Democrats ObamaCare and Jesus

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  • Shaggy_Bird

    I loved this one Alfonzo, I liked it so much Ive looped it to play over and over.
    March on brother, March on.

  • midcareerfed

    Good one. Thanks 🙂

  • April Richardson Smith

    This may be your best video yet! I love to hear truth and I don’t know if there’s anyone that tells it better!

  • love this Zo. I been told how many times by liberals if I don’t follow Obama’s and their teachings I will be going to hell. I believe that liberals are today’s Pharisees.

  • smauc015

    The first minute of this video had me rolling, because that is the way Pelosi and Schultz really speak. Great video Zo!!

  • Lori Mull Andrews

    THE BEST VIDEO YOU’VE PRODUCED SO FAR~!!!! I hate it when my liberal friends say that I hate the poor, yet I volunteer for the poor every week.

  • Joshuastar

    I’m not sure if I agree with the idea that lowering costs for businesses will necessarily reduce the cost of living. It COULD, but only if those business use it to lower their prices/hire more people. what’s their incentive to do so? why wouldn’t they keep their prices higher and simply increase their margins?

    • Jonathan Glass

      Market forces and competition will drive down the prices.

    • Joshuastar

      theoretically…do you have some proof?


      somehow Joshua.. I think ur missing the main points Zo is making.. He’s really very accurate. I worked for Human Services (welfare dept.) here in my State for quite a few years.. if you’d seen even a .0001 % of what’s been going on for decades, you wouldnt even need the ‘business’ analogy, altho he’s perfectly correct in both the Spiritual remarks & the fiscal/business issues that we now are dealing with in huge monetary losses.. Huge, incalculable losses of jobs & 1,000’s of businesses, just to promote the so called ‘affordable care act’. Its only affordable to the government THIEVES.. DESTRUCTIVE IN EVERY WAY TO ALL FORMS OF BUSINESS, & now, ‘SPECIALLY TO DR’s & Insurance companies.. How could anyone think that businesses wouldnt try to protect themselves?!??!Walgreen’s; the richest drug stores in America just laid off over 100,000 employees, I believe it’s 163,000 actually, & over a 1,000 insurance agencies closed down at the end of Sept.. how many employees does that come out to?? In the past 3 yrs. 100’s of Clinics, (cheaper medical facilities) have shut down or let go all but a couple of Doctors, as they’re now getting something like 18-22 cents on the dollar of their normal income.. they’re leaving in droves to try & get hospital jobs so they can still afford mal-practice insurance. Not to mention the gov’t regulatory nightmare that’s been getting worse with every passing year, even under J. Carter *& Clinton/gore, it grew leaps & bounds. Under Obama, the businesses that have left our ground to escape this nightmare, has increased beyond our knowledge of reckoning at this moment.. Yes, we’ll be ‘paying’ for this horror for decades to come, on every level.

  • Oliver

    Thank yoou Alfonzo, God Bless and keep the Truth coming!

  • Bryan Lyman

    Once again ZO, your logic is flawless. I would only point one thing out, the “Render unto Caeser what is Caeser’s” argument is flawed in more than one way, The money which had Caesers face minted into it was Jesus’ way of saying, this money and king are of the earth and spiritual things come of God and should be attributed to God in thanks. In other words, do not thank Obama for giving birth to you, that is in thanks to your mother who was given that ability by God. So liberals using this argument is like the Pharisees who did it before them; trying to use scripture (that Jesus spoke in the first place) to try an entrap Jesus. History repeats itself, liberals are making the same mistakes people made back then. They don’t understand the spiritual things of God so they get confused, Jesus tried to speak as simply as he could to them (using parables) and they still didn’t catch on.

    • Zo

      Thanks, Brian! Thanks for the input! I actually talk about that in my audio book. Have you heard it?! and addressed that in a few of my videos. Jesus pointing out the violation of the commandments with the coin basically saying caesar isn’t worthy of tribute. It’s a graven image of a false god, which violates two commandments right there. Jesus is like, “don’t my commandments say to not have any other gods before me? Id i’m to pay tribute with this, that means I have to acknowledge Augustus as a god. As the words on the coin said “Worshipful son of the god, Augustus.

