ZoNATION: Raising the Debt Ceiling on a House of Maxed Out Credit Cards

Zo is wondering if he’s experiencing Deja Vu, because he could have sworn this has happened before. Many times actually. The government digs us deeper in to debt and deficit, but it’s ok, as long as they raise our debt ceiling? Is the government going to demonstrate insanity by doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, or will they stop relying on raising the debt ceiling, and start showing fiscal sanity? Hear more in this Zo Nation

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  • Yup we are so much in dept that I feel that maybe we should just jump off a cliff now instead of jumping off a bigger cliff later.

  • Allen Michael

    Zo love the analogy of the debt ceiling compare to draining the pool and raising the diving board! So spot on!

  • bdaniel230

    Great one Zo. As usual you have put to words what most of us are thinking but don’t. I am in total agreement with your analysis in regards to the Left and their portrayal of both the Conservatives but also the Conservative Blacks. They are marginalizing the TEA party again, but this time there are members, or should I say wanna be members, of the TEA party that are being demoralized by the demonization of our movement.

  • Fogged

    An economic reset is coming. We can’t avoid that at this stage. Yet what the reset will be too is still in the air. Keep up the work Zo and keep informing the savable. We may yet be able to reaffirm our Constitutional Republic though it will be a painful and bloody process.

  • jaws4316

    Right on Zo, you explained this debt ceiling business in a way that almost anybody with a brain can clearly understand. A few days ago I got in a back and forth on disqus with a certain liberal about this topic. He actually said “The Government can and should keep on borrowing, and it doesn’t matter because they never have to pay it back and it’s all done with a currency that they produce and control.” I reminded him of a couple of instances where Governments have lost control of the value of their currency, resulting in hyperinflation and economic disaster. He responded by calling me an uneducated *&%^()*. So I ended it there. You can probably see why I agree with Micheal Savage when he says “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” I keep on trying to do all I can to educate the “sheeple” before it’s too late. What else can you do? When they start calling you names and insulting your education and intelligence, that’s when you know they are panicked because your arguments are starting to make sense to them. Liberals don’t “think” they “feel” and their political views are an expression of their emotions, not an expression of rational thought. When they are exposed to rational thinking and start to actually “get it” they usually panic because you are invading their little cocoon of emotional security, where they can hide and always be right, because they “care about people.” The usual reaction is to start calling you names or trying to justify how smart they are by making you look stupid. There are some parallels between Conservatives trying to educate Liberals and Christians trying to educate unbelievers about the Gospel, although the latter is far more important because it involves eternal destiny, whereas politics only involves this temporal life we have here on Earth.

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