Is It Just Me Or Is All Racism Stupid?

I see things in Black and White, not black or white, ya dig what I’m sayin?

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  • Neal Seifert

    Stacey heard about the Flyin’ Shoe.

    • Zo

      Indeed! And my Wife LOVES your Comment!

    • MormonYoYoMan

      ‘splain it to us, Loosy. (Or Ricky.) What’s this Flyin’ Shoe thing? Did deaf old me miss somethin’ again?

  • Christine G

    The belch made me laugh out loud for real!

  • smoke

    I like Zo and his commentary 90% of the time. But the way he refers to Indian (Native American) people as “Injuns” pisses me off. And no, Im not referring to this video because he didn’t say that here.

    • Zo

      If “Indians” were here before America was founded, how could they be native to it? I was born in America after it was founded. Which means I’m as native to America as anybody else. To just call Indians “Native-Americans is demeaning. There’s many tribes. They have their own identity. And the hyphenated American thing is just another symbol of division. And can you remind us of where you heard me use the term “Injuns”

    • smoke

      It was in a reply to someone’s comment in one of your previous posts. I am aware of the etymology of Indian, Native American, and all the other words used for us. I used “Native American” for you, for clarity purposes. I do not call myself Native American and most of Indian Country does not use it either. We call ourselves Indians sometimes (as evidenced in lots of our news sources “Indian Country Today,, News from Indian Country” and in everyday use but mostly by the names of our tribal Nations. I am Gaduwa.

    • Zo

      Righto, and in what was the full context of my use of the term Injuns?

    • smoke

      You were talking about “hyphenated americans”. Im gonna have to go back and try to find the post.

    • Zo

      It really shouldn’t be that hard to remember. Unless ya just have a chip on your shoulder and only zeroed in on me using the term “injun” and concluded that I just meant to be derogatory. I take this as you mischaracterizing me. Because I made no such effort to use the term injun in a derogatory manner. That’s why I’m asking you to recount the full statement of what I said. I understand if the term injun is insulting to you, but let’s be clear about how I used the term. Thanks!

    • smoke

      I have no chip man I promise. I found it though here it is:

      Published on Aug 8, 2013
      The liberal PC Culture has totally farted on us just enjoying being Americans. We have to be hyphenated Americans. We conservatives just like being Americans, and just like being the human race. but we gotta be careful with that, because liberals will get a wild hair and go from insisting that we’re hyphenated Americans to hyphenated humans. We’ll be black-humans and white Humans, etc. The Injuns will be double hyphenated because they’ll be referred to as Native-American-Humans. I hope the term Injun isn’t insulting, by the way. It certainly doesn’t sound insulting. Sounds like power! Even though I know it was a lazy way of saying Indian.

    • Jenny

      Ojibwe/ Chippewa here… Zo, you say whatever you want! We need to break the PC mold. Injun doesn’t offend me at all.. but I don’t allow myself to be offended easily either.. Try to find some humor people. I could say the word “cheese” and somewhere some guy from Wisconsin is getting his panties in a bunch.. Words aren’t racism… preventing someone from life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness because of their color or ethnicity is TRUE racism.

    • MormonYoYoMan

      Creek/Cherokee/Israelite (northern kingdom) here. But old. Old folks on and off the reservations referred to ourselves/themselves as “injun” all the time. It’s how you could tell the difference between young folk and old folk without having to look at our ugly wrinkled faces. Or worse.

      Creepily enough, my baby sister and I didn’t reflect ANY of our non-caucasian features (though our grandfather wasn’t allowed in “whites only” bars as late as 1952) but our younger brothers DID. They smoked too much and are now, however, pasty white.

      Heck, a high school buddy loved to refer to himself as the “cute-cheeked injun boy.” Darn dimples got him all the girls too.

  • David N

    I love listening to Zo. He does a good job on his commentary and I agree with 98% of what he says. I was watching this one and then it stopped all of a sudden about halfway through it. I wonder if Mr. Liberal is hackin in??

  • Jefferson Tester

    Rock On, Zo!

  • Wilfredo

    Al, about race and racism in the 21first century…can you coment on that please

  • Lara Fabans

    And let’s not forget that you’re only RICH if you’re conservative. John Kerry, Diane Feinslime, etc aren’t considered rich. I can’t figure out the liberal logic.

  • TruckinMack

    OMG! “I wanna shoot me one of them negroes, but the other blacks keep shooting them first!” That is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long, long time. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

    Rachel, you are a treasure. Keep fighting the good fight. We have a long way to go to undo the damage that the Left has done for the past 50 years. The Black youth of our country need to tune out race hustlers (like Vice President Joe Biden) who say things like, “They want to put y’all in chains!” If you are a Black kid and hear this, you might grow up thinking America hates you. (Nope. The race hustlers hate you. Well maybe not hate. They just don’t care about you. They only want to use you, they want to use your voice, your anger, and they don’t care if it hurts you are not.)

