White People, And The Curse of Racism. Trayvon / Zimmerman Case (Follow Up Vid)


FROM PJTV: “Zo tells whites of certain factors that make it difficult to get past racism, even false accusations of racism. Zo reminds people that George Zimmerman is not white, and that he is even a Democrat, but won’t be able to escape accusations that he racially profiled Trayvon Martin. How should America respond to the new racial polarization brought on by the acquittal of Zimmerman?” 

And in case you missed the 1st part, here it is!

And here’s the commentary I did when the story 1st broke.

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  • Early David Ehlinger

    Had no idea Nikki Sixx did that. What an idiot. Yish.

  • CenterStage

    “Stand Your Ground Declares Open Season on Black Males,” a must hear podcast. When South Carolina’s ex-attorney general Charlie Condon said that under the SYG law he declared “open season” on home invaders, it seemed to give people a license to kill in that state. Did the same happen in Florida with George Zimmerman’s and throughout the country. With the SYG debate heating up many believe this law should be repealed or revised.


    • koala

      If Zimmerman had intended to kill Martin using SYG, he would have shot Martin before Martin broke Zimmerman’s nose and bashed his head on the concrete.

    • Musashi

      You have to think beyond what you hear. This law in the case of most states is aimed at women not having to wait around to get raped before takeing action. No law is perfect but come on.

    • James Ritchie

      If someone breaks into my home, I don’t need a license to kill him. I have that inherent right, whether stand your ground laws exist, or not. Do not break into my house while I’m home, or you will be carried out feet first.

  • Bryan Lyman

    Mob mentality in-general disgusts me. If you are so stupid that you would take cues from a racists like Nikki Sixx without even thinking he might be a douchebag, then you are worse than a racist: you are a brainless lemming who wants a leader to enslave you and run you off of a cliff for their own enjoyment. “Follow me people, because I am a celebrity! Ignore the cliff, it is an illusion!” Pretty much the entire Taliban in a nutshell. Liberals don’t want you to think for yourself, otherwise, how would they be able to have other people blow themselves up for “the cause”; whatever cause that might be.

  • James

    Ignore a would and it gets worse, gouge a would it gets worse, care for a wound and it has a good chance of healing. Thanks for putting the truth out there in an honest up front manner.

  • Kevin #GOP

    Stand your ground is not an open season on Black males. The Zimmerman case has nothing to do with the SYG it was not used. People that are racist are the ones protesting we all know Obama and Sharpton and Holder are racist they prove that everyday. Obama made this a race issue from day one. And he continues to do so.

  • Carl Gottstein

    I got my Noose around my neck in solidarity with George.

  • Kevin #GOP

    Other racist are the ones that attack Zo for speaking his mind. He always presents facts and noticed when he does I see racist attacks on him which is total BS

    • MormonYoYoMan

      How can we “Like” or “+1” some of these comments?

  • MormonYoYoMan

    Who is this Nikki Six? A rock guy or a wrestler or what? Definitely a fellow who needs enunciation lessons, since I could understand hardly a word. Was he stoned as well as an idiot?

    Kirstie Alley..Didn’t she used to be a skilled actress?

    • TheNewJesterZero

      Nikki Sixx was(perhaps still is) a member of the band Motley Crue and is a member of another project called Sixx a.m…. I’m a fan of the music he’s made but after seeing that video clip… I’m at a loss for words.

  • MormonYoYoMan

    Just watched the second part, and I found myself alternately cheering (even standing up) and laughing Diet Dew outta my nose. Man, ‘Zo – you have a way of making the truth so obvious, that we laugh at how silly we and our fellow siblings can be!! Thank you for cutting right to the heart of the matter — that the best cure for racism, hate, anger, and all other sins – is the same Christ who came to specifically save us from those sins. I am not the only one who has noticed that, in church work, we’re often teamed up with people we’re normally uncomfortable with or downright dislike. And after a little of doing the Lord’s work, we always end up the best of friends.

    The way of Jesus isn’t fast — but it works better than anything else I’ve found.

    Thank you for holding our feet to the fire. We can take it. It beats Eternal Fire!

