JOE DAN: Liberal Tyrants and their Conservative Helpers – S2E6

FROM: Joe Dan Gorman

The media is going to select our republican candidate again, because it looks like we’re going to allow it again. Just as we did with McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012—>conservatives cannot seem to grasp the concept of “Do not help your enemy” especially conservatives in the media.
And despite a ‘virtual information blackout’ from schools to the media and throughout our major science organizations—-over the past 60 years, significant scientific evidence has been discovered that strongly supports the theory of Intelligent Design, aka GOD—from the fossils of the Cambrian Era to the bio-nano machines that run our bodies….and on to the complex digital codes in DNA.
This bio-technology found throughout nature is profoundly more advanced than anything mankind has ever done…
Yet the arrogant atheists of the scientific community cannot accept that they are not superior to everyone and everything.
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  • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

    I vote for Joe Dan to be head of the GOP! Much better choice than Rincing my Prius!

    • rick0857

      Got a survey in the mail a few days ago from the RNC in which they asked for MONEY plus a list of questions. It was return postage paid so I filled it out and where allowed I provided comments, PAGES of comments one of which was for “Rinsing my Prius” and I said you are about as good a Steele was and he was useless.
      Joe Dan henceforth and for all concerned the RNC chairman will be called Rinsing my Prius per Joe Dan Gorman. Great vid and keep up the good work oh and I’ll see you at the next dinner cuz.

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