ZoNATION: The Confederate flag: An Instrument of Sabotage or Suicide for Conservatives.

The mainstream media doesn’t care about how this administration has slapped our vets in the face. What they are interested in is the opportunity to exploit the rare presence of a Confederate flag among Tea Parties.

Zo warns conservative Republicans of people who are sabotaging their tent with Confederate sympathies, and that they’re allowing party suicide if they don’t clean house. Hear more in this ZoNation

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  • James Crutchfield

    I was at the Veterans’ march, and confronted this man, directly asking him to lose the Confederate flag. His response was vulgar and determined. He was the only soul there displaying anything with racial overtones, and did so with such effectiveness that he may as well have been sent to undermine the Veterans’ message.

    • Anthony Bertorelli

      Democrat plant, perhaps?

    • Matthew Silvey

      Yeah, because they’ve never done that before….

    • Average Joe.

      He has the right to express himself. It’s a free speech issue under the Constitution. Either you agree by following the Constitution or you’re not in favor of the Constitution. You have to take the good with the bad. This flag is part of American history like it or not. Half a million people died in the Civil War, all fighting for their rights as they perceived them. The majority of the people carrying this flag never owned a slave and were not fighting to maintain slavery, it was a States Rights issue.

      Liberals burned the American flag, wiped their rears with it which is more disgusting than what this guy was doing. The Supreme court ruled that they had the right to do what they did.

      Either you agree with the rights guaranteed under the Constitution or you don’t but don’t be hypocritical about it.

      OK, take your best shot.

    • The Blue Tail Gadfly

      Umm, what are you talking about?

      James didn’t trample on anyone’s rights by requesting the man lose his confederate flag. Just as that man has the right to carry that flag, so does James to protest it.

      So who is being hypocritical here?

      Re: “Either you agree by following the Constitution or you’re not in favor of the Constitution.”

      That’s a good quote coming from you. but whose interpretation of the Constitution are you going by?

      You have always argued for Case Law over Original Intent and even foolishly exclaimed, “The Framers are dead”.

      Definitely not a conservative’s interpretation.

    • Guest

      Stop your stalking. I’m not interested in anything you have to say. Have a nice day.

    • The Blue Tail Gadfly

      Hey, what happened to:

      “He has the right to express himself. It’s a free speech issue under the Constitution. Either you agree by following the Constitution or you’re not in favor of the constitution. You have to take the good with the bad.” -Average Joe

      Double standard?

  • Taiyon Demyers

    Dude those aren’t libertarians waving the confederate flag. Those are your archetypical southern christian conservatives. Sure we may have some extremist but our extremist are conspiracy theorist who think 9-11 was an inside job. Those bigots are all yours not ours.

    • Phil Petty

      Yah, like the democrat inspired KKK.

    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      Ah and yet we still spell demokkkrat With The triple K.

  • 20 bucks says he was a plant.

    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      And that: his PICTURES were AT ELEVEN, he was SHAKEN AND STIRRED, and he will appear NOW AND ZEN. He might even be IN THE MOOD FOR A MELODY OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY. Yes SIR a Total PLANT.

    • Caressa Kao

      Plant for SUREEEEEEEEe !!! That guy was too casual holding that flag.

    • I wonder when they are going to realize how childish it is.

  • Amberleigh

    Ummmm…..do any of you actually know the meaning of the stars and bars? Its about southern heritage, not hate. Black men WILLINGLY fought under this flag. Look up HK Edgerton. Long time President of the NC NAACP Chapter until he saw the truth. This flag didn’t get a bad name until hate groups like the klan got a hold of it.

    • grateful_dad_68

      I hate that the KKK took this flag as there symbol. They will answer to their maker for their actions, but all southerners have to deal with their stigma because of this.

  • David

    I agree with some of what alfonzo says, but the KKK did not start until after the Civil war. The war on slavery did not start until 2 years after the war started with the emancipation proclamation. He sounded like spike Lee, twisting the truth to fit his story line. And to think i have bought his videos and subscribe to his channel.

