What’s More Sad Than ObamaCare? The Reasons Why People Support It

  • jlfonz1

    I don’t hate the president. I hate communism and obamacare is wildly communistic.

    • People automatically think if you hate obamacare then you hate the president and that’s because he’s black, and that you want the poor unfortunate people of the united states to do without health care. Liberals are trying to make anyone who is against obamacare out to be racists, bigots, uncaring, hypocrites, rich loving poor haters, etc…they don’t seem to understand that the plan (obamacare) is failure waiting to happen. You can’t add all he’s planning on adding to an overwhelmed health system, and expect premiums not to rise. Neither will the rich business owners be the ones paying, that’s why they have teams of lawyers, a business owner will either make a profit or they will close shop, that’s business.

  • Gerald Allen

    What does race have to do with a terrible bill?

  • David Pyzik

    Of course, it’s the right’s fault and/or they’re all dumb (oh, and white). Ugh.

    Only nine days left to defund. Too bad it won’t happen. This is going to cripple our healthcare and our economy.

    • CJ IsDa Shiznit

      it’ll bankrupt Cali….

  • b0bb

    Please tell me you have a response video coming up.

  • Guitarlos

    I understand how it works well enough to realize that its a trainwreck, no matter if the Prez were yellow or green! Thats a nice collection of race-baiters you have collected in this clip, by the way…..

  • CarolinaSistah

    I now understand why black people are so disenfranchised as Americans. We don’t understand that big government is infiltrating our lives which leads to control. Anyone who wants the government involved in their healthcare needs to have a lobotomy.
    I agree, ‘people don’t understand’ and listen to the wrong people. Black people will never rise economically, socially, or spiritually — they are focused on man-made gods (their race, Obama) and not the One True God who commands us be free and owe no-man anything except to love him.

    • dhodge1

      CarolinaSistah, as a poor white guy, I can hardly try to enlighten people like we see in these videos about how the government is really hurting blacks more than anyone else. Please help us shine the light as Zo does here. God Bless You and Yours!

    • tv2112

      Amen CarolinaSistah 🙂 It is a shame that the most downtrodden folk forget “ask and I will provide”. The Lord does provide if you trust in Him. I was at my lowest when I felt the calling to him and now he stood me back up to where my life is pretty good. I also believe if we got past the hyphenated-American tags it would go along way. We should be one nationality…American. And love your fellow man as you love Him.

    • justdooit

      The total history of the democrat party is one of racism. The KKK was mostly if not all democrats.
      LBJ was quoted after he brought forth his ‘great society’: I’ll have them ni**ers voting democrat for 200 years…” Democrats have always promised the sun…to those who got nothing but a darkened moon…

  • Kim Brown

    Why is it that us white people are always labeled racist, yet I never see whites or conservatives using the excuse people don’t agree with them is because of race? I always see them trying to explain their views. Yet I see, what 5-6 people say the reason whites and conservatives don’t like obama care is because of racism? I don’t get it. It’s just doesn’t make sense. Seems like liberal blacks are the racist. They always want to bring race into the conversation instead of explaining with facts and logic why someone should choose their idea over another persons. That’s why if your trying to explain something to me and you bring race into it I’m just going to stop listening and go somewhere else. Liberal black don’t realize the vast majority of white conservatives don’t care what color you are. All they care about is if your ideas make sense and is it good. Their are so many black conservatives out their that I love and cheer on every time they come on TV or radio. Why? Because they have good ideas.

    • justdooit

      Dr. Benjamin Carson comes to mind…WHAT A TOTAL GENIUS!

  • Dee Jackson

    Oh my! These people should bear in mind the adage that it is better to remain silent and merely be THOUGHT a fool”!

    • Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

      Abraham Lincoln

      And in just speaking a few words some remove all doubt!

    • I wonder if any of them read the thing.

    • Dee Jackson

      When the politicians and unions who supported it, finally got around to reading the thing, they ran for the way out!

    • Do politicians even know how to read. I am grown more convinced they can’t because they keep passing stuff they claim is good and it turns out to be a piece of junk. I know it is Bush’s fault they can’t read they blame him for everything else.

    • Imtoooldforthis

      You should point out who your response it to. Otherwise it might apply to everyone on here and if that’s the case YOU look like the fool. Whether we agree or disagree on Obama Care or the video it does make sense to respond to an actual person or a statement someone made.

    • Dee Jackson

      I was (of course) referring to the people in the video, which was what I was responding to! (Now, who seems foolish?)

    • Imtoooldforthis

      You still seem like a fool you little snoot. I pointed out something that you should have known and had to clarify by your response. Just because you don’t make yourself clear is no reason to disrespect someone. Now who looks foolish? I’m too old to put up with sarcasm from a pup so don’t bother.

