…And That’s Why I Took It Down.


Hi all!
I’ve received emails asking me why I took my donation button down.
I took the button down after I reported that The California Tax Board
Went into mt bank account and stole every penny out of it.

I’m blessed with supporters who contribute to my efforts,
and when supporters found out that the CA Tax Board cleaned me out,
they wanted to pitch in and help restore what the government stole.

As much as I appreciate this, I couldn’t accept it.
I don’t want y’all pickin’ up for what the government stole.
Especially since the federal and state governments are stealing from you too.

I don’t owe the government any thing. None of us do.
Taxing our income is a violation of our right to property,
and the government would be well enough funded to do what they’re supposed to do if they followed the original tax model, and our economy would be much better.

But my taxes were paid, but they took what they wanted anyway, because California is run by greedy liberal democrats who feel justified in being entitled to other people’s property.

I was never warned that I supposedly owed. They just burglarized my account.
I was never put through any sort of audit. They Just took every cent.
If I owe anything, they still have yet to tell me how much I supposedly owe.
It’s been since May, and they still won’t give back my money and they’re still not telling us why they took it.

The CA tax board has made it more difficult for me to do my job, because they’ve interfered with me being able purchase equipment and software etc.

The CA Tax board costs me over draft fees because I can’t really keep money in the bank, because they’re likely to steal it.

I can only sneak in a little bit to pay our bills electronically and allow our charities to deduct, and hope they can before the CA Tax board steal it.

I don’t know how much they plan to take, or when they’ll stop.

Liberals accuse people of hiding money in their mattresses, yet they’re a big part of the reason people resort to such things.

So as I said. As much as I appreciate the gesture, I don’t want folks taking it upon themselves to replace what the CA Tax Board stole from me.

That’s why I took the Contribution button down.
But thank you for seeing Macho Sauce Productions worth supporting!


  • daltdanyon

    Much as I dislike lawyers, it sounds like you have a great taxpayer suit! Good luck Zo and keep up the fight!!

  • James Jt Tillman

    I’ll just have to buy and send out a bunch of copies of A.S.S. destruction.
    We love you brother!

  • John Julian

    The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

    by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. M.D.

  • NRPax

    Zo, good luck fighting on this. I hope things turn around soon.

  • Frank

    This is truly troubling, but not surprising. I, too, have been been the victim of CA’s bloated government, but not nearly on the scale of you. This is tyranny, plain and simple. With all your fans, perhaps some with legal tax knowledge could direct you and the rest of us on a way to halt this abuse of power.

  • Brandon McNaughton

    Zo: http://www.freestateproject.org

    We need guys like you.

  • for real

    That’s straight up tyranny!!! You need to fight those you know whats. There has to be some justice for government bullying!!!

  • OneAndOnlyZel

    Keep up the good fight! You’re the best!

  • Shane

    Get a lawyer, it’s the only way you’ll find out what’s up. It could be you’re being targeted because of your political views…it is California after all.

  • Eric Smith

    Zo, why even bother staying in CA. That whole state is just itching to implode. Why not move to a place like Texas where they don’t bother you and what’s yours stays yours.

  • Phryj

    I think the only solution is to move the heck out of The People’s Republic of California.

  • Peter H Hoffman

    Bitcoins have international value and cannot be seized.

  • LilacCrew

    Change bank accounts and don’t do business with the govt electronically. Pay your taxes by money order. Sorry, sweetie.

  • Mileaway

    I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this. The California Francise Tax Board sucks for sure. They seem to be the least open of all of them. They sent me a letter “requesting” I file a 2010 Tax return because “they had heard” from “sources” that I had paid my mortgage and wanted to know where the money came from. WHAT? anyway, I straighten them out but I think I got the letter because I was writing Feinstsein “frequently” about my 2nd amendment right. This might be part of your problem as well. Good luck and God bless. Rock On!