    • Browncoats

      No he’s not twisting he presenting a valid argument. You can say it was about States rights and taxes, but the policies for which the States rebelled were derivitives of their cheap labor, slaves and the South would never overcome the deficit in order to make a more beneficial tax policy due to population. Therefore they seceded and the Civil War ensued. I agree on the point that Lincoln could have executed and should have executed the Emancipation Proclamation at lot sooner, it would have certainly clarified a lot of the argument over the Civil War. The better answer would have been for our Founder to do away with Slavery at the signing, but they didn’t have the foresight to insist that this practice, so contrary to Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, stopped.

  • JC in TN

    Zo is exactly right. No matter what the heritage of the flag is – and as a southerner, I completely understand the heritage – bringing the Confederate Flag to political events is an overall negative. It’s a matter of simple communications:

    You cannot get people to hear your message if your delivery is overcome by distractions. The Confederate Flag is an unnecessarily divisive distraction in a time when what we need is unity of cause, purpose, and direction.

    Fly it at home, if you wish – but for all our sakes, LEAVE it at home!

    • JC in TN

      Re: James Crutchfield’s comments below: This man may very well have been a plant – and as such, he should have been isolated and ostracized.

  • Thomas J. Butman

    Your Awesome Zo! Keep up the good work.

  • Zach Smith

    So tired of these neo-confederates!

    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      Me three.

  • enoughtisenough

    Zo, I agree with you. I attended the first of the Teaparty movement. I am not a racist. I am hoping Col. West will run for President. Love his message. Confederate Flag should not be at any Teaparty event. Zo, keep up your good work.

  • rob

    You just keeping getting better and better!

  • Kellymatthew Barnes

    Alfonzo Rachel I want GOBs And GOBS of FDR’s (Frederick Douglass Republicans) To run for POTUS of America so many that the rinos get squeezed out and/or exposed in their nakedness for their destructive poison. Of course I agree with what you said Bless my Soul you give no room for argument. WHY ARE YOU SO ON POINT? ARRRRRgh

  • Browncoats

    As a Southerner myself, I have to say that I actually typed up a dissertation of sorts to contridict exactly what he is talking about a week ago and I couldn’t get it to post and now I’m glad it didn’t post because he is exactly, 100% Right and I was wrong to try and defend it. Though I’m proud of my Southern heritage and I understand that we’ve come a long way and have a long way to go, I think we are farther ahead than the Northern half of the United States.
    Leave it at home, unless you are advocating a Civil War in which case you’re an idiot and obviously have never seen war in reality, lost a brother in arms, a brother, sister, friends. I personally have never flown the flag and have many relatives that try to defend the position that Zo has proved as indefensible, Zo’s argument is now my argument, because it is a rational principled argument. What you gonna do, call me a traitor to my culture? Go get your Donkey Button!
    Thanks Zo for openning my eyes and helping me see the other side.

  • grateful_dad_68

    There is a huge faction of people that support the rebel flag for very non-racial reasons. That being said, I know what it means to most people and we can not allow it to become a distraction to the message we are trying to get across. This guy was either a plant trying to detract from the rally or he is just ignorant.
    I love your posts, Zo. I don’t always agree with everything you say, but that is what is cool about this country. We can disagree without threat of persecution. It take juevos to stand up and state your opinion especially when your message is not the most popular. Go Zo!!!!

    • grateful_dad_68

      By the way, the US flag is the only flag I will defend. I served in the Navy and defended her then, and will do it again.

  • E. Mead

    Right on!

  • E. Mead

    Taiyon, “our extremist are conspiracy theorist who think 9-11 was an inside job”

    Actually, the conspiracy folks are usually capital “L” Libertarians, Ron Paul kooks and Alex Jones cultists, which put them roughly in the same category as the neo-Confederate libertarians. All of these folks hate Lincoln, say the Civil War was about state’s rights, and are usually anti-Semitic as well. Alfonso is absolutely correct when he says we need to confront these people and make it known that they are not welcome…Just like the Tea Partier did to the Lyndon La Rouchie in this picture:http://www.ringospictures.com/photos/20100415/016.jpg

    • gsb

      The ron paul nuts are helping to ruin the republican party. The fools in Tarrant County Tx. (basically Fort Worth area) put a paulbot in charge of the republican party there and the woman has ran more off than she has brought in. The racism of paul will ensure that minorities will stay away and without them the repubs are doomed. At least those that know anything about that vile coward. I have also found the paulbots to be the most arrogant and rude people in the party. No wonder repubs are losing. I myself have stopped doing anything for TCGOP because of the sorry paulbot infestation and the stupidity and cowardliness of the conservatives in the party to fight against them. Paulbots are cousins to libs (they are NOT conservative) and should be fought against everywhere.

