Russell Brand Doesn’t Care About Politics. (Nudge, Nudge, Wink Wink.)

In Russell Brand’s fairyland, he’s come up with a brilliant idea that nobody else has ever tried:
redistribution of wealth. He thinks the reason there’s economic disparity is because we’ve never tried
his brilliant idea and have only tried capitalism, and everybody has always been able to enjoy their
evil profits unabated. And please, please, please, don’t be one of those who says, “Who cares what these people
think or something to that effect. People who think like him are why Obama got elected twice.
Please stop underestimating these people. Hear more in this ZoNation.

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  • steve

    Yup right wing neo con christian fundamentalist crap!! Just check out the millions spent on the churches you crazies attend!! Jesus would be ashamed of you all!!! The pope was quoted as saying you all have an illness lol couldn’t agree more !!! So much for helping the needy caring for sick being humble and helping your fellow man! You all to busy watching by a forginer , that you all claim to hate, an Australian no less with his own agenda and you all blindly follow lmao good luck cause when you get to the gates and asked what you have done to better your fellow man both physically and spiritually what will you 1 day a week capitalist Christians have to say? Hang your heads in shame you charlatans!!!

    • JCJanko

      Can someone please translate steve’s post into English? Wait, on second thought, I don’t want to know.

    • NRPax

      JC, you’d have to huff a lot of paint before running it through Google Translate first. Don’t do it. It’s not worth the brief glimmer of understanding you might get.

    • Ken Bell


      Steve, you are still welcome to attend church with me if you want, and you will also be provided lunch. 🙂 May God bless you.

    • SHP

      Good one, Steve. The use of LMAO really shows your maturity level.

    • steve

      OK sorry I’ll spell it out ..laugh my ass off…there you go

    • John Fowler

      “So much for helping the needy caring for sick being humble and helping your fellow man!”

      Care to guess who does more for charity, atheists or Christians? Socialists or capitalists? Liberals or conservatives? Paying your taxes doesn’t make you a saint, comrade, so be careful with who you call out unless you want to look stupid.

    • steve

      I tend to agree to a point…

    • Imtoooldforthis

      Steve, you need meds, a psychiatrist and an English teacher. I think before you see the shrink get the English teacher first.

    • steve

      Typical reply …nothing actually constructive to add other than my mistakes whilst using a mobile phone …and why would I possibly want to see a psychiatrist? I’m not the one who believes in a mythical God that lives in the sky lmao

    • Imtoooldforthis

      Nobody should post Troll alert for you. It should be moron alert. God doesn’t live in the sky. He created the sky and the earth and all the creatures on it. I’ll tell you what I l told my children when they were little to make it easy for you, the earth is God’s church. Men make buildings to gather to worship Him but the earth is his true temple and you can talk to him anywhere on it. That’s why it’s important to be good to the earth and take care of it because it is part of God’s home. You need the psychiatrist because you are narcissistic(look it up in the dictionary) and maybe with a little help you’ll come to realize that you are not the center of the universe and other people’s opinions have validity. You may believe in Darwinism but I wonder if we are evolved from the monkey why same said monkey is still around. Look at the pic it shows a monkey still in creation. I, myself, prefer to believe and feel that there is a higher power who created me and believes that I am capable of doing and being good. And by the way, NOT believing in God is your faith, so when you say you don’t believe in God you’re saying my religion is atheism. And yes, there are churches that practice being atheist.

    • steve

      Thank you ! First actual response that makes sense! Rather than just verbal garbage! You have my respect not that it will mean much but thank you! I just feel that some of these posts here are so hateful and ill informed…and I fully respect others beliefs but when I read some of the spiteful racist comments I just question peoples motives and yes beliefs when some claim to be Christians ! Again thank you for a very valid and heartfelt reply : )

    • m9577

      Read the parable of the talons.

  • Bob G.

    Russell Brand is a comedian. Now that’s funny. Let’s all pay attention to someone who is terrible at what he does from a country that has a monarchy. Yes, let’s let him tell us what to do.

  • jane is jane

    music video Chris Holly “American Dream” check it out

  • Jeff Haik

    People like Russel value their “art” over others’ hard work. Tool.

  • Jackson

    I’m all for redistributing Russell Brand’s money.

    • NRPax

      Starting with me since I’ve been out of work for a few months. And hey; I promise not to use it to use drugs.

  • steve

    And you lot are the reason George W got elected ..twice…trillions of dollars spent on a nonsense war based on lies by both British and American government alike biggest conspiracy since the Vietnam war…thousands of brave soldiers from coalition killed…hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq killed!’and all for what? Something a sniper bullet could have solved years ago or if George snr had the balls to keep going on the first gulf war …what war has Obama started or championed for? None!!!!

