The Cruzin’ and the Bruzin’ to Stop ObamaCare: ZoNation Vid

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  • Eric Hawkins

    As long as Cruz’s birthmother was a American citizen is doesn’t matter where he was born or if his father was born, Cruz is a citizen by his mother.

    • Zoomie72

      Yes, Ted Cruz is a citizen, but not a natural born citizen, which is what the Constitution requires. Cruz was born with dual citizenship. (or, possibly, triple citizenship:Canadian, Cuban, & American). This requirement was put in place to insure the President would be completely loyal to the United States, not have loyalty to his “other” country of citizenship. Therefore, Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President even though he is a loyal and patriotic American citizen.

    • samshile

      He will make a good leader in the Senate.

    • Zoomie72

      Indeed he will. He already is stepping into that role.

    • Sally Sue

      But he is not a “natural born” citizen. Both parents have to be American in order for him to qualify to be President. Same problem as Obama. The reason is to avoid divided loyalties. Unfortunately, that can be a problem. I agree with Zo – we don’t need that again. According to the Constitution, Obama doesn’t qualify either. So hopefully we just avoid that problem.

  • Well said as always! Thank you!

  • Allen Michael

    Zo great points made again! I wasn’t exactly impressed by Cruz. But I totally agreed with you about the fact that he did represent us citizens that don’t agree with government healthcare being crammed down our throats! I am well aware that Medicare/Medicaid is broken, and this is Obama’s way of repairing it as well. It is typical of our government to take our money, misspend it, and then demand more to fix what they didn’t manage well in the first place!

  • crew206

    at least 1 republican had the grapes to stand up…bout time!

  • Zoomie72

    One of my wife’s doctors did his internship in a juvenile cancer ward. Almost every room had a Canadian child being treated for a very easily treated cancer. They were there because Canada would not allow them to be treated. The parents were told to just have another baby to replace the “sick” one. That must have come from their “Death Panel.”

  • samshile

    Zo, One of your best. I am tempted to show it to a few Democrats.

  • LibertyChick

    I had socialized medicine when I was enlisted in the Navy. Every time I went I had to wait 4 hours to be seen, and then no matter how many symptoms I had for illness, if I didn’t have a fever they sent me back to work. I run “negative fevers” – my temperature goes below 98.6. They still would not accept that as illness. Wake up America – you get what you pay for!

  • bdaniel230

    Thanks Zo, you hit it again my friend. Mitch McConnel has revealed himself plainly as a RINO. He has absolutely no honor and there is no reason to send him back to represent his district, hopefully they will see it this way, and I don’t believe he will be Minority Leader after that.
    The current regime has placed some very potent enemies of this country in dominant positions. Elena Kagan who was supported throughout her career by Planned Parenthood. Sonia Sotamayor, council for La Raza (the race). The organization that has a stated goal to “Take Over the United States and Reclaim it as Mexico”. La Raza is quite possibly THE MOST RACIST ORGANIZATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES! Eric Holder, who stated many times while in positions of legal authority that he had “Contempt for the US Constitution” and has proceeded to attack each and every one of the Bill of Rights, has not acted when Federal Election Crimes were suspected, intentionally failed to enforce U.S. Border and Customs laws, U..S. Immigration laws and statutes, and even has failed to advise his primary client, the President of the United States, of his Constitutional Limits!
    Race Traitors such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charile Rangel and all the others who have sold their votes, and the votes of those who held them in high regard, to the party that had done everything in it’s power to keep them as second class citizens. Race Traitors because they keep giving their support and ginning up support for the Democrats who through entitlements keep the spirit of the black man suppressed. They have sold their brothers into the new slavery and the Democrats are the Plantation Masters!
    So again thanks Zo.
    Ben Carson and Ted Cruz 2016

  • Snega

    Good job. Thanks. Simple and concise.

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