From Brock Lawley: Open Letter To Dr. Benjamin Carson


  • Robert Brumbelow

    My only substantial complaint is the title, Why does it have to be “Our next BLACK president”, why not simply “Our Next President”.

    • Jonathan


    • applepiefaced


    • Agreed on one count, but actually we’ve not had a ‘Black’ president in the first place. Still, I agree, why shouldn’t it be simply the “Next President”.

    • shatto

      We already have a pigment president.
      He was elected so people could feel so good
      about themselves for not being racist.

      Someone once suggested judging a person
      not by the color of skin but by content of character.
      Why not try selecting our leaders that way this time?

    • jayleigh

      That “someone” was Martin Luther King in his “I Have A Dream” speech! It doesn’t matter the color of our next POTUS, but, i can’t think of any anglo stronger than Ben Carson, Allen West, or Herman Cain. Of course, Cain got smeared by the left, while hiding all the nasty stuff about their guy. I don’t think Cain has a second chance, but if he were nominated, i’d have no problem voting for him. If another Black Duo were nominated, it would be pretty hard for the left to call “racism”, wouldn’t it? Let’s see if the libs would put their money where their mouth is and vote for someone Black who doesn’t share their philosophy. Would it still be racist NOT to vote for him? eh?

  • applepiefaced

    I’d like to see this guy preach the Gospel. He’s kinda awesome.

  • I will vote for the guy.

  • olivebrance

    That just brought tears to my eyes. Why oh why oh why can’t THIS man and others like him be our leaders? You never see the politicians we have in DC now broken hearted, humbled, and desperate for restoration with this much passion. There is almost no patriotism in Washington at all. I would vote for, campaign for, and contribute to a Dr. Carson candidacy in a heartbeat and would LOVE to see every day patriotic Americans such as the one featured in this video take over all the congressional and senatorial seats. The majority of America is not morally bankrupt evil doers. Why do we elect such people to MISrepresent us? We would elect real honorable men and women if we were given the option of doing so. Wouldn’t we?

  • John

    I think a lot of folks that normally sit on the sidelines – would go above and beyond the norm if Dr. Carson runs. I’ll be one of them for sure.

    • LCM☝✊

      I’ll be right there with you. The last thing we need is another lawyer much less another incompetent socially promoted one.

  • bdaniel230

    HERE – HERE!!!!! Ben Carson/Niki Hailey in 2016!!!!
    Brock Lawley ! Thank you for your video, and hopefully, your honesty. God Bless both of you for this video. I pray to the everliving God that we can draft Dr. Carson and Niki Hailey for the 2016 election. Preferably a Republican ticket but if not this could be a paradigm shift back to the Right for the future. We need more clear thinking rational people like Brock and yourself….
    God Save and Bless The United States of America!

    • scvoice1

      Nikki Haley are you for real, she is the worst thing that has ever happen to SC. She has done to SC what Obama has done to the USA. I am a Republican and didn’t vote for her and never will. Do not wish her on our country. We are trying to change what we have now, not make it worst

    • bdaniel230

      I am glad you said something. I have read quite a few articles where she was proclaimed as having brought new money into South Carolina. Showed her success in getting jobs into SC. So thanks to you I am doing more investigating. Don’t misunderstand, I look at many responses with a jaundiced eye because of the program folks the Democrats put to work with disinformation on Conservative blogs and websites. But I will get back to you and let you know what I have found.

    • scvoice1

      You are right a bunch of Democrats do not like her. I believe a lot of this new money was in the works when Mark Sanford was governor. He may have done wrong in the eyes of God and family but I wish he was still our governor. When you look please look how she came in and placed many unqualified campaign donors in power. How she is not as transparent as she campaigned she would be. She has ruined state agencies. Please do your research I would appreciate your comments. I would love to see Republicans back in the white house but couldn’t in good conscience vote with her on ticket.

