A Race Relations Tutorial


The liberal PC Culture has totally farted on us just enjoying being Americans. We have to be hyphenated Americans. We conservatives just like being Americans, and just like being the human race. but we gotta be careful with that, because liberals will get a wild hair and go from insisting that we’re hyphenated Americans to hyphenated humans. We’ll be black-humans and white Humans, etc. The Injuns will be double hyphenated because they’ll be referred to as Native-American-Humans. I hope the term Injun isn’t insulting, by the way. It certainly doesn’t sound insulting. Sounds like power! Even though I know it was a lazy way of saying Indian.

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Thanks for watching! If you’ve watched my vids for a while, you know that I speak a lot about connecting conservatism to the culture. It’s not politicians that make America great. We the people using what God gave us makes the country great. Too many conservatives think we have to change Washington to save America. RAWNG! You have to change the culture, because the culture shapes and chooses representatives in the 1st place. And liberals have used many mediums to influence the culture and how they vote. Music is one of their main tools, along with news and other entertainment media. Let’s not forget education. Liberals use these POWERFUL tools, and use them effectively. Conservatives, not so much.

Too many Conservatives think things are going to be set straight by how much they shake their fist at Washington, while their back is turned to the culture that elects the people who represent their selfishness and self righteousness. STOP IT!

Conservatives so desire someone good to vote for, but the pickings are slim because 1.The culture is becoming more selfish and self righteous to even elect people from, and 2. The culture is becoming more conditioned to reject conservative representation.

If conservatives would put more energy in promoting conservatism in the culture, the way liberals promote liberalism in the culture, then conservatives would see better results. But conservatives don’t promote conservatism. They promote politicians, as they desperately look for someone to represent them who can walk on water, but end up drowning good people in the process, and left with rinos.

So conservatives, if you really want to vote for something, how about a vote to change the culture? A person doesn’t have to be elected to office to make difference. People make just as much of a difference without holding public office.

People often tell me to run for office. And although that’s very flattering, and I’m honored for the consideration, why do I have to hold office to make a difference? Is that the only difference making position?

My job is to help promote conservatism in the culture so people can appreciate conservative representation in the 1st place! It’s a slow process, cause there ain’t that many of us doing it, but I think that’s changing!

But if you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaalllllllyyyyyyyy want to vote for me. Then how about this?!

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I know. Maybe to you there’s nothing important about a bunch of people gathering to see a bunch of loud rock and roll.

There’s nothing important about movies. There’s nothing important about T.V. There’s nothing important about radio. There’s nothing important about being creative.

I guess it’s my imagination that most of these people vote democrat, because they’re always exposed to liberalism, and part of that is because conservatives don’t give them a more interesting presentation so as to consider the conservative position.

So don’t be dismissive. SUPPORT!!! If you dig what I’m saying, PLEASE follow the banner below and vote for us!!! You can vote often. The judges want to see who has on going support.

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  • Smoke

    Injun? Really? Dude I was enjoying your posts until you started getting racist. Am I the only conservative who has respect for other people’s heritages? I am Native btw

    • zombiekiller117

      ‘Racist’ is a Hate word used to intimidate only one racial group.
      You have no right to come onto forums and spew Hate words like the r-word where people of my race might see it.
      Are you Anti-White, because you certainly come across that way ?

    • Taiyon Demyers

      I’ll paraphrase the rock when I say take your Bob Whittaker racialist nonsense, shine it up nice and clean, turn it sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass. If you’re offended by the word racist then maybe you should stop being racist. Just saying.

    • zombiekiller117

      As an Anti-White, why do you think it’s acceptable to use the r-word ?
      Do you also think it’s Ok to call Black people the n-word or are you ONLY Anti-White ?

    • Taiyon Demyers

      Don’t get it twisted. I’m not anti white. I’m just anti racist piece of white trash. So to use your logic if being anti racist means to be against white people then it’s natural for white people to be racist right?

    • zombiekiller117

      Definition : The opposite of Traitor
      What is your problem with Loyalty ?
      ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

    • Taiyon Demyers

      noun: racism

      the belief that all members of
      each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race,
      esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or
      discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different
      race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
      “a program to combat racism”synonyms:racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice, xenophobia, chauvinism, bigotry, casteism More
      So you mean to tell me these are traits specific to white people? That in order to be white you have to feel superior to every other race? Or are you saying that all white people are (or are supposed to be) racist? Like I said I’m not anti white i’m just anti racist piece of white trash.