  • TruckinMack

    The following is a snippet of a conversation I am having with a Liberal, but I think it has bearing for this post:

    Being White is not a privilege. It is a skin color get used to it. (Or, not and be content to be a racist. Your call.) I used to live in Detroit. It was common for Black people to stop me and ask what a White boy was doing in their neighborhood. I never had a problem. The answer was virtually always, ‘Going from point A to point B’. I never felt victimized because I was stalked and profiled. I was a stranger and they wanted to know what I was doing there. Good for them.

  • louisk

    I find it hard to believe that you have the education level that you say you have, or else God has blessed you with an abundance of wisdom. You have fewer than 30,000 current subscribers yet I personally feel that the number of people who should be listening to you should be more like 300,000,000,000. I may not change the world but it sure would create an epidemic of headaches with the people who would be forced to think about what you say . I started trying to learn while I was in college in the early sixties. I will go to my grave with so much more to learn. I would give my last dollar ( if my wife would let me) to have a one on one with you so that I could bring up my learning curve. I am sorry that the possibility of you not reading this is high.

    • Zo

      Blessings to you and yours, Louisk! Thank you!!!

    • Disgusted

      LouisK, No, not a one of us can change the world, but we can change the part of the world we are in at the time we are there. We can choose NOT to let hatred live around us. We can snuff it out wherever we find ourselves. We can choose not to keep the circle of hatred going–where we are. Rather than giving your last dollar, or saying you would give your last dollar to have a one-on-one with Zo and then blaming it on your wife that you aren’t doing so, be ready to talk to haters of any kind and see if you can give them something solid to think about. You could tell them that hatred/resentment is the poison they are swallowing, while hoping the hated ones will die. It’s a tougher version of, cutting off your own nose to spite your face, only better. Doing either of those is totally futile and only hurts the haters/resenters. God has blessed Zo with profound wisdom because he was open to listening to Him. Education has nothing to do with having wisdom. My mom was a teacher and very bright, but she knew that education was not something needed in order to have wisdom. She passed that on to me. I am so impressed with Zo that I don’t have words to describe it and am so glad my friend sent me one of his videos.

  • Jim

    What’s wrong with just dealing with people one on one. Ignore color and deal with the content of character. There are good and bad in all races(I use the term loosely). There is only one race of people…human! Get over color differences and live your lives with honor.

    • 00_M42ine_09

      Here here!! The term HUMAN is the designating name for our RACE. Who are homo-sapiens? What is race? The Zetas, Pleadians, The Greys, The Blues, The Anunaki; these are races. They are humanoid, but not human. Wake up people, we are so much better than this!! If we cannot come together in a unity consciousness, we will not survive the next age. Find your center and look within!! We are God, He is in all of us. Our spiritual destiny is being dismantled before our eyes while we squabble over lines and color!! Love emits a high vibrational frequency, while anger and hate emits low vibration frequencies. Surround yourselves in love and high vibrational frequencies, read prophetic and canonical writings (Bible, Apocrypha, etc.), and meditate to find higher forms of wisdom (Akashic Records). The information is out there!!

  • Todd Woodell

    Maybe if Zo would start by referring to “People” instead of “White People”… Just sayin’

  • Steve Smith

    Zo, I watch your videos quite a bit…actually all of them for the last year, or so. I would like to ask you a question. In reference to the George Zimmerman case and all of the “race baiting” that is going on right now, Would it benefit most fair-minded individuals (no race in particular) to abstain from the issue? I have a close friend (a black friend) that is very upset with the whole “verdict thing.” Although I would like to discuss it, I feel unable to do so, because my opinion drastically differs. My friend feels as though “profiling” and “racism” played significant roles in the jury findings. I’m sure that it’s due to my white, neo-Nazi viewpoint (just kidding), but I can’t see it If someone was beating the crap out of me, I feel that I have the right to protect myself. I wouldn’t just lay down and die for the guy, because he’s black. You said ask, so I am asking. How do I get to that mindset? Thanks!

  • Monica Carter

    Zo, you are so smart! Your parents must truly be proud!!!!(NOT sarcasm!)

