Why Would You Want Help From Those You Hate?

69181_439407236096449_152444012_nI’ve often heard it asked, “Why doesn’t the GOP help in the black community”, or “what are the Republicans gonna do for black folks”. Here’s a video with an answer that I hope you’ll consider!



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  • OpenTheDoor

    Awesome Zo.

  • Bryan Lyman

    Sadly, I think those who could most benefit from what you are saying Zo, were too busy texting on their Obamaphones to hear you. That or their food stamps were rustling too loudly. I grew up on the border of a reservation, and sadly some of my Native American friends could stand to hear this too. There are a lot of parallels between the democrat run Ghettos and some of the towns on “The Rez”: they listen to gangsta rap, they walk around with their pants around their ankles, they live in a dump but think they have it good because they are getting “Free Stuff”. Only they are even more deeply indoctrinated because the Democrats have convinced them that this lifestyle is living closer to their heritage, living out with nature and being closer to the spirits of their ancestors. Because the reservations have different governmental rules, it is not even illegal for someone to bus an entire village of people to a voting location and offer them free meals if they will just “Vote the Donkey”. I wish they could remember that it was the Democrats who slaughtered entire tribes of their people and lead them on a “Trail of Tears” to their Reservations. If only they could see that the places they now call their homes, were intended to be their prisons, and that they are fighting for the scraps the Democrats throw at them to keep them from knowing how bad they have it. It makes me sad, they were my friends growing up, and now they live a life of just getting by from day to day.

  • Allen Michael

    Another great message Zo! Reminds me of a great quote I saw on Intellectual Froglegs. “You cannot make a weak man strong, by making a strong man weak. – Abraham Lincoln

  • LFC

    So very well said. Too bad the ones that really would benefit from the message will probably never hear it, and if they do, they probably wouldn’t believe it.

  • golftilidrop

    Another thoughtful and logical argument that will never be heard by those its directed at. The Socialist, I mean Democrat party have used rules for radicals 101 in the black community. They have built a wall that silences and demonizes the conservative point of view to all but the most open minded. I don’t believe it does my fellow man any good giving him a handout, but I will gladly give him a hand up.

  • Steph

    Very well put.

  • Fud


  • Scott Bays

    As always Zo…ya hit the nail on the head!!!

  • WayneJ

    Very good…dead on

  • Jane T

    I like your style and message! You are right on!

  • mercuryblaze3

    I took you to unlock that .. that is a single powerful effective counter-argument to the classic question. In the 10 years that I’ve been a conservative, I never thought of this response; and I have a lot of lost ground to make up…

  • Todd Hill

    Dead on, as usual.

  • MormonYoYoMan

    Why can’t Republican leaders express the argument as clearly and powerfully as Zo? Why? Why? Why?

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Republicans–as opposed to conservatives– are not effective in selling their products. OTOH, the latter is more effective, but get shouted down or shut down by the establishment RINOS.

  • dave.

    Zo in 2016!!

  • Ted Johnson

    What would make this video even more awesome would be if it had a single, specific, factual, example, of anything.

    • ferrum

      Or, you could open your eyes and do a bit of simple browsing on the internet rather than demanding that the video spoon feed you.

      One of the first things Obama did upon entering office was cancel the school voucher program in DC…. which had a huge negative impact on black kids (who make up the majority of students needing vouchers). Why?

      Or, look at the quality of life in democrat strongholds like LA, Atlanta, Detroit, DC, NYC, and California as a whole. These places have been run by democrats for decades, plenty of time for their wonderful programs to come to fruition….. but they’re all broke, have horrible crime rates, poverty and taxation. According to the FBI, almost all of the highest crime areas in the US are also populated almost completely by liberal/democrat voters. Weird, huh?

    • Ted Johnson

      “Browse the Internet…” I should write this down. I’m sure that all of the facts on the Internet point to Zo’s conclusion. If I could only find this Internet of which you speak, then the truth of Zo’s nonspecific statements would be self evident. Thanks for the tip. I’ll get back to you.

    • ferrum

      How can you NOT find information on the internet to clarify a question you might have? Hell, all I had to do was watch a few video clips from some of the big-name black celebrities like Bill Cosby, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Sinbad to hear them talking about how bad the blacks in America have it….. and yet they have all supported the democrat party for decades while lambasting the republican party. Look back through the recent anti-romney rhetoric from the last campaign and you’ll see dozens of liberals, black and white, talking about how the republican/conservative movement doesn’t care about blacks and isn’t interested in helping blacks. They routinely call the rep/conserv people racists at the drop of a hat, but then wonder why those same people aren’t lining up to visit in their neighborhoods?

