George Zimmerman Is Not White, Unless You Are Liberal (Warning: Graphic Images)



From PJTV: “Liberals keep referring to George Zimmerman as white. Some even call him a white hispanic. Zo asks why libs have such a hard time accepting Zimmerman’s latino heritage. Could liberal bias against Zimmerman be further proof of pervasive racism?

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  • MikeDugas

    Technically Zimmerman is white. There are only three “races” on the planet. Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. Latino , latin etc are ethnicity’s not races. Mexicans are white. Mexican is a nationality but they are white.

    • Lexc0n

      And here I always thought it was only the HUMAN race on Earth… silly me.

    • moustapha a. carpenter

      Actually the three suborders you mentioned are part of the same single race, the human race. I may be classified as caucasion (white) but i pride myself on being anglo. And due to the fact that in pur society people classify ethnicity as race that make George Zimmerman Hispanic/ jew. But he is mainly Hispanic do to the fact that his Hispanic do to the fact that his latina mom and grandma.

    • lauraannj322

      Most Mexican are a mixture of Aztec & Spanish ethnicity and are therefore Hispanic.

    • Douglas Wood

      Most Mexicans are not a mixture of anything, other than Mexican. They speak Spanish, but that doesn’t mean they have Spanish blood. Spain is a European country, full of Europeans, not Hispanics..

    • lauraannj322

      Spain colonized Mexico and as a result, like the United States many Mexicans are a mixture of people. George Zimmerman is Hispanic and looks Hispanic. I have a friend who is Hispanic but you would never guess by looking at her since she is extremely fair-skinned.

    • Mileaway

      Yep, I married one.

    • Mileaway

      The Spaniards bred with ALL the natives. Anything they could do, they did. A real bunch of classy people they were. That being said, they spent a LOT of time dividing the remnants of their indiscretions into numerous “Classes” of “races” or positions on their “slave” charts.
      Since that day no one has stopped cross breeding to a point there became too many to catalog so they stopped. What you have today is nothing less than a complete mess of Heinz 57 searching for an identity.

      All this being so, there is virtually NO Spanish blood left in Mexicans. Any other nomenclature is in reference to the country they are from not their race. If they really “wanted” to trace their history back they’d have to throw some of that Mogoloid into the mix as well.

      BUT, in reality, we are stuck with the three races no one wants to admit to.

    • jj

      “Spain is a European country, full of Europeans, not Hispanics..”…… You mean just like most any spanish tv programing with the blue eyed blonde people in every show as if its normal. to only see NON INDIAN Mexican’s that are not ever represented in mexican tv shows,

    • Abuelitoken

      You left out Mayan!

    • TexasBirdGirl

      So do we call black people “Negroid” on police reports? Do we call Asians “Mongoloid” do we call whites “Caucasoid” ?? If we did your argument might be valid—but since we do not– it is not.

  • Maggie Scheck Geene

    If we all just listed our race as human on those forms that they force us to fill out the divisions would pretty soon go away because no one would “self identify ” as anything but human. Problem solved.

  • TexasBirdGirl

    Seems like as far as reporting you are black or OTB (other-than-black) therefore by default white.

  • Alexander

    by the way. . . ghost peppers are horrible!!!

  • Marty Bugg Sr.

    Well said sir! The divisions don’t help any of us. There are a lot of dividers.

  • liberalssuck

    Well said sir!!

  • Angel

    As always, you have spoken the truth! Thank you for standing up for what you believe in.

  • Jessica

    Your about as ignorant as the people claiming he is white. By say Hispanics are not sticking out for him. First of he is part Peruvian. A minority within the minority. But one thing us Mexicans don’t go playing race cards like the black community does. We don’t see color. There are Hispanics on Martins side and there are those on Zimmermans. Unlike black community which goes straight for Zimmerman being guilty…….

    • Sproing

      As odd as it might seem Jessica there are studies that show over 30% of black Americans think that Blacks are more racist then Whites, so even amongst that minority there is not some monolithic unity.

    • Zo

      WOW Are you in some deep denial, with you’re broad brushing self aggrandizing statement of saying, we don’t see race. Like the words “Brown Pride, and La Raza which means “The Race” are just figments of our imagination. I reckon the Jewish holocaust is just a made up story too. Now as a person myself who was engaged to a mexican woman, and who was mentored in martial arts by instructor who is mexican, and being that I grew up in the Coachella valley where the population has a high concentration of mexicans, you gotta be off your rocker if you think you can get away with trying to tell me mexicans don’t see race. Nice try, but I’ve been around MEChA and the meetings on Aztlan, and I can tell you most assuredly that they see color just as much as anyone else. And you’re race baiting right now you blind backward hypocrite, by saying “The mexicans don’t play the race card like the black community does. You are a piece of racist work. I could almost run out of drive space describing how deep in denial you are, and how much of a backward perspective hypocrite you are.

