ZoNATION: Alec Baldwin is gonna help MSNBC…Be Worse


Hey! Thanks for watching my vids! If you like the message in them then You’ll have a BLAST nukin’ the liberal Narrative with my audio book of Christian Conservalicious profundus, written and read by Me! WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION! CLICK HERE OR IMAGE AND CHECK OUT SOME REVIEWS, AND GET YOUR COPY!!!

  • Allen Michael

    Love watching you truthful, insightful videos! Thanks Zo!

  • Keith Wetzel

    Awesome as always Zo, keep up the good fight for truth!

  • guest

    i 100% agree with you on this issue……. even across state lines.

  • Laurel

    Well done Zo!

  • Come on Zo! liberals believe in freedom of speech..oh, unless you are Christian, conservative, heterosexual or believe in the constitution. then your labeled, a racist, extremist or intolerant.

    Once again great commentary Zo, I look forward to your next one.

  • Porter Floyd Bohon

    Once again, you have driven the nail home with that 20 lb Sledge! We MUST do better than we have been. Period! Thanks!

  • TheSunDidIt

    Didn’t misunderstand Mao and I don’t misunderstand Obama.

  • Matt Mitchell

    Thank you sir, bullseye again

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