  • Hazel Curry

    Would opening a donation account in Utah help? You’d still have access to a debit card/checking account but California couldn’t touch it. I don’t even know if that’s possible – just brainstorming for a solution. Good luck to you – I love your work and the common sense messages that keep us on track. Thank you, you are appreciated.
    . . . P.S. Like Eric Smith said, come to Texas. You’ll be treated with more respect by the people and the government here. Won’t even take out state income taxes ever. Beside that, I hear California is going to drop off into the ocean any day now. 🙂

  • JossieB

    I live in California. I chose to live here about 23 years ago. We can’t leave. We must stay here to make change. The change that will make it worthwhile staying. We Californian conservatives have to unite and fight, fight, fight for what is right.

    • Gregor A Hinckley

      I agree with you. My wife was. Born here and I’ve ben raised here. And yet I look at the legislature and see a group intent on making me a criminal. How much can I do from jail?

      I keep wondering if it ain’t better to split this socialist hell hole and come back after the collapse of the state.

  • snowcloud

    This makes me sick.

  • Gregor A Hinckley

    Prepaid visa. Until they find that anyway.

  • Angi Bryan

    I’m disgusted.. no words.. just disgusted. Best of luck to you Zo. You deserve much better than that.

  • Craig Ball

    What Angi Bryan said. Disgusting. I wonder if I call my Representative, could he help? Then again, Zo is being kicked to the curb by Un-elected Bureaucrats. They do not have to answer to anyone. Maybe some of you California people can get your state people to step in.

  • dzobels

    Some guilt ridden white liberal bureaucrat thinking you’re some twisted black man bought by corporate interests to mislead your people toward right wing beliefs has taken it upon him/herself to see to it you don’t succeed. They simply used logic – if the IRS can do it, so can we.

  • Shawn Cook

    Sounds like you should pack up the band and seek asylum in a more conservative friendly state.

    • LS Militia

      Come to Colorado! Eventually to Northern Colorado!

    • Kristy Graham

      That would be stupid. Colorado is turning to California.

    • LS Militia

      right that is why I said eventually to North Colorado… our new not-California state! 😉

  • Laurie

    I have a big coffee can…

  • dragonladyalso

    Come to Oklahoma – the reddest State in the Union – not a single county voted for the obamanation. Until you move, maybe a lawyer would be a good idea?

  • John Long

    America is changing rapidly. George Bush extended Executive branch powers. Barrack Obama is a very intelligent man and he is using them.

    • joe turek

      Hussein is a dumb idiot that is a clever criminal

    • Rousseau Welch

      Obama is not a “very” intelligent man. And he has never had a real job. Bush had more sense than Obama, although he (Bush) was a Republican of the Progressive kind.

  • Scott in Oklahoma

    Find a small bank outside of California to do business with, and only pay bills to state entities with money orders.

  • texfan

    The clintons don’t seem to have that problem

  • Oak Tree Lady

    Were you mixing the charity money with your personal business? We need more information, Zo. There must have been a reason they took it.

    • Chris Johnson

      Oh, and somehow more information would justify taking all of a citizens money out of the bank? I don’t think so.

    • Oak Tree Lady

      I wasn’t talking to you – I just wanted a bit of clarification, is that OK with you?

    • mdodson

      no, if you had read what he wrote, you would have seen that he only puts in enough money to cover the cost of his bills and the cover the donations that he makes (you know, the ones he previously promised to make and continues to make even though his state is messing with his money.)

      that was what he wrote.

      he does not write that the donations for his band or buying his music or book were mixed in with his private bank account.

      hopefully, that is under a different name and protection (well, it’s california- hopefully it won’t be touched because it’s a business.)

    • Oak Tree Lady

      He does that NOW, I wanted the information of what he was doing BEFORE they snatched the money. When he said charity, it sounded as if he was running a charity, not just giving to a charity. It was my husband who said that was the reason, so I want to be sure.

  • wastedmercy3

    Lib GOV punishing conservatives!

  • LissaKay

    Tennessee is nice. No state income tax either. Pack up and c’mon out … lots of fellow Californians are bailing. My daddy saw the coming storms and took us out of there in 1977.

  • Jubal Sexton

    Pre-paid credit card’s work well as long as they are out of state bank based.

