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  • Anita K Wilson

    Awesome, Zo!

  • Bryan Lyman

    You can point your detractors to this New York Times article from 2006: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/05/world/middleeast/05iraq.html?pagewanted=all
    Saddam Hussein’s WMD of choice was chemical and biological weapons, he annihilated 50,000 kurds with them. The mass graves were even seen by UN inspectors.

  • Shaner

    Go Zo. We have to get over this color thing. You were born a human not a democrat. Thanks for speaking out I know it can be difficult.

  • Allen Michael

    lol love your impersonations of Obama with buffing up to ASS-ad! Keep it up!

  • Sam

    The WMDs in Syria are probably the ones that Saddam sent there to hide.

    • MormonYoYoMan

      As I recall, Saddam’s own general confessed that they moved their WMDs to Syria during the LONG time lag between “We’re coming to get you” and “We’re here!”

  • SandiinMaine

    Zo, do you have any idea why anyone would think it was a good idea to help the Syrian rebels when they would just as soon behead all of us as their own countrymen? I’ve asked lots of people and no one has been able to give me a good answer.

  • Steve M

    Amen ZO!!! Tell it like it is.


    ZO!!! you are Awesome! The politicians grab to their double standards when they know they are in the wrong. This war in Syria has been going on with other since Biblical times. President Obama only wanted to go to war in order to take the heat away from him in America. The heat would be Economy; NSA; IRS; Education, and the number one of all Benghazi. The President has issues on the home front no need for us to go and stir up trouble where the Syrians seem to doing a good job on their own.

    • TheSunDidIt

      It’s called a “distraction”.

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