      Just from a standpoint of logic and reason, if the democrat national party has been working to lift up the blacks in America for the last 40 years and hasn’t managed to accomplish that, you need to wonder why they’re so incompetent. Unless that was never their goal.

      Or, as I pointed out earlier, you could look at places like Detroit or Los Angeles as examples of how the democrat/liberal plan in action. Both locations have had decades of dem/lib control and both are wretched examples of failed policies where the elite flourish and the poor get poorer. Taxes are through the roof and businesses are migrating to greener pastures. Again, if the dem/lib way was so good and righteous and wonderful, why aren’t these places utopian instead of dystopian? How hard was that information to find on the internet?

      And, most importantly, look at how the dem/libs are always crying for more government control while pointing fingers at their opponents trying to blame them for everything under the sun. Recently, it was Obama and the democrats that refused to negotiate to keep the government running, but they’re blaming the republicans. The congressional record is very clear and shows that the republican-controlled House passed 7 bills that would have continued funding of everything except obamacare and it was the Democrat-controlled Senate (Harry Reid) that refused to bring any of those bills up for a vote. It was the democrats that, through their actions, said, “Either do what we want or we will hurt the American people and blame it on you.”

      That’s a very telling character trait commonly seen in the criminal justice system and psych wards where the bad guy tries to come up with anything that will remove the blame from them. “I wouldn’t have raped you if you hadn’t worn that mini-skirt.”

      How hard was that to find on the internet? But you want to be spoon-fed everything in a short video instead of doing some legwork on your own. You admit that you don’t have any information that contradicts Zo’s statements by demanding that he cite specific examples. If you don’t have anything to the contrary, why are you assuming that he’s off base or needs to provide citations to prove it?

      In less than 30 minutes I was able to browse through the internet and find dozens of examples that support what he said in the video. But you can’t?

    • Ted Johnson

      Thanks for saving me the trouble. I’m certain that anyone who looked on the Internet would come to the same conclusion as you have. It’s a wonder that Zo had to make this video at all, and it was foolish of me to want him to support his argument with actual examples. All of the people on the Internet must be in complete agreement. Really, one only need to return to this very page where absolute consensus is distilled into vaguely asserted truisms. Thanks again.

    • ferrum

      You do an amazingly poor job of supporting your position. Derision and sarcasm don’t make you look smart. The insistence on being spoon-fed isn’t helping your cause. Zo stated the obvious, and you ask for citations because, god knows, it can’t be true unless a dozen scientists agree on it!

      You want him to support his position? Great. You support your position and show us where he was wrong in his assertions. You still have not put one thing forward to suggest that either he or I was wrong, but you want to condemn both? How immature is that? The examples are out there for all to see, as I have pointed out, but you would imply that the lack of examples cited somehow makes the video is inaccurate? Typical liberal.

    • Ted Johnson

      My position is that Zo didn’t support his position — not that it was inaccurate. As evidence I provide you with this example: http://youtu.be/MLDiRpOxhqE

      If it makes me a “typical liberal” that expect arguments to be backed up with facts and example, who wouldn’t want to be a typical liberal? But you don’t know what my political leanings are, you just think you know because I think Zo’s video is vacuous.

      If you make an assertion and claim that it’s true because nobody has proven it wrong, that’s a logical fallacy known as the “argument from ignorance.” Typical conservative.

      (Note: I don’t actually believe that the “argument from ignorance” is typical of conservatives. Smart conservatives speak and write with logic and facts. They don’t just lob bombs of generalizations while assuming a tough posture.)

    • PK

      One word: Detroit.

  • einstein mentor

    it is sad that the blacks have not woke up,they are being lead to slaughter by the liberal media and indoctrination. easy to distinguish, rap music lyrics,liberal media,drugs, aids,complacency food stamps,leaders insidious brain washing,democratic unions when blacks are less than 1%,of the workforce,codependency on government, democratic states and communities,marijuana,democratic history, hows that working for ya? brainwashed,. liberal agenda of BLACK population control early 1900.my only question is whats taking you so long? conservative rep are mostly good people but we have our problems with moderates.Rep fear God, LIBERALISM IS NOT FREEDOM IT IS JUST THE OPPOSITE,,LOOK AROUND. DAMN

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