The Black NRA?

20 lb SLEDGE is not your typical rock band in that they’re not in lock step with the liberal ideology.
And they take issue with the “Funny or Die” Video called “the Black NRA”, which had about as much comedic fire power as a spit wad. It was cheap shot against people like NRA Spokesman, Colion Noir.

It features celebrities like Sarah Silverman, and David Allen Grier, and we know how much star power is so important to Hollywood.

And a lot of good their message does. It’s their message that gets liberal democrats voted in who have control over the worst cities.

These cities aren’t the way they are because they listen to us.

I’m quite sure a lot more people know who these liberals are than they know who we are.

And who are we? We’re just a group of American blacks who don’t buy what these liberals are selling.

Whether it’s social ideals, economic ideals or in this case their view on the 2nd amendment.

We support the 2nd Amendment. We know that freedom is a God given right and it has to be protected from people who will infringe upon it, whether it’s a criminal or a tyrannical government. (Which can be the same)

And the liberals in that video are the type of people who influence other people to give that kind of power to the government.

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  • Scott McDonald

    Once again, I applaud sir, I applaud you. It’s nice to see the other members of 20lb Sledge in the video.

    • A message for Sarah Silverman regarding her lame attempt at comedy…

      Google/read the following articles that will provide some historical context on this subject:

      (1) ‘The Racist Roots of Gun Control’ by Clayton E. Cramer,
      (2) ‘Gun Control, Thought Control and People Control’ by Daniel Greenfield, and
      (3) ‘Democrats: The Missing Years’ by Jeffrey Lord.

      Sarah Silverman will learn she slavishly supports a Democrat Party “that championed slavery and segregation,” a Democrat Party that has a racist history of gun control they’ve tried hard to erase from their history.

      PS- IMO, this is the best YouTube comment posted on Zo’s video:
      “We already have a “Black NRA”…its called “The NRA”…which is a group that doesn’t care what your skin color is.” ~courtesy of ‘Weer’d Beard’

  • Allen Michael

    Glad to you hear intelligent gentlemen understand what is really going! Reading right through the racial biased media that is being thrown around! Also I am not sure if you mentioned those brave black American’s that were armed with rifles to assist with the Civil War. Great video!

  • Joseph Haynes

    Love everything you post, Zo.

  • Geo Garcia

    good one Zo

  • Kathy Doran Owen

    Love it, Zo!

  • MadJuan

    Great to see all Sledgers in one video! Love your Videos and bought “weapons” audio book. Maybe you will do more 20 lbers videos.

  • tarfu

    I’m applauding so hard my hands are sore…keep up the great work.

  • john

    finally some black guys telling the truth about the bs Hollywood lies. I hate that silverman chick and 98% of hollywood because they are basically liberal drones sent to hypnotize people into accepting the democrat sponsored communist agenda.

    • Zo

      Finally? I’ve been doing this for years.

    • Yeah. I talk to people who say that black conservatives are “just” coming to the fore. I’ve been blogging for exactly ten years as have many other conservatives who are black. Some perspectives need to be widened.

    • lucian

      Juliette? You’re %#$%#$ awesome.

    • Aww shucks. 🙂

  • louisk

    Absolute excellent use of the talents of 20lb sledge. I believe the use of your band strengthens your point in having it expressed by several people. Well Mr Rachel you present a point to thousands on a regular basis that should be reaching millions. Oh no sorry, it should be reaching hundreds of millions , over and over again until the point comes that they begin assimilating some true knowledge and wisdom and insight. Thank you again very much.

  • Luke Sacher

    Go AlonZo Go! You RULE my MAN! As a teeny 135 lb. Jewish/Irish/Norwegian/German mongrel American Libertarian Objectivist- and an NRA Bar 4 Sharpshooter- and the grand nephew of Herbert Biberman, one of the Hollywood 10 and one of the most elitist collectivists that ever breathed- I bow to you, sir!

  • Jefferson Tester

    Awesome clip, Guys! Keep up the good work!

  • Mike Jessie

    This is the BEST video argument I have seen anywhere bar none. Thank you gentleman for making everyone’s point in such a truthful way backed up by facts. I just became a fan!

  • Bill Conroy

    Zo, will you marry me?

  • howard hunt

    Great message thanks for taking the time to educate everyone. Clear, concise and to the point. Thanks

  • cleverpoltroon

    Ok, I used to think ” So Zo is way smarter than me and all I have to do is try to catch up and try to think at his level”. Now I have to try to be as smart as the rest of the band. You guys rock- musically, intellectually and politically!