    • verminator

      what about Libya and Syria? and countless drone strikes. I guess they don’t count?

    • steve

      Name date time of drone strikes in Syria? Proof? And if so is that not better than deploying troops on the ground and risking more soldiers life’s ? Again Obama has not committed troops as readily as the last Pres! Why ? I’m sure because the majority of American people sick of commiting to a conflict that is none of their buisness…and I’m pretty sure Obama didn’t start the wars in Syria or Libya they are and were internal revolutions.

    • TDS

      And you don’t see the irony that those “lies” ended up being used in Syria, and Obama tried to use that as justification to start his own war???

    • steve

      But he didn’t.did he!? and he did warn the Syrian government that the US would not tolorate the use of chemical weapons! So thanx to Russian and Chinese arrogance, plus the fact they selling arms to a butcher , the war goes on…I’m sure if the US had carried out surgical strikes the situation maybe some what different for the civilians on the ground…oh and not once did Obama ever mention putting foot soldiers on the ground!!!! And don’t really see why some of you complaining about a war!! It was fine for George Jnr..cause he really was just working for Rumsfeld n Hailiburton any way! : )

    • TDS

      And Obama waived our own laws to supply weapons to the Al’Qaida-aligned opposition… Your point?
      The fact that you believe that there is such a thing as a “surgical strike” pretty much shows your ignorance of all things military, so… Have a nice day…

    • steve

      You close minded twat!! So a well placed cruise missile with a meter or so accuracy is not “surgical” as opposed to carpet bombing from B 52s …it is you that has no clue about military matters …idiot!! Oh and not all the Syria opposition are Al Qiada …the US is NOT supplying to those that support them! So again facts please not right wing crap you see on Fox net work…try local news source …

    • TDS

      And you resort to ad hominens… Typical Liberal… Game over, you lost…

    • steve

      Typical neo con someone puts up or responds with the facts that don’t suit your ideology and you have nothing to retort with…u lose : )

  • Guest

    So we’re back to Bush again? Sorry but the ” everybody’s doing it” argument doesn’t work. Egypt, Lybia, running guns through Lybia to arm Al Queda, NSA, TSA, IRS, Fast & Furious, Obamascare, QE 1,2&3, Common Core. , looking like an amateur compared to a real communist on the world stage. Oh yeah Obama is doing great. You guys notice how the left are all in different stages of grieving? Most are still in denial. Anger usually follows . Hopey Changey

  • Terry Tuttle

    So we’re back to Bush again? Sorry but the ” everybody’s doing it”
    argument doesn’t work. Egypt, Libya, running guns through Libya to arm
    Al Queda, NSA, TSA, IRS, Fast & Furious, Obamascare, QE 1,2&3,
    Common Core. , looking like an amateur compared to a real communist on
    the world stage. Oh yeah Obama is doing great. You guys notice how the
    left are all in different stages of grieving? Most are still in denial.
    Anger usually follows . Hopey Changey

  • steve

    And why not back to bush again! Because if a right wing neo con government elected back into power in the states…look out!! They won’t just rattle the sabres they’ll be sending Americas young and under class back into someone else’s war!! History has a habit of repeating itself! Maybe go back to calling French fries freedom fries!! Please is that what the world needs?

    • pearl87

      Get off the left/right paradigm wagon. It is intended to deceive us into believing those are the only two choices. Choose FEEEDOM. FYI, that’s what the Tea Party offers – a third choice; the America of limited govt that instituted by the founders. NO one loves Bush.

    • steve

      Teabagers!! No way!! Too far extreme right wing neo con !! They bunch of fruit cakes!! Clinging to notion that America was founded on Ultra right christian ideals um no the founding fathers where all masonics lol…besides if that the case acordingly Sarah Palin’s daughter would be stoned to death for pre marital sex…and she would be beaten for trying to influence men! No thank you …independents the way to go!

    • pearl87

      Whoa! Didn’t realize I was trying to engage in rational debate with an illiterate madman. My mistake to think you were worth reasoning with.

    • steve

      You wouldn’t know a rational debate if it smacked you in the head ! I m generalising here but most of you have got either your head up your toshs or buried way to far in the sand soon as someone throws something in the mix …off you go back to pre school…just giving you taste of what you dish out : )

  • TruckinMack

    I’m getting too old for this. Russell Brand is smaller than a blip on my radar screen. I’m asking myself (actually I’m asking Zo, but I don’t think he can hear me), I’m asking myself, why would Zo commit 5 minutes to anything Brand cares about. Brand’s a cypher. He matters less than the shadow of a flea.