  • Chris Johnson

    give us a PO box then 😉 we’re not replacing anything, we’re supporting the message. Thanks

  • DAZ

    You need to move away from California, that whole state is run by thieves………

  • Ivy

    California did that to me, as well. It took 6 months for me to straighten out the “why” but we still don’t have the money back, 2 years later. We sold a car and reported that sale to the DMV. When we sold it, we still had the out of state title. I guess that was a no-no, and the DMV wanted registration fees to cover the few months we had the car in CA. The new owner never registered it and then resold it to somebody else. We have no idea what happened to it. The DMV hit us for registration fees prior to selling the vehicle and told the FTB we owed them money. After getting a letter from the FTB, we went in to the DMV and paid those fees… we have the receipts, the bill of sale, everything. We were still being charged delinquent registration fees, even though we sold the vehicle years ago. Well, the DMV didn’t tell the FTB that we paid. The FTB held a tax refund from us and then subsequently came after our bank accounts for additional fees and fines. We had no idea how or why… until we got a copy of the levy from the bank and we discovered it was for those DMV fees. We PAID those fees, and the FTB took the fees plus fines we didn’t even owe. Despite our having all of the paperwork in order, we’re still fighting to get our money back.

  • SonOfADestroyerGunner

    Head to Texas!

  • Take a chance in Florida or get to Texas

  • ladyway

    Wow! This is outrageous. There are a number of law firms that will help you. I am so sad this has happened to you. Please don’t stop posting. You ARE making a difference.

  • CJ

    Look into Account Now. You can have direct deposits, pay your bills, etc but it works like a prepaid card.

  • TwatDoc

    Come on down to Florida.

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    Get out of California, man. Let it burn. Without you there to burn with it.

  • Anita G Flippo Hitchcock

    You live and keep your money in the wrong state!

  • Mizflame98

    Ever considered living in Texas? No state tax. Oh, I can’t help but think if you were running a black supremacist website like that joker that works for the DHS, the California Tax Board would not only leave your account alone but send you donations as well.

  • jhorenka

    Zo! You are a smart guy. As smart as they come. But why in the Sam hell are you living in the CA cesspool of liberalism?

  • Shawn Cook
    • JimasAuthor

      This is exactly what happened. California is as crooked and tyrannical as they come — right up there with the cities of New York, Chicago and Detroit, Washington DC and the State of New York. These places and their machines are going to have to be dismantled if our Republic is EVER to be restored.

  • The Annoyed Elephant

    North Carolina is a wonderful place to live.

  • Wow, this is bad! I support funding my government but it’s getting
    ridiculous and literally legalized extortion. I have issue with
    property taxes especially when it comes to the double taxation imposed
    on commercial property and triple taxation on agriculture-use property.
    The local businesses in my little town are disappearing and buildings
    nearly gone due to dilapidation because fixing up or upgrading your
    business property means higher assessment values and that = higher
    property taxes each year. If you own your commercial building and land,
    you shouldn’t have to pay the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, ITS
    killing our businesses and jobs. We The People should pay no more than
    15% combined total taxes, period! If the government needs more, then
    they better cut their pay, pensions, or nonessential liabilities or
    staffers (NOT THE MILITARY OR LAW ENFORCEMENT). Give us our Republic
    back and elect Allen West, President of the Republic for the united
    States of America.

  • You need to go off the grid.

  • MargieAtPolitiChicks

    Guys, he can’t leave California because of his music career, I imagine. Besides, at this point it won’t help, they’ll go wherever he goes.
    I like the P.O.Box to send donations idea.
    Good luck, Zo. All of the PolitiChicks are praying for you.

  • Brad

    Florida is a great place to live!

  • Jeff

    Zo…I’m not sure why anyone would live in that hell hole! I see a ton of CA’s residents moving to my state – NC. Amazing the intentional ignorance of liberals. Liberalism can destroy a great city in less than 50 years (Detroit), and CA is following them step for step, and it’s like nobody cares.

  • Jeff

    PS…you know when even a liberal tool like Bill Maher is complaining about taxes…it’s gotten really, really bad.

  • Terry Jones

    Kentucky and its banking systems would welcome you with open arms, Zo.

  • IMJeffrey

    Alfonzo, sorry to hear about what’s going on. I hope you get this situation fixed ASAP. Take are and good luck.