  • dlpannebakker

    Great video

  • LibertyChick

    Great video – get it out there on as many “black” web sites as possible!

  • Michael Brandt

    When the NRA was founded the Democrats were the conservative party. Fyi. History…know it.

    • Zo

      Conservative about what? It’s a misappropriation of words at best. To be a conservative means to have a conservative interpretation of the constitution, which the democrats do not. They took and and still take gross liberties with the constitution. so FYI yourself.

    • Gregory71

      I love the fact that your not a democrat. Do you ever think that politics is a science that is only meant to divide the masses?

    • Muzturds

      When have demorats ever been conservative??? What a joke.

    • drparadox

      Good video call the statist Hollywood racist hoplophobes out.

      Michael, is historically correct. The Democrat-Republican was founded by Thomas Jefferson. The D-R’s were so conservative they started the Whiskey Rebellion, to protest the new whiskey tax of 1791.

      Later to be known just as Democrats in 1860’s… they tried to preserve the Constitution. It’s was the proto-progressive Lincolnite Republicans that destroyed the Constitutional Republic. They replaced it by force, murdering Americans from the South. read The Real Lincoln by Thomas Dilorenzo.

      Teddy Roosevelt, Republican… founded the Progressive Party and Herbert Hover, Republican, was also a self-described progressive. The GOP moved away from progressivism, when FDR, Democrat, consolidated the progressives under the Democrat Party Banner. Ending the Democrats’ claim to conservatism. The GOP in turn became the conservative party.

    • mackelby

      The parties did seem to swap ideas through history. The word conservative still means conservative no matter how the left tries to change the meaning.

    • Gregory71

      Your clearly enlightened. How old were you when you found out about the pax christus?

  • Dr D

    Nicely done gentleman, funny and truly insightful. But clearly, your racist, homophobic,
    want to starve school children, murder teenagers and no doubt some other social piranha of the week club member, because to many, specking the truth is a nasty b!tch.

  • Hoplon

    Hey Zo! Nice to see you getting your buddies involved too 🙂 Bring them all back and bring them back often!

  • DeksamTorrac

    I’ll take up my sword and fight along side you Zo. Love your work always!

  • Great video, my wonderful Zo!

  • Ryan Loughran

    amen I love my second amendment rights Zo you and your buddies make the black race look better and amd less ignorant and great your guys are right wingers

  • Jeremy Rich

    what fun it would be to toss liberals off a 100 story building with a 60 foot noose on their necks!

    • Brad

      We don’t advocate murder.

  • mackelby

    Zo, you need to take the phrase that the idiots came up with and run with it so you can rub in their face.

  • Gregory71

    I love how the masses fall for the Hegelian dialectic. Both Republican and Democrat elites use it against the masses quite effectively. All the while they both are coalescing power onto themselves. Wake up people your all being misled. Ahem, stop being political zombies.

  • lucian

    ‘Zo, this was one of my favorite videos. All I want to know is, where do I buy 20 lb Sledges album? I KNEW those dudes were cool. I love the bass player. He’s da man! And Colion is the man, too! Excellent, excellent video. Sara silverman… give it up, baby.

  • Kevis

    Damn you guys framed that in gold. Outstanding once again.

  • dsinchrg

    Wow Zo
    I have to agree with some of your other post. This one of my favs. Again intelligent articulate and factual.
    Great keep them coming Zo


    Zo, you need to be speaking to Colleges and public schools. I love your work!

    • bob

      I second that.

  • Paul Bauer


  • Lisa

    YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Its great when people actually get it!!!! Keep up the great work!

  • Savannah

    WOW, awesome job guys! The NRA isn’t there to arm the criminals…criminals will arm themselves anyway they see fit… the NRA is about arming folks for protection from those criminals who won’t follow any laws in the first place.

  • Bondroid

    You guys ROCK!! (Literally! : )

  • William Taylor

    Great job.

  • Claudia Bird

    I pray for the healing of the racial tension which seems to be getting worse everyday. I can’t remember it being this bad in my lifetime. By tearing us apart, by dividing the races, our nation becomes divided and weakened as well….We are all brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus.

  • Le Homme De G

    Guys, appreciate the video and some of the points it has made. But if you doubt some of the racial motivations of the NRA I suggest checking page 20 onwards of the brochure “Freedom and Peril” that the NRA produced.

    No white men in that picture and the deliberate stirring of minority prejudice in the article that follows is frankly quite worrying.

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