  • Paul

    Biblically speaking there are only two
    kinds of people, Jews and Gentiles, race has never been used. The
    only distinctions are, “kindreds” which refers to family members
    or relatives, “tongues” which refers to languages, and “nations.”
    The human race has never been used, we are not a race nor are there “races”, we are
    mankind as a whole male and female, a unique “kind” called “man”
    on the earth.

    • Mileaway

      Not any more. Now we have the 3rd kind. And it wears a lot of bright colors!

  • Bear

    Anyone who thinks they are 100% any race is a fool.

  • TruckinMack

    So far, by every account, George Zimmerman is the type of man we want more of in our communities. He (and his wife) tutored children (black children, though their skin color is not important). Zimmerman publicly protested and fought for the rights of Sherman Ware – a homeless Black man in Florida who was beat up by the police. (Google Sherman Ware George Zimmerman to find out more.)

    We all know that Zimmerman was an active member of a community watch formed to protect their neighborhood against crime. For this, he was physically assaulted, suffering a broken nose and cracked skull. Then, worse, he has been publicly assaulted by Black (and White) race hustlers, the Liberal news media, and even has the President and the DOJ siding against him. Why? Because Race hustlers, the Liberal news media, and, sadly, our President all want to keep Black people inspired by hatred for White people and so, strongly committed to vote for Liberal Democrats. (That is sickening and repulsive.)

    George Zimmerman is a hero. He is not a hero for killing Trayvon Martin. That was a great sadness that looks to be caused by Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman is a hero for standing up for his community. We need more men to be like Zimmerman – men willing to take a risk and help their fellow man. If we do not stand up for George Zimmerman now other men may walk away saying, “It aint worth the bother.”

  • Dick Obama

    Why was no mention of Trayvon Martin attacking Zimmerman because he thought he was a homosexual. I believe that’s a hate crime.

  • woody

    It still doesn’t justify hunting down another human being because of your own insecurities. starting a fight knowing you have a gun. then claim self defense. George Zimmerman should be held accountable for his action regardless of the color of any of there skin.

    • immykal

      ..hunting down? …starting the fight? don’t let any of the facts get in the way of your imagination…

    • Steve Forsyth

      Liberals are victims of reality

    • eyewatcher1960

      Wrong…hope you don’t think that you actually paid attention to the news because YOU Missed the news with its REPEATS…Zimmerman had turned and started walking back to his truck when he was jumped….just forget it….to late…if u don’t know the story by now, you NEVER will. Also the punk was Trespassing…it was a gated community which means STAY tf OUT unless you live there.

    • Dino Fett

      Wow, you really don’t pay attention do you? This is the ignorance out there right now protesting something that didn’t happen. Learn the truth before opening your mouth. You make it easy for those of us who are informed to make you look stupid. Don’t give us that ammunition.

  • Notorious_bob

    I read somewhere (speculate away) that before all this went down, Zim was involved in helping the black community and the fact that the juvenile delinquent who went from beating an innocent school bus driver to beating him up and getting shot just happened to be black so the flames of racism get a year of unnecessary fanning.

  • Quek

    I get a kick out of the racism and tribalism that seems to come out from these event. It is the way of the democrat party because it has to be the way. You can’t act against morals, ethics and principles. You can’t get people to follow if they don’t have a cause. It can’t really be a good cause either. If its a good cause, a natural leader will show himself. It is the ones who can’t lead who stoke the fires of a bad cause. I notice that these leaders all have the same message, “don’t question me unless you are a racist, just listen, do as I say and break out the pocket book”. One thing that I have noticed and I believe, if they ever let the race war die like it should, progressivism will go with it. Therefore they will never let it go.

  • Mileaway

    TEEN HERO. He chased a car on his bike for 15 minutes to save this 5-year-old girl who was snatched from her front yard in Pennsylvania.
    Sounds like a Zimmerman incident to me. Where’s Obama and Holder?
    We need more HEROS like this young man!


    Spot on again Zo!!!! Motley Crue sucks anyway!! Bunch of degenerate pigs!!!

  • rick

    Dude I have never heard of you before but I am very impressed by your commentary. Can’t wait to check out your music.

  • Vince In Houston

    Humans have always divided into groups.

    Each individual may identify
    with a different group category at any time for even the smallest reason.

    Now, we divide or perhaps more accurately categorize ourselves into smaller and smaller groups and that gets more and more personal at every level. We identify by that – from race: Human to ethnicity to country, region to state to town to neighborhood, block, family, all the way down to siblings you may side or identify more with. We also divide by belief (like religion or politics), sex, sexual preference, economic status, education, ethical behavior or work ethic, the way we eat, keep fit, and dress plays into it too. The music we listen to, the entertainment we like… endless divisions and categories.