    • conservativechick

      I used to carry an arrow sign like that to every Tea Party event. It said “NOT WITH US”

  • Jackson

    Just for the record, this is NOT the Confederate Flag. It is the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia.

    • Richard Fincher

      Exactly Jackson! The flag didn’t even come into being until 1863. You never hear anyone complain about the Bonnie Blue Flag. People with sympathies to the “Lost Cause” should start flying the Bonnie Blue. Unfortunately many don’t even know about it.

  • Diana Lynn McDargh

    I was reading along I AM THE TEA PARTY,after they posted similar sentiments of yours relating to the confederate flag. They were flooded with people defending that flag. However, they held their ground.You are so right about this flag, the dems,and republicans. If the liberals set out to divide us, they are doing a good job. It’s up to us to stop this from happening. A good place is removing those flags when they appear.I just don’t know how it can be done peacefully, especially if the person holding it is a plant.

  • Caleb56

    I agree with 98% of this video. On principal we can’t judge History with todays views or opinons, nor can we ignore the results of the past in todays America. If you was to take a real deep look at the Republican and Democrat parties during from 1856 – to the early 1900’s you will see that the Republican party was the liberal party, and the Democrats were the Conservatives. Lincoln was more of a moderate who only wanted to halt the expansion of the Slave trade. Then you take into consideration Thaddeus Stevens who was a real liberal radical Republican. .. The parties stayed true to this platform largely until after the progressive movement was corrupted by Socialist Democrats in the 1920’s. The Progressive movement started out of Christian Churches by Republicans and was a huge influence to Teddy Rosevelt. The Progressive movement became what it is today in many respects when Henry Wallace who was FDR’s first Vice President led the movement away from the Church being the main force to the social change for the poor and minorities, to the Government being that driving force. As much as a Socialist FDR might have been, Wallace was far more and later in 1948 ran for President on the Progressive Party ticket. .. It was during this 100 or so year time period where the parties switched from what they were to what they became. The Liberal era of the 1960’s moved the parties even farther apart. …. As far as where we are today in concerning the Battle Flag and how it’s viewd I think it’s political suicide for any party to champion the flag largely due to the willful ignorance on flag and the Civil War because far too many Americans judge the North and South in todays context. As a Historian, and Army Vet I appreciate both sides during that War, and I have both a US Flag with 34 stars and the Confederate battle flag in my house for Historic value. Regardless of how we view the Civil War it’s an improtiant part of our past, and an imprtiant part of our road ahead. Any way, … this was a good video. Keep it up Brother,

    • William K. Wells

      “You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the brotherhood of men by encouraging class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.” Do you recognize these words? What about them equates to any present day “moderates”? They are the words of Abraham Lincoln. Having seen and heard the full reenactment of all twelve of the Lincoln/Douglas debates, they occurred during Lincoln’s pursuit of US Senate seat from Illinois in 1858- – -they focused on abolition of slavery, contrary to “rewritten history.” By the way, that’s the way debates should be done today, as opposed to being controlled by “gotcha” media. Not having lived in the time of Lincoln’s administration, I wouldn’t expect that he achieve perfection, but he is among my top three presidents of all time.

    • Sgt K USMC

      And again… Regardless of the best intentions, regardless of what it can be interpreted to mean… What it means today is relevant because of the message it sends and the feeling it evokes.

      The swastika is a really good example of this. It is irrelevant what it meant prior to it’s adoption by the Nazi party in WWII, it is universally recognized as a symbol of evil… in all but those who are evil.

  • Ken Lane

    I still think the Rebel Flag is a cool-looking flag! I couldn’t care less what people think it stands for.

