Post Racial Survival PSA: 50th Anniversary MLK Dream Edition


Many have asked, How come Allen West, or Condoleeza Rice, or even myself weren’t asked to speak at the event on the mall.

I almost experienced a bit of disappointment as I thought, why didn’t my conservative compatriots of color hold our OWN event to pay homage to MLK’s speech? Why did we sleep on this??!!!

And then I thought, We didn’t sleep at all! We honor MLK’s dream every day, because we’re awake and LIVING THE DREAM!

We don’t need to gather for an event and whine about the dream like these race hustlers do, who are a disgrace to the dream.

I heard that Boehner and Cantor were asked to speak, but turned down the invitation.

If that’s true, I’M GLAD!

The organizers went to republicans who would be squishy, and pander, and look weak.

They didn’t want to invite rock ribbed conservative republicans who would have reminded them that Martin Luther King was fighting the racism that the democrats instituted.

But this isn’t really a commentary about MLK’s speech, or the event. The left has profoundly missed his message, so I doubt they would get what I’d have to say about it. They probably won’t get this one either, but I know there are some that aren’t hard wired liberal who can dig where I’m comin’ from with these relevant observations, as I offer practical tips to get past racism, instead of offering a fantasy that racism can be solved by electing a black president who was elected by racist motives. Thanks for watching! PLEASE SHARE!!!

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  • Angi Bryan

    The cracker term refers the the whip “cracker” …but you probably already know that.. I didn’t get it for a long time.. had to look it up.

    • Pat Jones

      I think the whip thing is a myth. I was born in Georgia, and I happen to be quite beige. Consequently I have been called “cracker” both playfully and otherwise. But I never heard the “whip” story until very recently. What I was always told was that “cracker” in that context was just another form of the term “white bread.”
      Incidentally, even in Mexico there’s the term “bolillo” for a white person – a bolillo being that little loaf of white bread your torta comes in.

    • Clint

      Cracker comes from the sound a whip would make from the hunters in Florida who didn’t have rifles or other firearm to hunt for their food with.

    • Tim Callaway

      Angi, you would be amazed at the people who don’t know the origin of the term “cracker” and what an insult it was considered to be.. The term has lost much of its offensive connotation, but at one time the “crackers” were considered the lowest of the low..I’ve asked many of my friends both black and white and most think it refers to saltines since they’re white.

  • Jenny

    Zo, you indicate that most “ethnicities” primarily identify themselves by that “ethnicity.” (why do I feel guilty using that word now?).. In essence you’re saying we need to tiptoe around certain people (and word things carefully) because of how they might feel about themselves? I love ya, Zo… but that doesn’t seem practical to me. Something tells me I could speak openly to you and you wouldn’t question my regard for you despite how I word things… especially since you’d be very likely to speak with me in an unbiased manner. (Also because I agree with you 99.5% of the time… that helps).

    • Jason Brown

      Jenny, I didn’t really view what he was saying like that as much as saying that just because a lot of Caucasians say “Race doesn’t matter while mANy people in America hold onto their ethnicity as a part of their heritage. So for conservatives saying race doesn’t matter, it isn’t true. Race does matter, its our heritage. People just need to accept that we all have a heritage, and while they may be different, that makes them no less equal.

  • Barbara Jekel

    Awesome Job again! Going to buy your book! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    • JTL

      It is a great book. You will enjoy it!

  • Pat Jones

    IMO, this is one of your best vids, Zo.

  • Lawrence

    Enlightening …..I thought MLK dream was about inclusion….the libs are anything but as we see by the 50 anniversary speaker list

  • guyzino

    RE: Civil War. A Civil war is a war between two sides to get control of one government. The South wanted secede just like the original 13 colonies wanted to secede from the England. It was a war of independence of the South from what they considered the suppression of the North. Lincoln did get rid of slavery which was the only good thing that that war did. In every other part of the world slavery was eliminated without destroying a whole culture and killing and maiming tens of thousands of people. It could have been eliminated and eventually would of without war. Before someone calls me a “racist” or a “neo-confederate” (which is just code for “racist), just realize that the agenda of Lincoln and the Republicans was a strong central government, crony capitalism and imperialism (empire building). The Southern states wanted to keep the vision of the Founding Fathers of a limited government where the main sovereign powers are the States, where the central government was there for simply common defense of the union and making sure the states of the union remained a free trade zone so commerce would not be inhibited. The fatal flaw of the South was slavery and the reason the Republicans (Federalists) used this rhetoric to incite Northerners agains the South was because they needed an issue to save their big government agenda which was solidly renounced by the American People in elections at the beginning of the 19th century. The North was just as racist as the South. In the laws of the new territories, they specifically said that they were for whites – they did not want blacks there.
    The South did all it could to prevent war and keep the unioin together. All they wanted to do was leave, which was their right to do. They even tried to buy the union forts in their states but the North would not deal with them. In the Senate, there was a committee of Democrats headed by Jefferson Davis. They joined with some Republican senators to iron out an agreement to keep the union together. No matter what the Democrats offered. the Republicans refused. They refused because Lincoln told them NOT TO COMPROMISE, He wanted war. He would poll his cabined many times about the advisability of attacking the south, looking for an OK. This was done continually. He was advised not to re-provision Fort Sumpter because if he did the South would be forced to resist to save face. He knew this would happen. The South wanted to buy Fort Sumpter from the North, but the North would not talk to them. Lincoln provisioned Ft. Sumpter knowing that would force the South to fire on him, That is why he did it. He wanted to go to war. LIncoln suspended habeous corpus, arrested and jailed journalists and many people who publicly uttered words against him. He WAS a tyrant and war monger and was instrumental in giving a major death blow ot the vision of the Constitution that the ratifiers of it wanted. He did get rid of slavery which was good but there could of been a better way to do it, but he didn’t care about that. He went to war to forward his political agenda, He just used the issue of slavery to drive a wedge between the North and the South to create a war. Learn the truth about US History here:

    • Your history is as revisionist as it gets. Lincoln hadn’t even been inaugurated before southern states began secession and destruction of federal property. The largely democrat states of the south had threatened secession if Lincoln was elected based solely on his abolitionist views. Lincoln had barely moved his family’s personal possessions into the White House when the first shots were fired on Sumter. By the way, your quaint, colloquial spelling ‘Sumpter” is a dead give-away that your boxer shorts are adorned with the Confederate battle-flag.