    • LCM☝✊

      I call Troll. Nikki Haley has done a fine job with South Carolina. It’s the Obama administrations punishment of South Carolina for trying to secure our election laws with Proof of Who You Are that has caused us hardships. The Feds want to treat us like it’s the 60s. Obamacare causing layoffs & now god the obama phones! Most have 4-5 so their kids can play online! Five year olds mind you. Nikki has fought against the liberal ageda and worked hard to bring jobs to SC. Don’t listen to this Troll bdaniel. Do your own research. Check out the tea party ratings and stats. Go from there. ✊☝️

    • scvoice1

      What state are you from LCM?

    • LCM☝✊

      I’m right here I’m Daniel Island, SC

    • bdaniel230

      So far I have found nothing that condemns her nor vindicates her so for now I am just promoting Ben Carson in 2016 if we can draft him.

  • Mark

    Honesty, integrity and common sense based on education, dedication and hard work. And selecting good Americans to serve in your administration we could re-set our nation to the founding principles.

  • John L

    In a…heart beat. Thank you. Good night.


    want to give liberals a fit? this on a campaign sign would cause liberal convultions.
    Ben Carson/Allen West

    • Matt Mitchell

      I’d vote for that in a heartbeat

  • LCM☝✊

    I’m for Carson/Cruz 2016 lead into reelection of Cruz/? After 8 yrs as VP… Feel right as rain. But I’ll take Carson/Palin, Cruz/Carson, Cruz/Palin, Cruz/Rand Paul, Carson/RP, but no Rinos like McCain, Graham, or anyone against the Tea Party. The first Tea Party lit the fire that freed this nation. This TeaParty will right the ship that has been led astray onto its communist course. Liberals, the funny thing about the tea bagger slang is that “Tea Bagging” is a homosexual act. So you fully support & mock the very people you support by using that, idiot. Maybe hire someone to come up with something. Because Obamacare is a transvestite softball game played with aborted fetus parts of a train wreck heading our way. ( Yes there was actually an abortion clinic in the news recently where the staff were playing with the parts. I know it’s to disturbing to even comprehend but it happened. You have to wonder about the childhood of these people.) Great video to implore him to run. Eloquently stated.

    • rick0857

      I believe a Carson/West ticket would be even better. Simply because West brings to the table the one quality Carson lacks MILITARY EXPERIENCE!!!

    • LCM☝✊

      I would agree to that would be a good ticket also. As long as they have constitutional values good morals and leadership skills I’m all for

  • apophis

    Carson/Cruz. I will donate. I am so sick of democrat republicans like McCain, Graham, Boehner. Sick f@@@s that kneel at bho’s islamic feet.

  • apophis

    Wait. Better yet a Carson/Martinez combo. What would top that. He could pretend to be gay and she could not deny being muzlim. The media would love them then.

  • deb2016

    WE can pray that Dr Carson feels the call to duty to lead our nation back to reality. If he does, WE must stand together, mobilize, and really take a stand with him when the left tries to tear him apart like they did Herman Caine. We need to make that committment first. WE have to stay connected, and no matter what is thrown at him, treat it as if it is thrown at each of us. WE must be in step with each other and no matter what is slung at him, stay unified, on message, nonjudgemental and ready for a rapid response to all the vile that will be thrown at him. So before we say we are with you Dr Carson, how do we prove it to you and to all those that will use lies to discredit you. WE can not be a one issue party. WE aren’t a one issue party, but the left leaning news outlets only repeat over and over the few misspoken statements of a few and it makes my head feel like it will explode. If we don’t start now and do this right, we will end up with Christy or worse as our candidate against Hillary and her cronies. So what is the next step? Can we use this site to get immediate updates and real responses to the left wing crap that will try to reach out and suck the life out of him and misquote him and set him up? I don’t mean to jump ahead, of course we have to wait and see if he is willing, but it just feels so right, I can barely express it in words. I also agree Allen West with his military background, a perfect match. Let us also remember that he is the man he is because of the life he has led, and when he is judged and he will be, we must remain calm and not toss him out with the left wing news rag of the day. I wouldn’t blame him for NOT wanting to run, I just pray the Holy Spirit moves him to run.

