Hope and Change. Rope and Chains. An Ariel Castro / Obama Parallel


FROM PJTV: “AlfonZo Rachel takes a look at Ariel Castro and Obama–they both screw us over and think we like it. Castro rapes women, and Obama rapes the economy with policies like Obamacare, the Keystone Pipeline, and failed employment initiatives.”

Thanks for watching! If you’ve watched my vids for a while, you know that I speak a lot about connecting conservatism to the culture. It’s not politicians that make America great. We the people using what God gave us makes the country great. Too many conservatives think we have to change Washington to save America. RAWNG! You have to change the culture, because the culture shapes and chooses representatives in the 1st place. And liberals have used many mediums to influence the culture and how they vote. Music is one of their main tools, along with news and other entertainment media. Let’s not forget education. Liberals use these POWERFUL tools, and use them effectively. Conservatives, not so much.

Too many Conservatives think things are going to be set straight by how much they shake their fist at Washington, while their back is turned to the culture that elects the people who represent their selfishness and self righteousness. STOP IT!

Conservatives so desire someone good to vote for, but the pickings are slim because 1.The culture is becoming more selfish and self righteous to even elect people from, and 2. The culture is becoming more conditioned to reject conservative representation.

If conservatives would put more energy in promoting conservatism in the culture, the way liberals promote liberalism in the culture, then conservatives would see better results. But conservatives don’t promote conservatism. They promote politicians, as they desperately look for someone to represent them who can walk on water, but end up drowning good people in the process, and left with rinos.

So conservatives, if you really want to vote for something, how about a vote to change the culture? A person doesn’t have to be elected to office to make difference. People make just as much of a difference without holding public office.

People often tell me to run for office. And although that’s very flattering, and I’m honored for the consideration, why do I have to hold office to make a difference? Is that the only difference making position?

My job is to help promote conservatism in the culture so people can appreciate conservative representation in the 1st place! It’s a slow process, cause there ain’t that many of us doing it, but I think that’s changing!

But if you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaalllllllyyyyyyyy want to vote for me. Then how about this?!

Help me promote conservatism in the culture. Help me spread those seeds to people who may not have considered our perspective in mediums they already enjoy!

You can start here!!! Vote for my band to play at UPROAR FEST!!! DON’T BE DISMISSIVE OF THIS!!! THIS IS SERIOUS!!!

I know. Maybe to you there’s nothing important about a bunch of people gathering to see a bunch of loud rock and roll.

There’s nothing important about movies. There’s nothing important about T.V. There’s nothing important about radio. There’s nothing important about being creative.

I guess it’s my imagination that most of these people vote democrat, because they’re always exposed to liberalism, and part of that is because conservatives don’t give them a more interesting presentation so as to consider the conservative position.

So don’t be dismissive. SUPPORT!!! If you dig what I’m saying, PLEASE follow the banner below and vote for us!!! You can vote often. The judges want to see who has on going support.

I love playing music, but this not all about me looking to win for my own satisfaction. I’m on a mission to connect our values, and spread salt and light. Hope you’ll support my band’s efforts! Thanks and blessings! CLICK THE BANNER TO GO TO THE VOTE PAGE!!! THANKS!

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  • Bryan Lyman

    You forgot to mention that both men have a dictator’s name in their name. They also both have a house that is restricted to tours.

    • Zo

      Hi Bryan. Just because I didn’t mention it, doesn’t mean I forgot it. But It’s a clever point, and I’m glad you added it to the thread!

    • Bryan Lyman

      I am humbled that the master thinks me clever 😉

  • grumpy

    I see my country going to hell in a hand-basket. Your vids with their conservative messages of are a ray of light in the abyss. thanks Zo.

    This Bit of wisdom provided FREE OF CHARGE courtesy of
    The senior pastor of Grumpy’s Tabernacle of the Tavern and
    Professor emeritus and chief purveyor of the Emporium of Truth.
    Drop in for your daily dose of Patriotic Intelligence !!

  • Robert L Macchia

    Alonzo, glad to see you are back. You are one of the greatest conservatives on line. Keep up the great work. Obama walks away from all the scandals and he said they are “fake” and he goes on vacation. God bless you.

  • TruckinMack

    Don’t 90% of the actors and actresses in Hollywood have temporary jobs? It is why they go on unemployment after every movie production ends because they are, again, out of a job.

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