SNL & Miley’s Trashy Tactics

In the Shutdown Showdown, Miley Cyrus takes aim at Michelle Bachmann in a display of the trashy vs. the classy.

Also Juan William tries to justify hurting some for the greater good. He even says, “There’s gonna be some winners and some losers.” So why not let the free market handle that, instead of having the government dictate who gets hurt? Because when the government decides, that’s when more people actually get hurt. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • yacope

    can this disgraced little trashy idiot keep her tongue IN her mouth? PLEASE, pretty please with cherry on top!

  • lisacolorado

    Miley looked better with Michelle Bachmann’s hair. I think her antics reflect much more on Miley than Ms. Bachmann.

  • Allen Michael

    Good comparisons of rule of law, good law and bad law. It is common sense! And still people choose to look right passed it!

  • Camden

    Once again ZO… you smacked that one out of the park, with a 20 lb. Sledge! Why can’t more people see the logic??? They are too worried about what is happening to “Honey Boo-Boo” this week to care about where this country is headed. One day, they will all wake up and say, “How in the world did we get in this handbasket???”

  • Robert Brophy

    Sorry, but the trashy person is most definitely Bachmann. Anyone who believes in gay conversion therapy oughta take their sorry ass into a time machine and go back to 1700.


      your problem is quit evident…

    • Saved from my error

      And we shouldn’t attempt to reform child molesters, those involved in bestiality, drug addicts, or criminals either, just let them be what they were born to be, even when they want to change. Democrats – just as bad as the blind followers of Hitler

    • cezzwho

      Don’t believe it if you want, but there are people who want to try that treatment & they should be allowed to, without harassment. We all know now Matthew Shepherd was a meth dealer who got killed over drugs. You lose your credability & you lose your arguements.

  • I wonder if the liberals that did that SNL skit realize how sexist it was or do liberals only believe in liberal women rights only?

  • Julie Whutsherface Stejskal

    Always refreshing thats for sure

  • Nancy DahnSchuh-Boyd Eustice

    What caused Miley to become so disgusting?

    • kkkahn

      Bet her daddy really has an ACHY, BREAKY HEART now! Billy Ray, what the hell happened???

  • Jen Rockwell

    There’s entertainment and comedy and then there are morals and standards. At some point, morals and standards must come before “entertainment and comedy”. There should just be some things that are off limits even for artistic purposes. It is clear that Miley Cyrus does not understand that. She is disgusting and as much as she is trying to come off as an adult, her antics do nothing but show just how immature she is.

    • proudSicilian

      She comes off to me like she’s saying FU to everyone who has any integrity or decency in them. It could be seen as a big FU to God. If she was brought up as a Christian, maybe she’s got some serious home issues there. I would hate to be in such a position that I teach the world how to disrespect myself and the Lord, only to find out how wrong and evil I am to the whole world. She may be rich but she is one of the poorest people I know.

  • Fogged

    Liberal logic is very short sighted. They can only see so far out and it is all blurry, that is why they tend to bite their own tail on most occasions.

  • LameRandomName

    Good episode.

    Democracy: 3 drunk frat brothers and a cheerleader voting on the definition of the word “no”.

  • They are trashy no doubt about it.

  • KellyKAFIR

    right on as usual!!! Way to go Zo!! and the chip… well, read a Tim article dated March 11, 2002 called “Meet the Chipsons” about the implantable chip… CREEEEEEEPY!

    • KellyKAFIR

      Oh, and while I was finishing my paralegal degree, I came across this article in National Paralegal Reporter, Aug/Sep 2009 – “The New Age of Medicine” by Vicki Howard that talked about the chip approved in 2004 by the company Verichip… And guess where the chip would be implanted according to the article???? In the hand or forehead!!! I am not exaggerating!!! I almost fell out of my chair when I read that – it is on page 23 of the magazine under the paragraph, “RFID Explained”

  • postalinVT

    One of your best Zo.

  • Carl Gottstein

    I am once again blown away by your rapid fire delivery of truth without veils. Clarity by Zo! Straight up appreciation for your brilliant thinking! Wishing you the best! God bless!

  • Patrick Jones

    I feel sorry for Miley Cyrus. She’s trying too hard to be NOT Hanna Montana, so that she has become a pitiful satire of herself.

    And I think it’s ironic that there was an episode of Hanna Montana that dealt with her current issues.

  • Eric huckaby

    she is a freakin clueless little girl this is seriously pitiful

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