Murder! The Cure For Boredom! What Say You, Sharpton? (Crickets)


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  • CainCan

    *I* AM FANNIE GUMBINGER! (Time to put on my housedress and orthopedic shoes and MARCH!)

    • CainCan

      Sadly, doing so would only help accomplish what the Left wants – racial disharmony and divide. I will be DAMNED if I allow the Left to divide and conquer me and my countrymen!! (but it is kinda funny to envision that kind of march!)

  • Respect! Keep up your good work.

  • postalinVT

    I’m starting to have serious feelings for Zo, can I be helped?

    • Zo

      Awww shucks!

  • Debbie Rogge

    Alfonzo: You are a very intuitive, intelligent, young man. Keep it up. If I were your mom, I would be very proud of you, I bet she is. God Bless you.

    • Zo

      Blessings, Debbie! Thank you!

  • FormerLadyLaw

    What a way to “sum it all up!” 🙂 It amazes me how far what’s left of our nation
    has gone down the sewer in just months, let alone years, and it’s getting more
    and sadly more unrecognizable daily. Have always enjoyed your “lecture series”
    on Conservative Videos. You truly do have your act together!!! Kindly keep up
    the good work !!!!! :))

  • Serafin

    Great point, Zo.. These, so called, Civil Rights activists are destroying MLK Jr’s dream. Instead of finding solutions, they all play the blame game… Keep up the good work and good luck with your band!!!

  • devo8466

    You are so f-ing cool ! I love your videos and think you are awsome.

  • Allen Michael

    Spot on again Zo! I just hope and pray others of all races
    can see and hear your messages, and not label you a sell out! Which is their ignorance to except the truth!

  • louisk

    A life is a life is a life. ALL men ( and women) are created equal and entitled to the unfettered pusuit of life and liberty and happiness. You and I and many of us are exhausted and frustrated with wht is going on. Here in florida when segregation was the norm such hatred and disgust and anger did not exist at a group or ethnic level as it does today. even though you may want to say then it was justified. The black people of the time were far more mature and self seeking and moral and spiritual. Therefore as a group unable to justify such destructive thought or behavior. Yesit did exist in isolated cases. Avery good friend of mine in high school was shot to death ( 15 times) while ridinghis bicycle home. No, at no time did the white community come out and speak against any community. It spoke out only against the individual, briefly and then quiet. No effort to foster anger or hatred or racism. In part only I miss the old days.

  • devo8466

    Double Standards have become the “Norn”, within the racial issues of today. Unless more people like you Alfonzo stand up and be reconized, others will “assume” you are just another Sharpton. or Q-eer nel X, You & your videos are powerful truths. Keep it up.

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