  • Dale Sexton

    Hey Zo. You’re one of the few that see the Democrat Party for what it is. I find all your videos informative and on point. Keep up the good work.

  • Black Nationalist

    Zo, you are clearly a HOUSE NEGRO seeking White acceptance from these racist Neanderthals who do not care about the life of a Black person…Zimmerman INTENTIONALLY killed Trayvon Martin because he is a savage racist from the caves, and your little blog is giving non-Blacks the green light to kill Black people without repercussion…you are a defender of White supremacy, and a threat to Black Liberation, and should remove yourself from the Black community IMMEDIATELY, because you are NOT one of us, you are a SELLOUT and RACE TRAITOR.

    • Allen Michael

      Ignorance! If Zimmerman was so racist? How come he took a black woman to prom? Or mentored black youth? Let’s not forget defended a black homeless man from the harassment of the local police? Don’t be mad at Zo, because he see’s it for what it really is!

    • the dude

      You’re a f@#$ing idiot!!!

  • Uplandwateradventures

    Wow race traitor. Got under your skin.Every person has a right to there opinion and each has value. This is how we move forward . Of all the different countries in this world I have lived the US seems to have the biggest problems with race. Why? I would have to say its the inability to communicate. My girlfriend who is a Native American never talks about race, we all just get along. Why the African American s haven’t met the same homeostasis as let’s say the Native Americans I can’t say, I have no doubt ill hear about it.

  • Barb

    Wow, I just tune in. God has blessed you with Wisdom! Its about time to hear someone who touches on all the troubles going on!!! I’m a fan Keep it up!

  • Deglete Ovrosco

    Zo, I grew up in the deep South during the 60s and saw pure unadulterated racism at its worst perpetrated by democrats, or as they called themselves “dixiecrats” complete with rebel flags. Many of the people who call you “house negro, sell out” et.al are more than likely hopeless cases so eaten up with hatred that to argue with them would be fruitless. And yes, we know that we are all a part of the “human” race, but there is no escaping the fact that skin color plays a large part in how we interact with each other. For liberal white people, it brings out their true “racist” feelings when dealing with black people who do not tow the liberal democrat line, and for hate filled black people, it is a weapon to use to bring on the “white guilt” many white Americans feel for what happened in the past. Yes, in a perfect world, we should always look at ourselves as the “human race,” but we live in a fallen world where race or ethnicity is big business; just ask Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. How else would they keep their jobs (whatever job it is they do :0(

  • Larry Mccrea

    …you have hit both sides of the issue. It’s rare for any man to be able to take a step back and accurately portray an unbiased opinion of what is really going on…”Run for President…I”ll vote for you…

  • Guest

    While Zimmerman is Hispanic and not White, many think that he is White mostly because of his German last name. Some have also tried to make him out to be German or Jewish because of the last name too, but he is not German or Jewish. The last name Zimmerman is a very German name and it also angered Americans many years ago because of the Zimmerman Telegram in which the Germans promised the Mexicans U.S. territory if they sided with them against the U.S. during WWI.

  • victorbarney

    Hello Alfonzo! Even TownHall kicked me off their cite because of my tirade against Obama, Marxism, & Islam! U.S. is in trouble Alfonzo, WATCH!