    • Dee Jackson

      Calling me names, because you jumped to a conclusion and made an ignorant comment? Real mature of you! With your attitude, it is amazing that nobody has choked you to death, so congratulations on being an old fool, rather than a young one!

    • JustFatOlMe

      Dee,ignore the ignorant liberal.He/she just can’t help themselves.

  • Ish

    Next to watching movies about how racist and evil the majority of whites were towards blacks at one time, listening to blacks support and/or defend Obama’s policies and/or Democrat/Liberal dogma is up top with things that infuriate me. “Greatest law ever passed”?? Really? Like the law(s) that abolished slavery and segregation?? So very tired of such blind, foolish, and empty headed support that is simply and solely based on what THEY say the MY/OUR problem is…his color.

  • I think there are a lot of problems with obamacare, one is it’s being forced on people, you either take it or have to pay a penalty not to. Another problem we who disagree with it have, is that how can you add 121 million (this is the number that was in an article) of people with pre-existing conditions to a insurance and not have it’s premiums go up? Not to mention the children up to 26 yrs old, (both married/unmarried) also. Somewhere along the way, someone is going to get shafted, I’m thinking the government is thinking that the younger adults who don’t go frequently to the doctor will offset those who will need to go to the doctor more often. I think they are wrong, if this was 50 yrs ago, maybe, people didn’t go to the doctor for every little thing, and the young people today will either opt out or just not work, so it will either come to the parents (up to 26 yrs) footing their kids bill, or as I said young people will not work, or only work at a company that will cover their insurance premiums and the question is will there be companies that will do that? And if they do will they not try and get the cheapest insurance or even make the worker pay part of the premium.

  • Thomas Buster

    If they want people to be less racist, maybe they should stop being racist.

    Whining about how whitey’s screwing them over instead of considering the idea that maybe some people just don’t like communism… they’re not exactly being colorblind themselves.

  • I wonder if these people know that nothing what they said is true. Take for example that one woman saying that now small business can afford Healthcare for their employees. My uncle owned a guns shop and wasn’t doing great but still keeping afloat but something changed that distorted his business and a few others in my town barely getting by. It was called Obamacare. he could not afford Healthcare for his one employee and had to close shop knowing that a world of trouble would come down him as soon as the law was passed so he ended it before the government can fine him once this monster awakened. It is more like a plague than help to small business and in a town where we have each others back when one of goes down we all feel it. Not even the liberals in my time like Obamacare.

  • One more thing I like the posting rules here and my come more often Glenn Beck’s website turned into the wild west when it comes to posting.

  • Erica Daniels

    The race baiter here is the interviewer. He was the first person to mention the word “Black” so I’m really going to need the people below to stop putting words in the mouths of these people.

    • Imtoooldforthis

      I’ve read the rules for Obama Care and I know that my insurance rates are going up. I know that I will be paying 40% of my medical bills after my deductible and copays and co insurance. I know that I am a disabled woman who’s husband works hard and I know that I cannot afford $400 a week for my medication. So tell me how Obama Care is going to help the American people if we are not poor or rich? Tell me what near middle class people are supposed to do because we don’t qualify for the help. Tell me this isn’t about race and you’ll be lying. It’s about bettering the democratic races and punishing us republican conservative races who work and struggle and don’t take government help. It might not be about color but it is about race.

    • It is what they said no one is putting words into their mouths besides themselves.

  • Old Crony

    lol,,, so he goes to the Black Caucus and thinks the people won’t be racist? lol…. they really are stupid people… bunch of communists or rather communist defined: A democrat is a person too stupid to realize he’s a communist. btw: we never have had a health care crisis in this country, but since the gobment has been involve first with Medicare and then Medicaid and now (if the GOP doesn’t grow a pair) with obamacare we DO HAVE A HEALTH CARE COST CRISIS.

  • Gregory Iskat

    This just breaks my heart. These people have just been unbelievably deceived.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    What none of these people realize is that the healthcare systems in Great Britain, Canada, France, etc. are all failures. France will pay for a person to go to school to become a doctor and yet they can’t get the students to accept. Nobody wants to work up to 80 hour weeks for what amounts to $60,000 a year. Great Britain’s taxes are so high that a high majority of people can’t afford to work. They are on the “dole”. Canada has a waiting list so long for some surgeries, including those that save lives that the states below the border of Canada make a fortune doing surgeries on people from that country. I’ve met quite a few. My husband is from Michigan and it’s popular to the Canadians because they think it’s low cost. How anyone could think universal care is a wonderful and working engine in other countries is beyond me.

