A Miley Cyrus Riddle

Hi, I’m Miley Cyrus, and I act like a big one, yet I don’t have much of one. What is it?

Hey! Thanks for watching my vids! If you like the message in them then You’ll have a BLAST nukin’ the liberal Narrative with my audio book of Christian Conservalicious profundus, written and read by Me! WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION! CLICK HERE OR IMAGE AND CHECK OUT SOME REVIEWS, AND GET YOUR COPY!!!

  • TexasBirdGirl

    Amazing no?? She is indeed an animal.

    • Carl Gottstein

      If I was her father I would want to kill myself.

  • doughpro

    That’s pretty gross…

  • Dick Obama

    Twerking is not a dance it just shows what a person can offer in the doggy style.

  • Mbg

    I don’t understand while saying you promote conservative values you have foul language in your videos and pics. While I agree with so much of what you say I never forward, share, hit like or anything like that for fear of offending my conservative friends or aligning myself with you. Might you consider removing offensive language and pics that are in opposition to conservative christian values?

    • rick0857

      I don’t know what Zo videos you’ve been watching but I’ve followed him for more than five years and I don’t recall any such language, pictures etc. unless of course it was used as an example taken DIRECTLY FROM SOME DEMOCRAT Propaganda that someone else put out.

    • shatto

      Somewhere, sometime, didn’t someone say something about not killing the messenger?

      There are pious Christians all along the political spectrum.
      Cussing has nothing to do with being religious or spiritual.

      But maybe speaking like the others of the group is more important than the soul of America….

  • Allen Michael

    Honestly Mbg, I lean more to the conservative side, I have yet to hear or see any foul language and pics on his site? I just guess those that may offended by Zo may be ULTRA conservatives? Zo is alright with me with the way he presents his videos and talking points, being he is not cramming his values and beliefs on me. He just puts expresses a lot of common sense!

  • Lockmazter

    This is probably about the 100th ZoNation video I’ve watched and I STILL agree with everything you’ve said. Go, Zo!

  • Camden

    Once again, you nailed it… with a 20 lb. Sledge!

  • Luke Sacher

    St Alfonzo, you are the MAN! LOVE YOU! All the best of everything to you and yours! Mwaaah!

  • CaptElaine

    Hey… the house is on fire… where did I put my water bucket? Great commentary Zo… I support you 100% if you made a movie I’d go see it.

  • bdaniel230

    Zo you have my support. You are one of the few young people that voice what I have felt and put voice to for the past 40 years.
    And I like your book Weapon of A.S.S Destruction, though there are a few small inaccuracies about the sixties which I would like to correct sometime with your permission.
    Let me know and I will send you the changes so you can research them for yourself. Start looking up Roy Wilkins letter to Everett Dirksen, it is in the Dirksen Library Online.
    Thank you so much for your voice, bless you.
    And may God Bless America.

  • Terri

    I always look forward to your videos.Thanks again!

  • Leo Lakey

    Hollywood is a sewer you cant go swimming there without smelling like a outhouse

  • dsinchrg


    another factual and well articulated commentary, keep them coming

  • Lorin Dana

    Way to go Zo! It is so disturbing to see how hellywood panders to the base instincts and weakness of those who watch their filth. I threw away my television eight years ago because it had become a demon in the corner. I turned to alternative news when I realized how I was being manipulated by the mainstream media.We, as a nation have been brain-washed, and divided by this “so called” entertainment.I am so glad that you continue to be a voice in the wilderness..Too bad we can’t have a national Beach party, with some really hot rock’n’ roll on an unspoiled beach.If we all were dancin’ in the moonlight we wouldn’t have time to fight.Stay excellent Zo, we love you.

  • Baron Rivendare

    I just ordered your book off amazon. I can’t wait to read it! Once I get a higher MB Ipod I will get your audiobook. Thanks for putting out the truth!

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