  • Just-a-father

    I just found your page and I find it rather interesting. Some things you have to say I agree with and others I don’t. I’m what you would call a black liberal. However, I’m not ignorant of the past regarding the behavior of both the Republican and Democratic parties regarding race. To me its a matter of how far back in the past you want to go. Nixon’s Southern Strategy or the Civil War? My main comment though is about your opinion of what happened to Travon Martin. Regardless of what you or anybody else calls George Zimmerman, white, Hispanic, Jewish whatever. The problem that black people have, most I would say is this. Travon Martin was walking home in a neighborhood he had every right to be in and was committing no crime. He was approached by George Zimmerman after being admonished by the 911 operator not to follow him. George Zimmerman then made a “Choice” to follow the young man because George Zimmerman made a determination that he was doing something wrong. George Zimmerman than made a “Choice” to take a gun with him. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this situation is probably not going to end well for anybody. Its not the fact of the gun, I have several and have no problem with gun ownership. People carrying guns around make them do things they wouldn’t normally do. Then George Zimmerman, for reasons only he knows, (race, in my opinion being a major factor) made a “Choice” to stop and confront Travon Martin. Why? Travon Martin is walking down the street, minding his own business in a neighborhood he has every right to be in. Again, George Zimmerman made a “Choice.” A fight ensues. We don’t really know who started it and we probably never will. However, we know how it ends. Travon Martin is shot and killed by George Zimmerman after George Zimmerman made a series of bad “Choices.” All of which were deliberate, purposeful and could have easily been avoided. Yes, black people are upset because of the shooting. But what really has blacks so upset is the fact that Travon Martin was doing nothing wrong in a neighborhood he had every right to be in and George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing an unarmed teenager for having the gall to walk down the street, in a neighborhood he had every right be in, wearing a hooded sweatshirt. This is just my opinion. Maybe you and your readers will agree, maybe you won’t. Like I said, it just my opinion.

    • Ilovemydawg88

      Thank you for the one sided recap of what happened with Trayvon.. But you completely missed the point of the video, completely. Keep playing the victim.. BTW, if there were a quarter for every white person killed by a black person, just cuz, it would make a huge dent in the national debt.. So tired of this one sided, I am always the victim attitude!!

  • Ilovemydawg88

    Hey Zo,
    Thank you for telling it like it is. It’s refreshing to hear to say the least. I have to admit I always kind of feel a little guilty around my black friends who do feel victimized by us white folks. I can’t say I have ever mistreated anyone for any reason. Being the “tell it how it is person” that I am, no subject is taboo. But the absolute hatred some young blacks feel toward everyone else is alarming. I was having this discussion with 2 of my black friends, they insisted they were victims of us white folks. I actually felt guilty and explained I couldn’t help that i was white. I was quite disturbed by this discussion.. In fact, i still am. I still shake my head and question why anyone would hate me because i am white. You know?? Anyway, thank you for sharing your well thought out views and Christian beliefs..

  • Virginia Qureshi


  • Virginia Qureshi


  • RacistWhitey2

    Zo I love you, but — No – I don’t see Trayvon’s death as a tragedy – the death of 4 Americans in Bengazi was a tragedy. Trayvon, from all evidence, was a thug who tried to murder an innocent man. He had a history of violence which was covered up by the Democratic/Union machine. His Facebook postings show a vicious, violent, racist, misogynist creep. He got exactly what he deserved, because our law – both God’s natural law & our Constitution – allow us to defend our lives with lethal force. And yes – I post as Racist Whitey because all whites are Racist, as you well know! Doesn’t the Democratic Party, the Black Church, the Congressional Black Caucus, BET – well, everyone? – teach us that? LOL

  • markdarrinkemp

    Zo, you have a candid perspective and
    it seems you seek the truth through the thick jungle of twisted ideologies. I
    may not agree with all of what you say but am a fan nonetheless – I especially like
    your use of the term Mobocracy. My fight against racism has been a calm and
    objective stance based on scientific evidence rather than giving in to the primitive
    brain’s mob thinking. To respond to RacistWhitey2, no, not everyone thinks all
    whites are racist. To think that is to give in to mob thinking as well (whether
    you agree with the perceived so-called “everyone believes” view, or don’t agree
    and get angry “everyone believes” it, you are giving into the part of the brain
    that is a quarter of a millennium out of date.) Are we rational and civilized
    in our thinking? Or are we primates with cell phones? We need to put the
    pressure on politicians and the media that we refuse to continue giving in to the
    mobocracy. To understand why, we simply
    need to understand ourselves. Zo, you look very different than I do, starting
    with race (I’m white), language and age. But our insides are remarkably very
    similar. In fact, it is as likely that your genes are close to mine as they are
    to another black man (race is a social construct, not a gene). So I stand next
    to you in wanting to educate the masses.
    Such education needs to sweep through the nation like a brush fire in July. Why? Here
    is a glimpse at our nature behind why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGEUVM6QuMg


    have you ever talked to Tommy Sotomayor?

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