  • Doc Savage

    If Dr. Carson ran the liberals’ most potent race card could not be played. The would call him an Uncle Tom and say he was just a puppet for the rich whites. But the seeds of the lying progressives are beginning to bloom and I pray that the duped masses will wake up

  • AFSarge

    Would I like Dr. Carson to run and become the next US President? Yes!

    However, I believe that the opposition would tear him apart as they did to the Rep candidates in the last primary election. Basically Obama, the democrats, their very well organized minions and their puppet masters were able to choose the candidate they wanted their liberal party to run against. Weak and scared Republicans along with even weaker, wishy washy independents, all afraid of offending some group or loosing some voting block (like the illegals that should Not be able to vote!) were all lead by the nose to push for Romney. Add to that, the CEO’s of the Republican party had decided long before the primaries that Romney should be the chosen one, probably thinking that he could end Obama care because of his MA. Romney care. WRONG and the result was that most conservatives felt betrayed, center right people, conservative democrats (I believe they are extinct) and independents that normally would have voted Rep. saw another stuffed shirt and stayed home. The young Republicans saw another boring hand picked candidate so the Rep. CEO’s got Romney to pick Paul Ryan for VP. to excite that base. Result? Big yawn from the young and others because he was second string to Romney. One more thing, as wrong as it is, add in Romney’s religion, Mormon and how most people feel about that, epically conservative Christians. It was all a disaster designed for failure, a classic play designed and carried out by the left wing democrats. Effective because most Republicans fell for it! Don’t believe me? Just go look at the voting stats as to how merger the voting was for Romney and it was close! He would have won had it not been for the butt hurt conservatives that stayed home! Did I like Romney? No. Did I vote for him? Yes. Why? Because he would have been Much better than Obama. Another example to prove my point. Go back and look at how each primary candidate that took the lead was brought down by the left with lies, digging up skeletons (most that were proven to be false), by harping on every misspoken word or fopaux and twisted facts/statements played over and over again by the left wing lame stream media. The worst and most despicable was the Herman Cain killing and how the Republicans and their base threw him under the buss and turned their backs on him! Over something that was settled years before in a court settlement that was turned into an admission of guilty!

    How do I see the future? Not good, I see a despair among Conservatives looking for leaders instead of representatives and it is now turning into an emptiness because we all feel our representatives are not representing us and good candidates are being overlooked in favor of the party line pecking order. The left is vary good at holding us up to a higher standard than we can meet because of human weaknesses and they are effective at causing riffs among us and playing one against the other. I feel that if things keep going this way much longer the emptiness will grow until we just except things as they are and just give up!

    • Okonkwo

      Dear Dr. Ben Carson,

      You have been an inspiration to me personally, and to lots of people all over the world. Especially given your achievements as written in “gifted hands”. But hearing you talk about the ACA in such paternalistic and arrogant manner gave me much pause about you. Do you imagine that open ended statements like, “worse than slavery is enough”, to hood wink people into not asking how you came to such a conclusion? Do you imagine that because you are a doctor with lots of wealth and shielded from the life of normal Americans especially African Americans gives you the right to take us for granted. Please sir, we are reasonable people. We have first hand experience of slavery through our ancestors. Tell us how a law that would help many more of us get health insurance is akin to slavery. My wife died in 2011, after struggling with cancer for 6 years. By the time she died, we had lost everything, house, cars, and credit worthiness. We were in so much debt that I had to file for bankruptcy. With 4 children to look after and my health failing because of stress, life was not fun. Since that time I have until now never had health insurance coverage even though I was diagnosed with diabetes. Only one of my kids was qualified for medicare. How can you tell me that the ACA that will give me the opportunity to get insurance after years of going without is equal or worse than slavery? Explain to me how this is so? If you are so smart, and I believe you are, why not come up with a better alternative to ACA? Then I will not only vote for you as president but mobilize as many as I can to do so. The truth is that selfishness is a major societal ill. It is that condition that says, ” as long as I am fine my neighbor’s condition does not concern me”.ACA may not be perfect, but it offers solutions which portrays it’s originator as one who cares. As for you I do not know what you care about? You are probably care about raising your profile so you can run for an elected office. Shame on you. People like you not only allowed slavery, but happily sold their relatives for filthy lucre. Yes! If you do not believed me read, ‘Bound to violence’, by Yambo Ouologuem. I hope that God will touch your heart with the plight of your people. I hope that you make your self part of the solution and not the problem. God bless.


