Brock Lawley: What is Real LOVE?


The message is simple. Hate is not the only reason to say no. No is said in love too. Speaking for myself, I don’t say no to liberals and their policies because I hate them, but because I love my country, and their policies are bad for it. Also the Bible says to love our enemies. -Zo

  • Deepizzaguy

    I can relate to Brock’s message. A person on the Word Girl Wiki website that claimed she did not want to live on Earth anymore I tried to help her and how does that witch thank me? Insulting my Latino ethnicity and accusing me of bothering her. I decided to polish up my resume and leave that asylum called Word Girl Wiki. I hope that witch knows I only tried to help her but no refused. She does need help.

  • Joe

    Outstanding commentary, Brock. Looks like a lot of study and thought in your life. Personally, I believe the greatest reason for the redefinition of “love” (yours were completely accurate) is this: Trends in our society, fragmentation of families, over indulgence in self gratification, the feminist movement that taught women not to respect men and the independent male macho (chauvinist pig) attitudinal trends and anti church sentiment which has become anti Christ thinking of the last 40 or 50 years has resulted in a society where women no longer know how to respect a man and men no longer know how to love (render due benevolence) to women, So, lots of folks who, by our created nature have in themselves a driving need to belong, are just trying to find somewhere to belong in another persons heart. For this reason, I do not find it in myself to hate or be angry at them (I do get pretty upset at times over their rhetoric and the destruction they are helping to bring on my country) I read a poem once with this line: “To a starving soul, every bitter thing is sweet” and I’ve lived enough to know it’s true. But the sad reality is that lust (desire) and need, even mutually shared and enjoyed, no matter how much one may appreciate or cling to a partner, is still not love. If anything, it is a sharing of broken lives or lives that eventually will be broken, very often by people who do not know this about themselves. You are right, their lives are… how did you say it… burning from both ends. When youth is gone, when years take away good looks and vitality, when they look in a mirror some day and wonder why they never really found the kind of love they were supposed to have, that’s gonna hurt. Certainly, there will be those who deny this. Assuming they are honest within themselves and really believe this, not every one who buys a lottery ticket is a winner. Most will spend themselves, and loose in the end.

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