    • andikow

      Dude, I prefer the term “Native American”, too, if only because it’s more correct given the history of the terminologies and the fact that I have friends that are Eastern Indian and it just gets all confusing otherwise. But really, not taking things personally makes the entire world flow better; you know “sticks and stones” and all that. I’d be one helluva victim if I took everything personally that was thrown INTENTIONALLY at me, never mind the off-handed comments (and especially those meant sarcastically to prove a point)…

      I’m Native too, btw (though I only have slightly more blood than that Native American Senator from Massachusetts – if she has any Native blood at all – and unlike her, I’ve NEVER claimed it for any benefit whatsoever…)

    • Bondroid

      Did you hear a word Zo said?? How ’bout you stop making Zo’s point and just be a guy?
      Who cares if you’re one billionth whatever? Geeze…

    • andikow

      Agreed 100%, Bondroid. I only added that because otherwise Smoke would’ve passed me off as just another hater. And Zo DID make the point that if you were referencing a topic where it is relevant – such as someone of a certain race making a comment about an issue that is specific to that race – it’s a little different than putting it out there just because you thought you should add it. (I add that only so you know that at least one of us was paying attention.) 😉

      Beyond that, you might consider not making assumptions; your batting average from that comment is very, very low… 🙂

    • J_R_K

      Uh…. I was born in America. Doesn’t that make me “native American”? I prefer the term “American Indian”, not that the aboriginals of this continent were from India, but because it seems to more specifically define who they are, since any one born in the United States is a “Native American” (I do not like to be called “Eurocentric” (I am not from Europe) any more than I like being called “homophobic bigot” because I am opposed to homosexual activism, “chauvinist pig” because I believe that women who can do what I do for a living are extremely rare (I consider myself a masculinist) and I don’t like the term “Hispanic” because it doesn’t give me a clue where a Spanish speaking individual is from) or being called “racist” because I am white or because I detest the socialistic policies of our president (I really don’t give a rip about his skin tone, I wasn’t all that fond of Bill Clinton, either. … but I am confused about which of them is really our “first black president”

    • canister

      Part Injun here. Used to joke when I was angry that I was a squaw on the warpath. I never thought of “Injun” as a slur – because it’s not. Why make it one? And my white ancestors that landed in the US in the 1600s? They’re as native as you get. Remember, people don’t grow from certain soils, they migrate. Injuns migrated. So did cowboys. And wherever you’re born, you’re a native of that land.

  • Smoke

    You deleted my comment?

  • susanna

    Voted for you! Thank you for all of the videos you do!

  • Alex Othon


  • Golds007

    Its about time I found someone in the the media that sees the truth about the democratic party and how they use entitlements to hold the black community down and to keep getting their vote. Don’t sell yourself out for stupid entitlements. Give them the finger and get yours by working hard.

  • Kattilac

    Another great commentary!

  • DilloTank

    The race hustlers like to defend unacceptable behavior and hide behind phony accusations of racism. Like if a white ‘teenager’ was beating Zimmermann to death and threatening to kill him, Zimmermann wouldn’t have shot him.

  • louisk

    I know you did not know this but I would like you to know that I have white friends and most of them are nice. I said MOST of them thank you . 🙂 I love your wisdom and insightfulness , your truthfulness isn’t bad either. thank you Mr. Rachel.

  • John Julian

    Hey Zo,
    Totally agree. There are great people and people who SSUUUCCKK of every color and shade.
    ONE issue – the picture of Jefferson Davis contrasted with Lincoln. While Davis has the stereotypical “look” that is associated with the Dems who supported slavery, Davis wanted to abolish slavery. However, rather than just tossing them into the streets to fend for themselves, his plan was to educate them in business and Christianity and other skills they needed to thrive in American society. Lincoln is lionized when he had no such high ideals, Davis has been demonized because he was pres. of the Confederacy.

    This is NOT to dispute anything you’ve said. I merely bring it up in the interest of Truth. There has been much UN-truth in the propaganda of the war between the states. EX: Lincoln’s family (the Todd’s – his wife) owned a lot of slaves. Robert E. Lee did not. Davis had an adopted black son. Lincoln did not.

    Again – the lib. educ. system has been twisting race relations for since Stowe’s “Uncle Tom” commission. Just as you, I am interested in the Truth, not doctrine.