    • Sgt K USMC

      Lot of people say the same about the Swastika… regardless of what something used to mean, what it could have meant or what it was prior to being turned into a hate symbol…. what it is now is what matters.

    • Ken Lane

      That same twisted logic gets applied to the Constitution.

      It’s interpreted today the same as it was when written. Well… it is by the non-activist justice.

    • Sgt K USMC

      The Constitution is not a symbol. Aside from that it has never been a hate symbol.

      However, I will concede that the logic can be applied the same way… but only in the most broad linguistic sense.

  • Caressa Kao

    Loveeeeeeee you !!!

  • Guest

    Liberal Plant, is what this flag was at this rally.

  • TheHarrytruth

    This is a Liberal Plant. This was set up by the Democrats, having the flag there.

  • Coulterr

    It’s either a plant or the only person still dumb enough to show up with that flag even though he probably would have thought it as a symbol of resistance/revolution. Of course the MSM took the opportunity to label ALL of the participants as racists.

    • gregzotta

      The Propaganda Ministry of the Obama Regime as well as the Obama Regime call the Tea Party patriots racists with or without the flag.

  • Sgt K USMC

    He’s not a Marine… you can just tell.

    • Perso Nasplit

      just from the stance, the clothes(totally agree he is dressed to nice in too new clothes), and the brand new, never been flown flags, that he is a plant, in an attempt to put racism on two groups. vets, and the right. NEITHER group should have allowed that. He has the right to free speach, but he has the right to be elsewhere too.

  • Troianii

    the civil war was a hell of a lot more complicated than that. Look up the Morrill Tariff Act – the South, with 1/3rd of the population, was paying 5/6ths of the taxes because the tariffs were designed to protect northern industry by taxing importation of foreign products that the north made.

    They didn’t fight for years because one side supported slavery and the other didn’t. It’s because one supported the tenth amendment and the right to secession, inherent in all of our founding documents. As James Longstreet, one of the foremost southern generals (and a Republican said), the greatest tragedy of the south is that they didn’t free the slaves. Longstreet was paraphrased in the movie ‘Gettysburg’ as having said, “we should have freed the slaves, *then* attacked Fort Sumter.”

  • easyD

    Burn that neo-con flag! Lucky for him conservatives aren’t violent like Democrats, he’d be ripped apart if that were the the case.

  • dasbunker

    Dude, Love your videos and your opinion,
    However I don’t agree with your video response.
    I am a white boy,Tea party ,Army veteran that still believes in the first amendment.
    The Civil war was not about slavery.
    Lincoln would have preserved slavery to preserve the Union.

    Personalty, I think slavery was abhorrent thru history whether perpetrated by Americans or anyone else.
    Please don’t forget that the slaves sold to the Americans were captured and sold by Blacks in Africa.
    Slavery has been sold as a race thing,

    Looking at history, slavery is a human thing not a race thing.

  • Gregory71

    Aaaah poli-sci. The science of manipulating the masses. Wake up! Left wing, Right wing…..same dirty bird!

  • gregzotta

    The Confederate flag has been called
    the Confederate Battle Flag, the Rebel flag, Southern Cross or Dixie. It is a
    source of pride to Southerners and was carried into battle during other wars by
    troops from the South.

    Like it or not the Confederate flag is
    a part of history. Opponents of the flag like the NAACP and Martin Bashir do
    not want it displayed because it might hurt someone’s feelings. They say that
    the flag is a symbol of racism because of slavery in the United States and the
    establishment of the Jim Crow laws in the Southern states.

    Supporters of the Confederate flag
    like the Sons and Daughters of Confederate Soldiers view it as a battle flag and symbol of pride
    of their Southern heritage and freedom from the oppression of the Northern

    Several politicians have called for
    banning the Confederate flag and that it should not be flown in this country.
    Some examples regarding banning the Confederate flag are: In 2003 Democrat Representative Dick Gephardt
    of Missouri stated, “The flag is a hurtful, divisive symbol and in my view has
    no place flying anywhere, in any state of this country.” Democrat Governor Bob
    Holden, at the urging of Gephardt had the Confederate battle flags removed from
    the Confederate Memorial Historic Site and the Fort Davidson historic Site,
    which are Confederate cemeteries. Democrat Mayor Francis Slay of St. Louis had
    the Southern flags with the confederate flag incorporated in them removed from
    the rotunda of City Hall. By taking such
    actions these politicians are not taking into account the feelings of people
    who support the flag because of their heritage and want to display it. Thus,
    they are discriminating against supporters of the flag by banning it.

