa was refused service at many cafes and bars in the 1940s. (He didn’t live much longer than that.) The very fact that you’re right in his and OUR faces, disagreeing with him and sometimes disagreeing with US (Well, with me from time to time.) and we are not at each others’ throats, demonstrates what the American Dream has been – and still is. That we can disagree, argue the points, and find ways to work things out, each person trying their best to choose what they think is right — that’s America. We’ve never reached the Dream, but we don’t – can’t – stop trying.

    That we’re a little closer than we were in my grandpa’s day – well, I’d say this is due to thinkers and dreamers such as you. We need dreamers. We need thinkers. And we really need for them to be the same persons.

    Which you are. God bless you!

  • rick0857

    Kira, toure and all the rest of the race pimps get away with this because NO ONE has been taught LEGITIMATE U.S. History since jimmy carter (all capitals not used deliberately) created thee department of education. All public school students have been given a democrat revisionists history of America where; this country has always been the aggressor, the slave holders, the racists, the cause of all that is bad in the world. My 14 year old grandson recently told me that the history book he studied in school actually said we lost WWII, Korea and Vietnam Wars. That the US was in fact a colonizing nation set on world domination. This is why these ass clowns can get away with this.

  • Deepizzaguy

    Kira you are correct. I know from stories from entertainers living and dead that went through the trouble of not able to eat at restaurants with White people because they were Black like Joe Morgan, Hank Aaron, Bill Cosby etc. Toure is not living in the real world. What happened to Emmett Till I do not wish on my worst enemy and I have an enemy list that is longer than the Bridge of the Americas because people think of me as a Joker knockoff due to my sense of humor. Toure is talking trash again. And it stinks.

  • Rogue_Patriot

    Kira, you’re right and I personally think that Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Cater Woodson (founder of Black History month)…etc are all rolling over in their graves from this nonsense and the plight of our black communities from the very party that enslaved them in the first place. In fact over the past few decades, I’m sure they have done this countless times.

  • TBW-North Carolina

    Exactly!!Thank you for putting into words what I was feeling. Stay encouraged Kira!!

  • gduggan

    I think Oprah’s comments disappointed a lot of people. Toure does what he does and that’s what he gets paid to say and do. Oprah gets a pass. She’s Oprah.

  • Virginia Qureshi


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