    You Rock, Dude!

  • Bondroid

    Been saying this for years!! Thanks Zo!! Brilliant as usual!!

  • eyewatcher1960

    Can we get married, Zo…….u r always right!!

  • J_R_K

    A quote from Martin Luther King Jr that we never hear (I read it in a book) ~ “Nothing pains some people more than having to think”. Considering this, I concluded years ago that a good definition of “stupid” is “a person who refuses to think”. In fact, I concluded that the words “racist” and “stupid” are somewhat synonymous. Show me a stupid person and I’ll show you a person who is probably pretty stupid. Show me a really stupid person, and I’ll show you a racist. Having said that, Zo, you did tag me on a point or two with this commentary. Since I am not stupid, I have already thought about it, and I can do better. Thanks for the heads up.

    You know, it would make my day if you had your own radio talk show. I think you’d gain a huge audience.

    • J_R_K

      duh.. correction “show me a stupid person, and I’ll show you a person who is probably Racist”. (If I was smart every day, I wouldn’t be working a time clock job)

  • MormonYoYoMan

    “Infinite diversity in infinite combinations” didn’t originate with Star Trek (3d season). Per your earlier paragraph, Zo, most of us don’t particularly mind the term “injun,” since every other term is incorrect. Some do find offense with the term – but no one has come up with one better, other than referring to us by our different nations/tribes/families: Quapaw, Creek, Cherokee, et al.

    Maybe it’s easier for me, because (a) I look more white than Bill Maher (there’s the Scotch and Israelite genes dominating) and (b) I grew up in an area where it was COOL to be Injun. It shocked me when I went to New Mexico and saw Injuns treated in a second-class citizen fashion. But am I to forget that as recently as a couple years before my birth, my grandfather had never been allowed in “whites only” establishments?

    Maybe we need a better language. (O, that I could speak with the tongues of angels!) “Human race” actually refers to a species; “race” indicates various genetic dividers. (Tolkien’s successors keep getting that wrong.) Even Republicans who fought for freedom for black slaves, had a hard time learning those slaves were quite capable. (As proved by the almost immediate seating of so many black politicians of the Republican Party, before the Democrats pushed them out of office – and voting.)

    Funny how we now want to trade one set of stereotypes for another. And it’s funny how, despite the stereotyping of 1950s television, Jay Silverheels remains one of my greatest heroes, even when he wasn’t playing Tonto.

    Though Tonto remains #1, having been the real brains of the team.

    *jeep! & God Bless!
    –Grandpa Chet

  • TruckinMack

    I’ve got a lot of White-Black stories. I’ve also got a lot of stories that involve White and Black people, but skin color is not important, so not a White-Black story. The following is one of my favorite White-Black stories.

    I work in health care. One day I was working with an elderly Black woman who was having hand pain. While we were talking, the music group ‘The Fifth Dimension’ came into the conversation. Soon I was singing, ‘Last night, I didn’t get to sleep at all’. When I finished I asked her “When you woke up this morning did you know a White boy was going to be holding your hand singing you a love song?”

    It was a great moment. I wish we talked more about these moments than we talk about the made up race baiting stories that populate the news.

    Edited: To those of you unfamiliar, I just found a live version of Wedding Bell blues done in 2009. Listen all the way to the end and hear Marilyn McCoo still able to hit the high notes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aryGG1XnyxY

  • Allen Michael

    Hey Zo, perfect picture of Bill Maher!

  • Allen Michael

    Hyphens are exactly that, divide words meant to divide people!


    amen Zo… u are very accurate.. i’ve always had this philosophy, :*) partly because i got it from my Dad, bless his heart…..some 53 yrs. ago. My Dad always said that if we have to always refer to ‘race, or differences’ thereof, then we are insulting our Father, God, who made us all different, but none better than the other, & if u ever use racial slurs, it’s HIM that you’re insulting. I changed a couple of the words for ‘modernization’… but that’s how my Dad was, we went to 2 churches back then, one that was all black the other that was all white.. that’s a little sad, but it was the times we lived in I guess, where there was still so much ‘fear’ or hate, or division.. but ever snce I became a christian, I’ve been blessed to go to ALL mixed up churches, bc there’s so many different ethnicites represented…THANK God for this amazing variety of tribes, all from ONE Father.

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