    The American flag, the Stars and Bars,
    still flies and has flown over the country during the time of slavery and the
    Jim Crow laws. Therefore, using the same logic, shouldn’t the American flag be
    removed and banned from flying at the various buildings and cemeteries in the
    United States? The answer, “Of course
    not.” The flag is a symbol that means something different to different people.
    People should not get offended so easily.

    • Perso Nasplit

      so, german citizens should be flying the Nazi flag instead of the current flag of the place they live in? or what about instead of the US flag, we waive the british flag?

    • stantonlore

      I don’t think it is a valid comparison. The Nazi military committed atrocities routinely and and it is that aspect we find repugnant. Troops on both sides of our Civil War were answering the call of their government. The US goverment codified benefits for Union and Confederate survivors and dependants, and there remain federally chartered organizations for descendants of Confederate troops. I live in South Carolina. Display of one of the Confederate flags is commonplace and it hasn’t seemed to be problematic for the 22 years I’ve been here. If those critics of the Confederate flag’s public display spent some time in the south they would come to see it as an aspect of the southern culture that is as accepted here as hunting and pickup trucks. I believe the most vehement opponents don’t live in the south, nor have any idea what living here is like.

    • Perso Nasplit

      putting a group of peoples in chains and whipping them until they do work isnt an atrocity? the SOLDIERS on either side were defending their side, and im sure some if not most believed in their side(otherwise they wouldnt fight as long). Im not saying that there arent racist people in the north OR that there arent non-racist in the south, but that flag is a representation of a time in history where one skin colored person put another skin colored person in literal CHAINS because of the skin color. If you don’t think thats wrong of ANY group to do, then you are blind to simple human ethics and morality.

    • stantonlore

      The flag means different things to different people. We are centuries removed from legal slavery. We are not now, nor will we ever be, without racism. But those who scream the loudest about the Confederate flag seem to be those far removed from its presence. Slavery is evil. But no person now alive has a remote connection to being whipped or put into chains. Those who do not want to move on and who need to keep slavery’s ugliness alive have their own agendas. If you don’t live where the flag is displayed you are just another outsider offering naive opinions from afar.
      Everything you say about slavery is true and the largest reason for the Civil War was slavery – no question. But the Confederate flag does not stand for slavery for many people. It stands for a time when slavery existed, but not for slavery. It stands for being different than what is not in the South. Surely it stands for slavery for some. But it should not be condemned because a small minority view itthat way.

    • G W

      You being a foreigner do not understand that the Southern States were invaded by the Northern States because they exercised there Sovereign States right to secession from the Union. President Lincoln facing defeat and rebellion in the North, issued the emancipation proclamation which freed Southern Slaves only. It was something at the time Lincoln could not enforce. It was done to keep Great Britain from recognizing The Southern Nation. There are over 100 million Americans whose ancestors fought for Sovereign States Rights and Southern Freedom. It was not a civil war over slavery buy any stretch of the imagination. In the real world it is the victors who write history. The one world government and democratic socialist party of America want any symbol of Southern freedom, Christianity or even the word Negro removed from history in order to “change” the truth and control the peoples political and religious leanings. These are the facts of history. I challenge to prove me wrong with facts not untruthful leftist rhetoric.

    • Perso Nasplit

      me being a foreigner? thats a wild leap of ignorance that is completely wrong. How bout you keep to history(which in this post is accurate, in that the war was not about slavery, but doesnt prove that the flag DOESNT represent slavery).

      ” I challenge to prove me wrong with facts not untruthful leftist rhetoric.” First off, untruthful leftist rhetoric? Jesus, drink more red koolade and stop blaming propaganda from the left blue-koolade-drinking idiots. Second, the flag represent oppression. to you it apparently represents the Northern states oppression of the south by force. to the north it represents people unwilling to recognize basic human rights while claiming “states rights”. Im all for States rights, and individual rights, but “states rights” CANNOT include any law that allows one person to infringe on the rights granted to another. You want to secede and create your own country, i don’t care, but the minute you enslave another person, you lost all your rights.

