Another Shooting + More Gun Control = Even More Shootings

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  • afanaglenn

    More blacks killing whites, like more muslims killing non-muslims.

  • Erik

    Good stuff!! Keep um coming! We need some young blooded conservatives leading the way. Your doing a great job. I forward your videos to everyone I can. Thanks for your commitment.

  • bondroid

    Yet ANOTHER home run!!

  • Zoomie72

    I love your vids. You GET it! Gun Control, conservatism vs. leftists, etc. I have a suggestion you might consider using to oppose gun control. Everyone knows about bullies at schools. A school bully doesn’t pick on the All-state linebacker or the State Champion wrestler. They go after the skinny, weak looking nerd. Like that bully, mass shooters and other criminals pick victims they view as weak and easy targets. Gun control turns citizens into that weak, easy target. The average person is no match for a criminal armed with a baseball bat, a knife,or even with only his bare hands if he is an experienced street fighter. But, with a gun, the playing field is level.

  • To bad Liberals despite the facts still will not get their hands off my gun rights.

  • Ira

    We need to focus on the reason for violence not the tool used to carry it out.

  • cleverpoltroon

    Brilliant and well presented-as usual.


    MAN, U ARE ALWAYYYYS SO RIGHT ON..thanks a ton~~

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