    • Bill Conroy

      Tens of thousands of people ? I seem to recall we lost 600,000 people.

  • Patricia Taylor

    Zo- it wasn’t about slavery. The Civil War was due to taxes. No one talks about the North having more slaves than the South and after the 13th Amendment passed, still had slaves. The North was putting heavier taxes on the South, who had to use Northern docks. That was hurting the Southern economy.

    • Zo

      Patricia, I’m familiar with all that, and at the end of the day it still doesn’t add up. And to try to mitigate slavery by saying the north had slaves too doesn’t cut it. The war wasn’t more so about north and south than it was about abolitionist republicans and pro slavery democrats. The reason why there was slavery in the north too was because there was a lot of pro slavery democrats in the north who wanted to keep the institution of slavery. Some republicans kept slaves too, one of those reasons being that even if they freed them, democrats ignored their freedom, and would force them into slavery. So no, I do not at all agree that the war was just about taxes. I don’t recall the KKK being founded by the democrats because they were angry about where they were going to park their boats. And a big part of the reason why the southern economy was hurting was because of too much reliance on slavery. Because in thinking they could make more money off free labor, they were too greedy to see that they made slaves do many jobs which didn’t leave much jobs for others.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    When I use the term ethnic background it is reference to the land of a person’s forefathers. My ethnic background is Spanish and I am mostly German and Irish. Go figure. My sister is Irish and Vietnamese. As a person I have no problem asking about someone’s ethnic background and learning all I can of their culture. I hate the word ‘TOLERANCE” because I truly believe that if we all took the time to learn about each other we would learn ACCEPTANCE. My children are half Mexican and I taught them that color doesn’t matter. I taught them that if you want to be accepted as a person then you have to act like one. I’m a conservative and I’m proud of it. Everybody is ethnic and that’s what makes the world go around.

  • Indigo

    Concerning that speaker lineup at
    March On Washington 50th, with their denial of what
    afflicts blacks in America, and what they call their agenda
    (profiling, Trayvon, voter rights, gays, minimum wage, etc) what a
    detrimental bunch of blind idiots.

    It is high time for conservative blacks
    to ignore the labeling and namecalling, and mount up nationally, and
    start displacing the progressive poisons. I’m talking Allen West, Tim
    Scott, J.C. Watts, Walter Williams, Laveda King, Star Parker, and
    many others on the rise who can articulate the core issues.

    Republicans need to learn the lessons
    from the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. A scandal-free and
    winnable true conservative needs to be identified, groomed and
    rallied around. Conservatives need to wise up and stop diluting their
    vote by voting for 4 or 5 different conservatives, who then cancel
    each other out. By doing that the “moderate” in the mushy middle
    gets nominated. Half the country would vote for a strong
    conservative, especially now, but many would sit out on a McCain,
    Romney, or Dole.

    Once in place, a conservative could
    first stop the progressive “medicines” that have been making the
    sicknesses worse. Ken Hutcherson, a black conservative, wrote about
    what he would do if he became president: Hew tells how he
    would stop the bleeding on lying murdering jihad fanatics, illegal
    immigration, public education, entitlements, and supreme court

  • Indigo

    In prior comment, meant to include Alfonzo Rachel, to speak for values needed in USA.

  • Bill Conroy

    god Zo, you never cease to amaze me. Please get a spot on the Blaze network. I need MORE !!!

    • Bondroid

      That would be cool!!! Ditto that!!

  • Joseph

    When white people say “Race doesn’t matter” what others hear is “they don’t matter.” I guess I never thought of it that way, but it does make sense. It’s kind of like when I (white guy) hear “People of color” what I hear is “hey, dude, you are one colorless individual!” Really, makes me laugh. Please explain how “Colored People” (a term I don’t believe I have ever even thought of using) some how has a different meaning from “People of color” if it is not to point out that some of us people are colorless. Mr. Rachel, your videos always make my day. I admire your wit, your humor, your intelligence and the insight with which you express yourself. I especially enjoy emailing your video links to liberals, be they “colored” or “colorless” LOL

    • TheSunDidIt

      Remember the nursery song from church; “Jesus loves the little children”? I love the line, “red and yellow, black and white”. God made MANY flavors of foods. Think about this, if FLAVOR matters that much to God, it must also matter to God that He CREATED us in all these many colors with all the associated physical features that go with them. I do not believe He did that to cause it to divide us. He did it to show us how much He loves us. NONE of us “looks like Him” unless you’re Jewish (and that’s only on the level of Jesus’ physical form in His first appearing.

  • Danc

    This has to be one of the better articulations of the deeper meaning of the well known racial slur as well as the traps that are so common in our language about race today. It brought new light to my understanding of what lays underneath. I knew it was abhorrent, however I have to admit I really had not flushed out the deeper implications of how it dehumanizes. Not just from whites to black, that to me is obvious, but how it has infected the black on black community with the same poison of dehumanization. Thank you for such an eye opening and thought provoking video. (as most of your video are)

  • TheSunDidIt

    Love your messages Zo. My parents raised us as race-irrelevant conservatives.

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