    • Luke Sacher

      I know! It’s insane! And the Democans/Republicrats actually keep hollering, “The US is the only developed nation on earth that does not have a national health service.” Oh really? There just might be a reason for that! Just wait until all the doctors and hospitals opt out. Then what? Will the Government DRAFT doctors? Or put rifles to their heads and COMPEL them to practice?

  • dhodge1

    Zo, I’m just a poor white guy who can’t find work. You have got to get yourself and your messages to people like this. It doesn’t help much to preach to believers.

    • justdooit

      That’s the REAL problem with talk radio…preaching to the choir. FEW who support Obama’s ACA EVER hear the truth about how it will affect them. They surely won’t get it by listening to someone getting a thrill up his leg…

  • olivebrance

    Talk about lack of education on a subject! OMG! I bet none of them can name an instance that the ACA has or will help any working person or business; small or large. My families employer provided plan (small business) has been butchered already. The law hasn’t gone into effect yet BUT businesses HAVE been forced to begin paying for it already. You never hear anyone talking about that; how it is sooo expensive that people are already paying for a service that is not being received. Has anyone told these people that those who will pay for this law have already seen their premiums go up and their benefits go down? Oh, yeah, thats right. They DONT CARE. That’s selfishness at it’s finest. “As long as it helps me, I don’t give a hoot who it hurts!”
    But the worst part of all is how so exceedingly regressed race relations have become under this most divisive administration in America’s history. It literally is heart breaking. A century of progress down the drain in a few short years. They worship that man and echo his sentiments and have completely sacrificed their own ability to rationalize clearly.

    • Luke Sacher

      Oh it makes your head explode… the sheer unreason of it… the appalling duplicity… well said! Thanks.

  • easyD

    I think I just got a stupidity scar

  • Kevis

    I am thinking that the largest slice of racism around this law is the people who support it based on it being associated with Obama because Obama is (part) black. Opposing has nothing to do with keeping any race down or up since it affects ALL races, its just dishonest or ignorant to claim otherwise.
    Intellectual honesty would divulge that the law probably hurts blacks as much or more than anyone else in the employment repercussions that have small businesses cutting employee numbers and hours to avoid the mandates of this law. It isn’t a racist aim of anyone necessarily (left or right), its the economic reality of demographics, average education & skill levels and the types of jobs this is most affecting – hourly HS diploma level jobs.

    • Luke Sacher

      Well said!

  • Beckery49

    Why were people opposed to government run health care when Hillery proposed it?
    It is NOT about race, it is about turning us into cattle for the ‘elite’ to use as they need to improve THEIR way of life. Because I do NOT want the government putting my personal information on the internet for any 12 year old to hack into. While there is nothing to hide, it violates my liberty and dignity. It takes away my right to self determination. And what has the federal government gotten right in the last 50 years?
    I am a nerd. I did actually read it. Can anyone say involuntary servitude? .

    • Luke Sacher

      Dead solid on target, baby. Five by Five! 🙂

  • Monica Carter

    What bothers me is the mentality that “white people don’t want black people to have healthcare”. That’s telling me that the only way they can have it must be “free” because you don’t have the ability or education to work and buy health insurance? By this, these blacks are putting themselves down.

  • foreverinchrist

    There are those who are really poor and unable to do any better, but the majority of people in this country that are poor are lazy educated people with no desire to improve their life style.

  • grumpy old man

    These people are just Plain Stupid,and it is aggravating just to hear these people pretending to know what is really involved in this phony “O” care. People who get free healthcare will see just how much they will loose when they have to pay,for something that they get for free now,as free as the “O” phones. They just too stupid too understand that the social programs, they have now provide FREE healthcare…

  • If I’m against Obamacare I’m racist, but I live in MA and I’m against Romneycare (which is basically the model for Obamacare) so that makes me……self loathing? What should I do? I don’t know what to label myself, cause it can’t be that I’m just against a bad proposal, it has to be about race right? BLAHHHH

  • rick0857

    No one should ask these morons what they think about this F*&^%D UP law they should be asked to EXPLAIN SAID LAW, what is in it? What does it do or not do? How much will it cost? What about your 80 year old grandmother with a heart condition? Those interviewed were trying their best to sound intelligent and sophisticated but just like “Guam might tip over Johnson” they know as much about obamaKare as does “I stand before you a freed slave Jackson Lee”

  • urbanvrwcmom

    These same people would eat mud if Obama were to tell them it was chocolate pudding.

  • Luke Sacher

    Dear Mr. Rachel- Thank you SO SO much for telling the FACTS! Love and blessings to you and your loved ones!

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