    Listen to Zo. America is a place where we honor hard work, good manners, taking care of your family and going to church. If you do these things, you will be honored too. (Maybe not by everyone – but I do these things and not everyone honors me. There are always hard cases looking to cause trouble. Just ignore them. They will go away.) Work hard, treat people well, love and support your spouse, children and parents, and thank God everyday for the gifts he has given you. Do these things and life will turn out pretty good.

    • Jeremy Armour

      “‘I wanna shoot me one of them negroes, but the other blacks keep shooting them first!’ That is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long, long time.”

      I laughed pretty hard at that one too!

  • MsSgt3

    That was grrreat! Zo…I love you 🙂

  • Jenny

    Zo, I have been saying that for years…. white friends called me racist.. meh.. Keep up with your good work, sir!!!

  • Lorin Dana

    oh Zo, thanks for speaking your mind and my point of view as well. I can’t help it if I’m an old white lady.I grew up german in an italian neighborhood.I was called every variation of “evil nazi scum” that could be invented by my neighbors kids. I was beat up, spit on and constantly hasseled. the only real friends that I had were Rene Streeter and Brenda archer.Brenda was in a wheelchair because of polio,Renes’ mom was a nurse her dad was an engineer.Her house was a welcoming haven(first time I ever saw matching furniture and a giant color t.v..We watched soul train,she taught me to dance.I was invited to every party and (awesome ) pig roast.Her mom never let me know I wasn’t black. When you talk about the rampant stupidity and things that aren’t fair, you never blame it on skin colour.Thankyou ,finally there is a voice of real reason I can listen to,i only just noticed that you aren’t german… you

    • Zo

      Here’s to being better not bitter! Blessings, Lorin!

    • BayushiZero

      I remember growing up in the 80s.

      Almost always had black neighbors. No one ever complained of racism, and we weren’t exactly upper-class (or even middle class). I remember staying across the street with friends when my mother was unable to handle us children (illness or was hospitalized).

      But then, I did grow up in military housing or on military bases. That may have had something to do with it. Just further evidence that it’s one’s character, not color, that makes you who you are. If my neighborhood blacks could be responsible, well-mannered & hard working (in the military), what’s stopping everyone else? Brain damage? No, it can’t be brain damage, as I became MORE responsible and mannered AFTER suffering traumatic brain damage.

      Occam’s Razor indicates that the answer is the ‘culture’ they have built up for themselves. If your culture encourages irresponsibility, lawlessness, rape & murder; then your culture is NOT equal.

  • Pablo

    Zo, Thanks for coming hard with the truth. which can be brutal but is necessary. Keep it coming!

  • Jeff

    I used to be a dyed in the wool Democrat until 2008, when I saw how the DNC made it clear that women are 2nd class citizens with the way they treated Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Once I had that eye opener, I began to have more and more eye openers… especially after I discovered your videos. You are constantly challenging my perspective and getting me to see how I’d been manipulated in the past into believing things were a certain way. So thank you for that…. This video proves you have huge cojones! I’d love to share this video (I usually share your videos on facebook, because I want my friends to have an eye opener too)… but I have to admit I’m afraid to because it may be your most controversial video yet… especially because you “went there” regarding Trayvon. But thank you for giving me some things to think about when it comes to racism.

    • Jeremy Armour

      It’s a sad statement about our current culture that simply telling the truth is so controversial.

  • Frank

    Zo, you’ve done it again. Your insight and perspective are inspirational. Have you considered a speaking tour?

  • wolf2525

    The worst racists I know reside in the whitehouse, and they are pretty stupid, but their sheep are even more stupid.

  • Deepizzaguy

    I recall my late mom would say that despite our differences of color of skin, our blood is still red, and we are born and one day we will pass away. Thank you Zo. I just was wondering why the media gets upset when a White golfer gets in trouble for making jokes about golfer Tiger Woods eating watermelons and fried chicken. .

