MSNBC Host Wears Tampon Earrings On Air


MSNBC reached another low in broadcast journalism when host Melissa Harris-Perry wore tampon jewelry on television. Hear why AlfonZo Rachel is not surprised by this behavior on this ZoNation.

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  • grumpy

    Too Funny, Too True, Too Sad.

  • Teehee

    Melitha Harrith Pewwy Ith thtupid.

  • TruckinMack

    I really think Liberals have a great way of rallying around a symbol or promoting a cause, and Conservatives should take note. Instead of earrings made of tampons, how about earrings that look like cigars or little blue dresses. Maybe fashion a brooch that is an upside down car in a river. Maybe hats the say Benghazi – Never Forget. Stop responding to Liberals, and instead go on the offensive.

  • Sam

    This is the same dumb a s s that said our children belong to everyone.

  • TresNana

    Great message! Thanks for putting it out there and reminding us not to stoop to their level. I need reminders like that sometimes when there is so much crazy going on.

    • Gerald Allen

      Maybe we will have to stoop to get to the young voters. Sad but might need to be done.

  • InvidiaAbsit AKA 800LbGorilla

    This guy is a editorial marksman…

  • Anthony Retka

    MSNBC should fire her simply because she lacks class and respect. Here’s to Texas for passing sane abortion policy. I am proud of them.

  • Rustytruck

    Zo, Man you are just the coolest guy out there. You put it in such a good way brother. I have to agree, I don’t want to lower my own standards to fight back against the liberal crap being thrown at us to their ways. I AM better than that, WE are better than that, thanks for the videos and commentary, so cool Bro!

  • hhegwood

    you rock ZO

  • Laurel

    Not one of the better Zo videos in my view. I don’t need a lecture despite the fact I was never ever one to use that kind of filth. And on that note who did? Zo doesn’t delineate on that score. Lecture the left and in the mean time I will define conservatism for myself. I usually wholeheartedly agree with Zo but not on this one. Sorry but I’m not the band wagon type of person. I’m not going to give out gratuitous hoorah’s.

    • TheSunDidIt

      I take it you didn’t listen to the tone or what he said. I think you missed his point.

    • Laurel

      Actually I listened to it twice. Here and another website. It’s nothing personal against Zo. I love Zo and I’m listening to his book. I just think he could of done abetter job communicating on this one. No one can be perfect or correct 100% of the time. Now if you can’t accept that someone might disagree perhaps you should listen to it again.

    • pikl

      A gratuitous Hoorah to you zo. thanks for reminding us not to let our opposition get the best of us. sometimes I forget stooping to a lower level benefits no one, and I always appreciate a reminder when it is meant only for good.

    • Laurel

      Bully for you! Have a nice day.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Personally I thought he made the point well, tastefully as you could with the subject, and without a lot of “over the top” comments. He’s right about not getting in the gutter with pigs.

    • Laurel

      And you are entitled to your opinion. I have said all I need to say on this subject but Zo has more dissenters than myself on this video across the blogosphere. I think a different tact to make the point would of done a better job.

  • louisk

    thes disgusting acts of behavior Zoe are unfortunately becoming so common place that they are rapidly loosing their shock value and worse yet being accepted as an every day occurrence. Sad …..tragic

  • Dan Vickers

    You DO know no one threw tampons don’t you? OMG, you don’t know that.

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