      Since you are bringing religion into this, JESUS WAS MIDDLE-EASTERN. MOSES LIVED IN EGYPT. I know you have been propagandized to believe Jesus was white, because it was in all your sunday school lessons, but thats because the bible was re-written by a bunch of white guys in power, and perpetuated by a white-controlled population. If Jesus came back tomorrow, he would be ashamed of anyone who claims that one skin color(we are all one race, human) is better or worse.

      You want to wave a flag that a few hundred years ago supported the idea that a white male could put a black male in chains legally(the right of the white person to do as he pleases), whether the flag represents slavery itself or not, feel free. thats your right. but with rights come responsibility and consequences. Stop living in the past. The Confederacy was disbanded. The flag doesnt represent the country any more. It represents what the country WAS about, and that is slavery.

    • Elegy56

      You have to either be very young or not from the United States. Slavery had nothing to do with Lincoln’s power grab.

  • Keith Wetzel

    I am listening to the audio book “Team of Rivals” which talks about Lincoln’s cabinet and the Civil War. You can argue about that it was about ‘States Rights’ all you want, but whenever the issue of slavery would come up, whether or not to allow it in the new states, the Southern Slave holding states fought any ban or rule limiting it. So Zo is 100% right about it being about Slavery! True Lincoln was reluctant to do it at first, but he realized it was the only way to break the South.

  • Perso Nasplit

    $50 says the flag was brought there by a leftist extremist, bent on making the world think someone is racist, by showing up claiming to be one of them and saying “were racists” like the woman did during the zimmerman trial. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/07/busted-left-wing-plant-at-houston-pro-zimmerman-rally-is-far-left-activist/

    • conservativechick

      I so wish we could prove it! He does not look like any Marine I’ve ever known.

  • Fogged

    Of course he was a plant. As Zo said. New boots? Everything on this guy looks as if he bought it all that very morning. I am southern and have many friends who identify themselves as Libertarians. Most of them are just as Zo describes them. They want most of the same things the Liberals want only they do not want to be made to pay for some one else having them. Same goes with the Confederate Battle Flag. It was ALL about states rights and cessation. Not realizing that all of their arguments henge on articles influenced if not out right about the slave trade. Were there other issues fought over in the Civil War? Of course there were but Slavery was one of the top issues so why keep using a symbol that stood for more than pro-slavery sentiment but it did in part *stand for pro-slavery sentiment*? When you carry a flag or a sign it is an outward expression of your internal morals and beliefs. If you are attached to an organization or group of people while carrying said signs or flags then it causes a correlation of your represented beliefs and the group you are attaching yourself to.

  • audieho

    Right on Zo! His name is Michael Ashmore.

  • Sunshine Kid

    I agree with Zo’s overall presentation, but think of this: The Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves ONLY in secessionist states. They were NOT freed anywhere else. That came later – read the document on the government web site.

    Second point: Where in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States is there any prohibition of any state separating from the Union? Where did Lincoln get the authority to hold the secessionist states to the Union at the point of a gun?

    • Elegy56

      You are exactly correct.

  • Angi Bryan

    I live in the south, so I see that flag is all over the place. I suppose I never really gave it a whole lot of thought… seeing as it just seems to be a permanent fixture. I’m not a southerner though, I’m an Army brat.. which means I probably should scrutinize the display of the confederate flag and all the rationalizations for flying it. You are correct in what it really DOES symbolize. Thank you for putting it in the proper perspective.. I did know what it sybolized but I got lazy about the implications.. was taking it for granted.. I really won’t be sitting idly by anymore. I plegde alliegence to one set of principles, one country AND ONE FLAG.

    • Fogged

      I live in the south also. I have all my life and same as you i see it all the time. Most people do not fly it for the reasons the media and the left imply.It is simply a cultural pride thing. I have great pride in the south of today. Not so much in the south of the civil war era.