    • Bryan Lyman

      No, I haven’t listened to your audio book yet. I have plans to get it, I just have a stack of books I have been meaning to get to and haven’t had time; with the job changes and such recently — Family first. I will definitely check it out though because not only have I found a friend in you, I have found someone who finally says what I have been trying to tell people for a long time. I will lend you support my friend. Continue speaking truth.

  • CarolinaSistah

    Outstanding Alfonzo!

  • Bill Will

    Exactly Zo!

  • Dain Chastain

    So true brother, keep spreading the truth!

  • Dan In Orange

    Preach it Zo,

  • cleverpoltroon

    Thank you,Zo! Could you please increase your output to at least three motivational vids a day?

  • dayoldy

    Lots of good points Zo; but I think your Ceasar argument was weak at best. You made a big point about the dems misquoting Jesus’ famous words about rendering unto Ceasar… that Jesus actually said, “render BACK unto Ceasar the things that are Ceasar’s…”, as if that is an important distinction. I’ve only seen that the word “back” added to NIV and Holman Christian Standard versions. And it’s not because they were purposefully making a semantic distinction based on the strong literal meaning of that particular word. The give BACK concept isn’t in the Greek. You’re pushing a very subtle semantic that just isn’t there. Your point that the government illegally steals money is strong enough.

    • Zo

      Weak? Nah, the one trying to push something weak with force is you, like trying to push a wet noodle through a brick. Regardless of versions, it still consistent, and thank you for assuming that I didn’t consider both. I actually have and see that they’re still both consistent. The Bottom line is Jesus was pointing out that the image on the coin is a false god, and Jesus was pointing out that with such tribute they would be puting a false god before God. Jesus also wanted them to acknowledge who the real God is, and render unto God what belongs to God, and every thing that they are able to earn comes from God blessing them with the ability to earn in the 1st place. What is it that they actually owe to the false god next to God. So you can feel puffed up and full of yourself by claiming my point is weak, but I disagree.

    • Harvey Melton

      love your videos brother and you too of course. I used to watch you on pj TV but now I just go to you tube. cheaper that way lol.


      you go Zo…right again, & an aside note.. in case anyone’s reading this.. of course Jesus was saying that WE, who are created in HIS image, should give our LIVES to God, in submission & service to HIS holy will…..which HE imprinted on us when we gave our hearts to Him.. I also like that Jesus made another example of working for Kingdom principals by ‘fishing’ for the food that brought the COIN that needed to go to the ‘Cesar’.. Again, God bless you & your works!!


      actually Zo’s point is totally right on. The fact that Caesar’s image was imprinted on the money in itself, is an example of giving back to Caesar what is Caesar’s.. As he printed the gold with HIS OWN image on it so technically it came ‘from him’ in that sense too.. that’s another point.

  • louisk

    This has got to be one of your best commentaries to date. I will try to share it with as many people as possible. Especially the Democrats, and believe it or not some Republicans who have lost spiritual, moral, and political direction. Thank you again very much.

  • Susan Peterson

    AMEN Zo, AMEN! They are Godless, seeing themselves as omnipotent. I have long questioned how an abortion loving liberal like Pelosi is able to publicly profess herself a Catholic and the Catholic church is silent. Keep the vids coming, sharing them with all my friends.

  • Deepizzaguy

    Excellent story about the liberals being hypocrites.

  • Dee Mann


  • Myrtle Linder

    Why would you want to smear the name OF JESUS CHRIST with such questions? It is not worthy of you to smear HIS NAME in such a worldly way. The question is preposterous

  • Harvey Melton

    zo I know you are a true Christian so am I and as such I understand your message. Keep up the good work, but as you know the scriptures tell us that the preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who do not believe. this would explain the mindset of many many politicians in DC today from the top down. The Washington elite are deadly afraid of Christians and the bible because they are beyond their control we are protected and preserved until the end of time and matter how hard man has tried to do away with Gods truth and people the more they have prospered. Even if there was only one Christian in the world he/she would be in the majority in God. John 14:6 forever amen.


    this is one of the best ones ever zo…..God bless u for seeking, speaking, & promoting the real “way, truth & life”. I can’t believe some of the remarks below, that actually accuse u of using Christ in a BAD way.. I guess it’s accurate when the scriptures speak of giving wise words to fools…. they just will not GET it, if they refuse to see the Light.

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