  • InvidiaAbsit AKA 800LbGorilla

    Um, you hit the nail on the the head… again

  • Eric Koernke

    Sorry Zo, I’m going to have to disagree with you on the topic of “stop and frisk”. It IS against the 4th amendment to be stopped and frisked. If you are being stopped for simply dressing a certain way, is that a truly reasonable suspicion? What you describe is what many now refer to as “thought police”. Unless they are doing something out of the ordinary, there is no reason to frisk, or detain anyone. Its one thing if someone is reasonably acting suspicious. I’m not sure you’ve fully thought out the precedent you set by agreeing with this. Since we know who the government considers “terrorists” (tea party, second amendment groups, constitutionalists, etc.). What happens when that precedent opens up on anyone who wears an NRA T-shirt, Tea Party Shirt, etc? Police can’t just go up to people and demand to search them because they think you look “shady”, that’s like arresting someone because you think they look “creepy”. If you don’t have reason to believe they have violated the law, or are in the process of attempting to violate the law, there is no reasonable suspicion. That path is a very slippery slope, and I urge anyone to avoid it. There is too much room for abusing such a law, whether you think its a good deterrent or not.

    • pearl87

      And the really big problem with Stop & Frisk is that it gives arbitrary power to Cops who may or may not have any valid reason to stop ANYONE they want. It’s simply a recipe for tyranny.

    • Zo

      Eric, Maybe you should actually stop, and listen to my full statement. I never said it was ok to just stop and frisk someone for dressing certain way. You left some stuff out there.

    • AFSarge


      The way I understand it, you are only frisked If you are stopped not stopped to be frisked. Am I right or are others seeing something that I’m not seeing? Just because you dress a certain way or have a certain skin color that is not a reason to stop and frisk, if others are seeing that way they might as well ban Halloween and masquerade parties.

      Now others may see my view as wrong but if it looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk and acts like a skunk, it probably is a skunk and that would be enough to stop and frisk. By that I mean if it is the 15th of July here in AZ at 112 in the shade and you see some one put on a wool cap, ski mask and a coat walking in to a convenience store…. I think that would qualify for a cop to stop and frisk. Even if it was just a prank. In fact here in AZ that could get you shot in most places without question and would be ruled justifiable. Now if that was to happen in Fargo ND on the 15th of January at -25 with the same outfit a cop probably would not have a reason to stop and frisk. Either way how could you or a cop know if that person had a weapon like a gun, knife or baseball bat? Now in this state if you are working in a convenience store and some one walks in with a pistol under their jacket or on their hip more than likely nothing is going to happen as it is legal to carry here. But if some one walks in with it in their hand it’s probably not a good thing.

      Back when I was in High-school I worked in a convenience store and after a while you could tell people that had a shady character most of the time. You didn’t call the cops but you kept an eye on them and I can tell you most of the time they were there to steal something. Sad as it is I can tell when a scam is about to happen when someone approaches me and I’m no cop. It is hard to describe but people act a cretin way when they are up to no good.

      The way I see it there has to be more than just dressing or acting a certain way or even having a certain skin color. It is judgmental but it is also the situation and more that justifies stop and frisk. I’ve been stopped and frisked and did not have a problem with it as I knew it was for the cop’s safety as well as mine, but then again I knew I didn’t do anything wrong.
      The way pearl87 and Eric Koernke are looking at it is wrong. We all know that there are bad cops just like there are bad people and they can abuse their power. Like anyone else in a position of authority or power some will abuse it. While others being critiqued, yelled at, corrected for doing something wrong or stopped and frisked for appropriate reasons will fell that they are the ones being wronged and the cop’s or others in power are abusing that power. (I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here.)
      Well that is my 2 sense worth. Please let me know if I’m seeing this wrong.

      Y’all Have a great weekend and stay safe!

    • Eric Koernke

      I try not to make it too long, but yes I was paying attention. We’re not talking about a person matching a description of someone who broke the law, or someone who clearly violated the law. We’re talking detention by law enforcement and frisking of people based on nothing but the whims of officers. The job of law enforcement first and foremost is to protect your rights, unless someone has in some way wronged another, such actions are unreasonable, and clearly violate the united States Constitution.

  • CaptElaine

    What a concept… dress like a ‘thug’ get treated like a ‘thug’… what is it with the pants on the ground anyway? That particular fashion eludes me… how can you do anything when you have to hold your britches up to walk. Stoopid comes in all colors… everyone should know that by now.

    • BayushiZero

      It’s a prison culture thing. The sagging pants are to indicate that they are prepared to ‘receive’.

      Wonderful thing to pass on to your kids, isn’t it?


    • Alexis

      He has to overreach with his logic to cosign racist whites so they’ll think he’s a “safe” black guy who’s on board. It’s sad cause I was expecting more when my friend referred me here. She likes Zo. But I guess Martin Luther King and Emmett Till were wearing hoodies too at the time of their demise huh? He’s actually practicing escapism.

  • JR Koeller

    Wow. I clicked on this expecting….. the usual rant. I was pleasantly surprised. Signed, A new Fan. 🙂

  • Melissa

    Great job. You always say it so well!