    • AFSarge

      Spoken with complete eloquence in a way that only an elitist B/S artist from the left wing socialist democratic party could speak. You hit all the talking points that you were taught by your communistic professors. First, you complement him on being an inspiration and his achievements with his “Gifted Hands”. Then you chastise him with your disappointment in him for having an opinion backed up with facts that is other than yours and for working hard to get a head in life and for breaking away from the plantation you want to live on and force all minorities to live on. After all, misery loves company. You showed your hand when you said “because you are a doctor with lots of wealth and shielded from the life of normal Americans especially African Americans”. This is SOP for the schooled elite, first you try to show that the man is not really part of the black culture and thus not a real Black man. You want him to come around to your way of thinking by shaming him. Then you try to use flawed logic by stating “Please sir, we are reasonable people. We have first hand experience of slavery through our ancestors.” Really? Slavery ended in 1865 if you haven’t heard, close to 200 years now. With that logic every culture would have first hand experience through our ancestors as every culture has had slavery. Whites enslaved Whites, Blacks enslaved Blacks, Whites enslaved Blacks and Blacks have enslaved Whites. So your point there so moot. That is unless you want to dwell on the fact that at one time someone that you didn’t know, that is a distant relative, was a slave. I could do the same but I choose not to. Then you go in to the next phase of how you were taught. You try to tug at the heart strings of everyone that may read this dribble. You go in to a long made up story of your wife dieing after a long battle with cancer, you loosing everything, filling for bankruptcy, raising 4 children on your own, your health failing because of the stress of life. Could you make it any worse for the reader? Oh, yes you can with the biggest lie “Since that time I have until now never had health insurance coverage even though I was diagnosed with diabetes.” Well, you must be on some insurance like medicare because obamacare doesn’t start until after Jan 2014! Then you go on and on about how good the ACA is even though it is not in effect yet and very few if any have been able to go online to sign up! The system went down the first day and as of this time it is still down! Then you ask Dr. Carson to come up with a better plan. He and many others have, however people like you and the president have rejected every other plan! Than you state that the ACA may not be perfect but but it offers solutions which portrays it’s originator as one who cares. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The president for one doesn’t know you and doesn’t give a damn about you or me! Then you want Dr, Carson and all that read your diatribe to read a book straight out of the far left socialist library “Bound to violence”. I have read it and it is a bunch of crap!

      Now lets stop here for the truth. You are not black nor are you an Afro-American. You are an Obama supporter, in fact anyone with a “D” behind their name you support even if they were satin or Hitler, you would sell your sole and have for the democratic party. Why, because you think anyone that can make it on their own, get rich must be filthy by steeling it from others. Are there people like that, yes, but the vast majority, like Dr Carson are not. You want wealth redistribution. You don’t like success and believe everyone must depend on a big government entitlement system. You can’t see that every nation that went to a single payer system is on the verge of bankruptcy and must ration health care. Our neighbors to the North have waiting times in hospitals going over 24 hours and come here to get needed care and treatments for things like cancer that they would die while waiting to see a specialist.

      You are worse than a slaver, you are a frustrated dictator and want to be one so badly. You are the type that would haply sell out a person that spoke out against a dictator and happily watch their execution just so you could move up a rung on that socialist latter! You are a modern day closet Quisling waiting for that day so you can come forth and lick the boots that march over you hoping for some scraps. You suggested a book for all of us to read ‘Bound to violence’, by Yambo Ouologuem. Well, I have one for you, The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs N****RS by Taleeb Starkes. I know someone like you will not read it because you can’t deal with truth and facts. You only deal in lies and propaganda from the left.

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