    The reaction that an affront on those categories/divisions can have on us differ in severity depending on the transgression and how deeply you identify with that group. People can and often will overlook any of these divisions for commonality to another group for a variety of personal reasons. We just do. Those same divisions can make us weak or strong. “Oh no you didn’t just say that about my… (insert your favorite sports team here)”

    The thing to keep in mind is that each of those differences between us really are good. They allow our lives to be filled with different experiences. If you stayed in your one perspective group all your life without experiencing more, you would be limiting yourself and it would probably be a pretty boring life. Differences give us “spice” in our lives just as spices give us delicious, flavorful food. We seek out differences to add new paradigms, new perspectives to our existence. At the same time, we can each be drawn back when those differences are attacked if we allow them to. We are all prone to that. Which group(s) you revert back to and associate with defines you to a point.

    Right now we are getting hit with things designed to separate us at base levels. The biggies. I don’t care if it’s to push viewership, to sell newspapers, to rally people for votes, or as a show of power. I don’t want to bite. However, just because I don’t want to play, doesn’t mean that someone else can’t tag me in. I don’t like being manipulated for someone’s cause. I resent being treated like a wind up toy. I think that conservatism is being stripped from our society piece by piece. Divide and conquer style.

    I would like to think that my views are not so narrow as to look at a person who is a hard worker like me, or that has a moral ethic like mine, or someone that has the same sensibilities that I have as someone that is somehow supposed to be beneath me because he likes a different sports team than I do or he likes a different kind of music than I do (so long as he doesn’t force me to listen to his country music) any more than feel that way because the pigment in his skin is different than mine. There is no cornered market on those positive traits mentioned. At the same time, there is no cornered market on bad decisions traits and choices. Like listening to country music. Hey! There are some very nice people out there that are tone deaf.

    I check here at Zonation on a regular basis because I like Zo’s opinions and he presents them in a way that I think connects with average America better than almost any other conservative out there. Don’t get me wrong, we have conservatives that can voice conservatism to other conservatives, (unfortunately it seems very few that hold national office can or do so), but few can engage and connect with a person who isn’t interested in politics already. Plus he does so with humor, also very important for connecting with people. The divisions that are happening here in America are difficult to interject humor into, but still, the more of us that can look across our differences and come together on things that we have in common, the stronger we will be. Mobs work because there is strength in numbers… just not a lot of rational thinking in a mob. The differences we have here are the reason that America has always been considered the great melting pot. Don’t let the differences cool us off because, well… clotted anything doesn’t EVEN sound appetizing!

    OK, you know I’m just kidding about the country music right?

  • eyewatcher1960

    You are so right….I have to admire you for telling it like it is!! Did ya hear that Stevie Wonder claims that he is Not returning to Florida until something is done to Zimmerman. The jury has spoken………let it go!!

  • Todd Lorenze

    Awesome Message!

  • Chris ‘Buck’ Buckner

    Well stated I think he hit the nail on the head from all angles
    I’m not a republican…independent ….still yet….well stated.

  • Ann Wiese

    Dude, you were right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StarTripper

    I taught my kids that the only majority I have seen in my life are idiots. If we eliminate people because of things like race or sex we won’t have enough to do anything useful.

  • Martin Alfven Haider

    To paraphrase P.J. O’Rourke – We shouldn’t test for drugs, we should test for ignorance, greed and love of power.

  • Jose Perez

    These comments on race and politics you make, Alfonzo Rachel, are without any credible proof and are very wrong. To think that you would be any authority to try and suggest “brown pride” (?) should support Zimmerman because of your unsubstantiated links to some “brown” heritage of his is offensive. Who are you to try and tell any “brown” person how to think and whom to support? You obviously have missed that the vast majority of Americans of Mexican, Guatemalan, El Salvadorean, etc. descent are for Civil Rights. We don’t take sides because we must act on your misinformation. Then, to say the Democratic party is responsible for Dr. King’s death is the biggest lie. Where is your proof? How can you make such a ridiculous claim and offer no credible source. Who are you getting your information from, National Enquirer?

    • The Truth

      Do you know what the word “sarcasm” means?

    • Jose Perez

      What a stupid question. You think he can hide from making those statements by saying, “oh this is sarcasm.” or “I’m joking.”?

  • Chuck

    Alfonzo, need more guys like you making sense of it all for all!

  • AgileBulletDodger


  • Jimmy Cooper

    I just finished Weapons of A.S.S. Destruction. If you are white or black, and especially if you are a liberal that believes you know everything there is to know about political racism, this is the book you should read! I try not to be a prude but thought I had a pretty good grasp of who is the cause of most of the racism in this country. I mean as far as political party’s go. Well be prepared to learn, This is one of the best books I ever came across. Five Stars solid!!!

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