  • Frank Demundo

    Zo- a long time ago I realized that skin color is like crayons- lots of different ones needed to make up the entire box.
    More Americans of all shades need to hear the reason and sanity of your comments. Stay strong – my Brother from another Mother. This particular video is so on-point- and your description of Unkl Al “Sharpie” Sharpton made me laugh out loud- the steam sauna…. shrunk him… 🙂

  • Margot

    I was skeptical the first few moments but I agree with you. I have been stating many of these points on FB and to other people, but it results in I’m not down for my people. Granted, I was raised in a predominantly White family so my perspective is different than the average “black” person. Interestingly, I see it as different from the average Person. How many white people what the opportunity to be raised in an all black family? I see things through my experiences and partly from the values that my mother taught as she brought me up. Some think that it is bad and it has set me back as a black woman. However, I see it as the opposite. I see it as an advantage because I am not another ignorant person in this world. Thank you Zoe.

    • Alexis

      As you should be. Read my comment above and maybe you’ll get a better perspective. You should be more than skeptical.

  • postalinVT

    Oh Zo, I could listen to you wax poetic on any issue any time anywhere. You absolutely ROCK !!!

  • Peter :B”

    Great job!

  • Steven

    Wow Good job ! You are a breath of fresh air…… thank you.

  • louisk

    Fonz; We are talking about something that will not go away. Yet for me I do not talk about it when someone of color calls me cracker, honky, white bread, wonder bread ,whitey, etc etc etc. Because as I see it talking has only made it worse. what is expected of white people ( my perspective only) is that a dialogue with liberal blacks means shut up honky and do what I tell ya. Speaking of only the members of the black community who have been poisened by the likes of Wrangle, Jackson, Fararhkan , Waters etc etc etc. Until we flush the system and purge it completely of all of the poison there is absolutely nothing to talk about.

  • I love when you have new videos out! I look forward to them. I check almost every day.
    I hold you up to be a role model for my kids. I tell them all the time its normal to judge others, but it should be the content of their character above all.

  • Amanda Kay Penn

    Thank you for posting this. I clicked on this video and became a fan.

  • Xanillathe

    We are a very visual species. Our eyes are highly developed because of that. We rely on visual clues first, naturally. Judgements made based on visual clues may not always be correct, but they will happen. We should put more thought into what messages we are sending every time we are in social situations.

  • doris lott

    First time here and immediately had to subscribe! Thanks

  • Lisa L. Rose-Hawkins

    Love this! Thank you and keep up the great work!

  • Alexis

    As I was watching, I was thinking a few things that just didn’t sit well with me concerning certain points of the video. How does one downplay the murder of an innocent teenage boy to protect the man who pursued him, which is proven from the killer’s own words and the very first 911 phone call? Allow me to dig deeper from what I noticed, at the 5 minute mark, Zo ASSUMES what Trayvon Martin was going to do with his watermelon ice tea, like he would know. Funny how a black man would assume another black male would intent to get high and make some Robitussin when he had no proof.”Some purple drink so he can get high,” he says…what? Sounds like a white supremacist trying to impress whites who agree with the verdict and look to cosign said statements.He makes it so obvious Larry Elders is shaking his head.

    “I’m supposed to defend him because he’s black?” These are Zo’s exact words. Maybe that would be great if you’re pretending to like your kind in general, otherwise you blow your cover and get exposed. What reason would you not have to defend Martin when he was the one pursued and shot dead? That’s odd.So there’s a presumption of innocence for Murderer George, but not for the victim? It’s even odder to watch the picture of Trayvon as a happy baby mocked as if the people who thought it was wrong he was stalked and killed were somehow “hiding” his true colors and overreacting. The image of Zimmerman on the other side as predator also plays into the demonization Zo and others like minded feel Zimmerman gets in the media for murdering a guy he picked a fight with and eventually killed. He’s just a poor mixed male used by the liberals to “race-bait” even though everyone tried to remind the nation “it wasn’t about race.” Wouldn’t that be counter to what they wanted?? At 3.38, which is the kicker. “Trayvon Martin is just an innocent boy who just wants some tea and skittles.” This is said with sarcasm and actually reveals how he truly feels. Funny thing about that statement is there’s actually proof he did only want ice tea and skittles which were found on him and he was the one purused as in Zimmerman provoked the situation, not him. Tell us sir, was Martin out to rob? Stalk a stranger perhaps. People, just because Zo defended blacks who agree with his ideology that doesn’t overlap the massive stereotyping Eugene Bull Connor would be proud of from being used. And btw, people assumed Zimmerman was white because of his last name. Way before any photos were shown. It’s not a traditional Hispanic last name.

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