Examining the Interview With Larry Elder and Piers Morgan


Did y’all see the exchange between Piers Morgan and Larry Elder? I discuss it in my latest vid! Anthony Weiner pops up in the commentary somewhere too.

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  • Terri

    I always look forward to your next commentary. You shine light on the darkness so keep on speaking the truth. God Bless You!

  • Rustytruck

    Zo, I could care less what Piers Morgan thinks of you or me at all. I think you ARE a smart cookie. Piers is so dense he can’t even see how dumb his own argument is on anything. Like you said, he just enables the black community to be lazy and not do anything for themselves. It’s too bad the rest of the black people don’t have your attitude on life here. You said something here that made me think, if these liberals were to be stuck in some other country for a while and forced to live without the aid of America, I’d just bet their opinions would change in a quick hurry. The bad part of this whole thing is the countrys they seem to think is ok with liberal thinking are not and they’d be in for a rude awakening. America allows them to think and act like fools so they think the rest of the world is ok with it.

  • FriarTuck

    Zo, If you check Piers background you’ll find out that if he went back to Britain then he would be arrested and probably spend the rest of his worthless life in prison. Seriously, check it out!. The idiot is worst than Benedict Arnold from back in the 1700’s. Pier’s is a man with no country. At least Benedict Arnold did some heroic acts up north before turning traitor. Piers Morgan is a criminal coward that hasn’t accomplished jack his whole life. Of course, he can slink here to America…where all worthless no goods can (like a tick) suck off of the hard work of Americans. What a waist….

    • adcbeast

      You are a complete IDIOT … Piers appears on British tv every week in a studio there

  • SMH

    You know exactly what is going on! Thank You and we are behind you 100%

  • adcbeast

    Larry Elder is a complete IDIOT to begin with …

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