    • Perso Nasplit

      then fly the state flag. Flying the confederate flag today is like wearing a che shirt or or a rainbow flag. It’s to get attention and be shocking.

    • Fogged

      I agree completely. I am an individualist and hate putting everyone in the same group under a flag. Yet i stand by what i said in my post below. We have too many things dividing us to be using an icon that we KNOW the press and the left will use to bludgeoun us with .If you are using it for a showing of states rights then use your home states flag. I am as southern as you can get. Heck i am about as redneck as you can get. I support the south’s side of the war in most area’s, but slavery is in no way one of them.

    • Elegy56

      You guys really need to read unrevised history. I can’t imagine any person that is appalled by the fed gov’ts overreach today and worried about state’s rights criticizing the confederacy. Slavery had nothing to do with the war between the states and certainly nothing to do with Lincoln going to war with his own countrymen. Find 1 letter, etc of even 1 confederate soldier who thought they were fighting for slavery. They fought to repel and invading army.

  • Oz Dillon

    Once more, Zo is spot on target, and I could not possibly agree more with him. Thanks Zo, for being the voice of reason. For what it’s worth, I really wish one or more of the networks, T.V. or Radio, would pick you up for an hour or three long show.

  • politicallyindependent

    I live in the South and very rarely ever see that Flag, thank God. When I do, its usually on the back of a beat up pick up truck with a bare foot good ole boy at the wheel as a missing muffler and smoke fill the quiet and clean air (very stereotype, but true). I call myself a Hard Right Conservative, registered Independent or Republican depending on the ballot names, as I am in a “Closed State.” Whether the flag represents slavery or not and I do not claim to be educated on the subject, its NOT the American flag, its old, its outdated, just like the concept it ‘appears’ to represent. Your well spoken A.R., your voice is being heard. I hope your able to keep it up for a long time.

  • Daniel Petersen

    I hope one day he figures out that the democratic party back then were the conservatives…. while the republicans were the liberals… He keeps talking about the parties like they have always been the same.

    • Eric huckaby

      read my post dude this guy is a fake loser you are not smart

  • Eric huckaby

    danny is all wrong no one was a liberal back then what we know as liberal today did not exist then everyone back then was a liberal in the sense that they sought to remove barriers to freedom the north for blacks the south for whites right to owns slaves and secede.No one back then follow marx, engels, heidregger, or sorel or wiliiam james. They were the sons of the founding fathers both conservatives one wanted to conserve the union the other wanted to conserve slavery. So go read a book either you are lying or you do not know what you are talking about

  • Aprilis127

    God told my husband (and me) years ago to ditch the Confederate Flag because it did not help the cause of Christ but hindered it because it was a flag a pain. That does not mean we cannot celebrate our Southern-ness just lose anything that has an attached (valid) racism to it. Pack in away in Grandma’s trunk and wave instead “Old Glory”!

  • gregCall

    Generally I am in full agreement with Zo but in this case he seems to have spouted every anti- south liberal stereotype. True Lincoln wanted to end slavery but only to expel all the blacks in the country to Africa or South America. Further, the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free the slaves as represented in most media rather it said any state that seceded would have its slaves deemed free by the federal government (in hopes of internal uprisings which would weaken those states) while states both north and south that stayed in the union would be able to keep their slaves.
    Add to that the fact that Robert E. Lee freed all his slaves when he went to lead the Confederate army (probably to make the point he wasn’t fighting for slavery) while Ulysses S. Grant had slaves till the end of the war and stated to a reporter who made a statement about him fighting to free the slaves “If I thought for one minute I was fighting to free the slaves I’d lay down my arms and fight for the Confederacy”.

    In short the Civil war was actually the second American revolution or a coup if you prefer where the federal government usurped the states rights as well as the individuals.
    Contrary to popular belief a very small percentage of southerners or even northerners had slaves, basically the same ruling class that import third world workers today.
    True there were a vocal minority mainly in the north that were abolitionists, but they were just used as a red herring. Freeing the slaves was a political ploy to isolate the south from possible allies such as Briton and France who wouldn’t want to appear to be supporting slavery and as has been seen many times before propaganda has a tendancy to live on especially if it serves a government purposes.

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