  • Josie

    Wow! Guess they couldn’t stand the truth and that you are reaching others with your vids and sound message. They have to do all to stop you including legal robbery. We are all in their line of fire. Hope you can get this resolved soon. Best of luck. Would it help if we all raised awareness, a letter campaign????

  • Rousseau Welch

    Lysander Spooner certainly had it right to call the govt. what it clearly is: a secret band of robbers and murderers.

  • smauc015

    Take the state to court!!!!

  • Kevis

    Zo, while I lived in CA and understand the great weather – why continue to live in that cesspit of greedy, lazy leeches that elects the people who rob from you and other productive people?

    You might consider another state where your rights are respected, and take one more source of stolen income away from the criminals that run CA.

  • Otawan Fouquet

    the way to get back at these people, blog and spread the word and sue the state, spread as much truth about the crooked government and it get a hive of support from people, they will turn up the heat. Recently I had a friend who had the IRS seize his dead wifes money, with no reason, they thought he was dealing in drugs, it took him a year to get it back, but what a nasty situation, they had no right to do so, I am beginning to think there are some bad immoral people in our state and federal government with way too much power

    • Toolbox Motley

      Only beginning to?

  • Steve Moody

    Leave California before they build a wall to keep you from escaping.

  • adbirds

    Come to Austin! We support our musicians and Texas is open for business. We don’t tax personal income either.

  • Logan Rollo

    Find yourself a great conservative state that is known to support its artists: Tennessee, Alabama, Texas… I understand the mission stand, but there comes a time to walk away from those who refuse to repent and leave them in the hands of God. You can bank and do business anywhere.


    i pray these remarks encourage you!! i love your input on Zonation,and remember.GOD IS STILL IN CHARGE!!

  • Gouchybear

    Come to Northern Idaho, Zo!! There’s a reason CONSERVATIVE Hollywood types are moving here: Taxes and Freedom!
    After living 53 years in the San Francisco Bay Area my entire family, grown children too, packed up everything we own and relocated. We wish we would have done it sooner.

  • Annie

    I sure hope you have a lawyer.

  • jimbarola

    We would love to see you move to Texas! Texas will not steal your money.

  • Oak Tree Lady

    I love your videos, Zo, I wish everyone would watch them. Good luck with getting your money back. Is this part of the IRS targeting conservatives? I have had my business and personal acct audited the we were forced to pay them off with $500 more.

  • Amy Stewart Thompson

    Right! Come to Texas, we are a largely conservative state, and we don’t have a state income tax!

  • David William Reid

    Wait until Obozocare kicks in! Its going to get MUCH WORSE!

  • mikeandgerry

    get organized as a 501c4

  • Sam

    The state of California went after Alfonso because he is a conservative Christian. He also went off the plantation by speaking out. In the liberal’s mind, this is deserving of punishment. Remember what Valerie Jarrett said after the last election? She said it’s “payback time”, speaking of those who went against obama. This is just like how communists act.

  • Al Johan

    Alfonzo, please go to Texas or come here to Utah. We are still protecting good people like yourself. God Bless you let us know how we can help.

  • FormerLadyLaw

    Holy crap! When did we change our name to Greece? You DO have a
    mailing address, right? This is just deplorable!!! And of all the good

    people to pick on! I now wonder what happens to those of us who

    DO donate to the right folks!!! With sincere regards…………………..

  • Alec Stuart

    I respect the hell out of you, Zo. But you bring this onto yourself for refusing to vote with your feet (and your wallet) and choosing to remain in the state of California. You can find good weather in lots of places. Anyway, I hope you can get your money back. Not gonna hold my breath, though. Get out of California. Seriously.

  • Glad I don’t live in the Land of CACA, but I live in WA.STe, where I can’t say we’re holding our own.

    As far as all of us living in the place formerly known as the United States of America, now UNITED STATES, Inc., OUR lives, liberty and property have been steadily robbed.


  • Kymberly Carter

    Have you looked at getting a lawyer? Thinking of ACLJ. Dude! That is crazy! I hope that you and your family get your money back. That’s just awful at what they do to you. Praying for you and yours.

  • R.B. Webster

    Time to move here to Arizona Zo.

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