    Obviously I’m wrong. Apparently Flea Shadow is a cultural icon for the Useful Idiots and Zo is doing what he can to help them see the light.

  • Well Russell Brand is like the typical leftist blame other people for their problems and take no responsibility for one’s actions. He is the typical liberal. I have to ask this why oh why does he look like a dirtier Mason?

    • pearl87

      Do you mean Charles Manson?

    • Yes he looks like the younger version of him.

    • steve

      What a stupid typical neo con righty thing to say !! Typical , nothing constructive to add so resort to personal attack…this is why there will be a Democrat back in white house next election…you guys self defeatists.

    • Funny are you trying for the hypocrite of the year reward? I am sorry Russell Brand beat you to it. By the way the only reason why I made the comparison is because you liberals and the Mason family have one thing in common cult devotion to the idiotic ideas of Marxism which Jim Jones also believed in but you liberals are to blind to see the truth. Oh and before he start to say that I am angry rich old white man. I am in reality a poor young angry Native American and know who is to blame for all problems in this country morons like you blindly following a leader with a cult minded attitude. Now go worship your god Obama.

    • steve

      My statement stands !! Nothing constructive to add ! And explain how I am being a hypocrite,if you can 😉

    • Calling everyone that disagrees with you Neocon. Look up the word it’s meaning Criminally insane spenders that believe in killing brown people for the new world order. Huge Orwellian government, unfathomable amounts of spending, bomb tens of thousands of people to death to rearrange the globe. Take the worst aspects of the liberal and conservative positions and combine them into one and you would have a NeoCon. Now that is way worse than anything I called Russell Brand and none of us here are racist so again you are being a big old hypocrite.

    • steve

      No you are soooooo wrong ! Neo con term given to likes of people that where backing George W Snr and Jnr…ultra right wingers who believe in American domination through use of the industrial military complex and a self belief they have God given right to dominate and control by media manipulation,see Fox News, the population ! They are not against anyone group in particular as long as everyone thinks as they do!! Try using Google before you rant on , cheers! And for once we in agreement! Actually listen to what Russell talking about !

    • I did Google it moron and that is what came up.

    • steve

      Getting personal now fuk tard!Quote me if you can where it says anything about nwo or that its an ideology against black people or as you claim to b native American!

    • No it is also racist to think everyone that disagrees with you is a old angry white man stop changing the subject.

    • steve

      Sorry Mason family who are they , confused ! Oh you mean MANSON ! And typical of an old confused white rich man to claim to be something that he’s not, much like George W when he was in office !

    • I am not old rich or white and you are racist for thinking we are all like that because I missed one letter in his name.

    • steve

      I’m sorry just enlighten me as to how I am racist?

    • Thinking everyone on my side is white.

    • steve

      He doesn’t blame anyone but set of circumstances! Don’t know why you neo cons back the top 10% wealthy when they as in Wall st currancy speculators bankers etc get billions in bail out continue to bleed the nation and others but that seems to be fine… They don’t pay their fair share of taxes…if they did the average American workers tax could be reduced.. But you all so keen to defend these leeches…I don’t get it!! Please explain ..oh and don’t say they hard work self made because guarentee “they” wouldn’t know actual work if it hit them in the head

    • They sound like you liberals and the only thing that should be blamed for his moronic behavior is himself. I grew up poor you don’t see me doing drugs demanding my fair share but then again liberalism = laziness and greed. For you idiots want Daddy Obama to take care of you so you do not have to think for yourself which I can see by your statements is not your strong suit.

    • steve

      So did I ! I have never used drugs oh sorry alcohol a drug so yes guilty as charged. However I run my own business , lighting hire , I employ up to 6 staff , pay extremely well and have never asked for hand outs…however I just happen to agree with much of what he says! Why you so hell bent on protecting big corporations that pay bugger all tax whilst small business owner such as myself gets rapped? I don’t have off shore accounts to hide my wealth , as humble as it is…again what wrong with the fat cats paying their fair share? Go Russell!!! And being lib doesn’t mean your lazy ,what a retarded comment, maybe it just means you actually care about those less well off and can feel compassion for others a feeling I’m sure you tight ass neo con’s that claim to be Christians have forgotten!!

    • Please if you really cared about the less well off you would be giving your own money instead of demanding people to pay their fair share which you liberals already tax the hell out of them at 50% and you idiots wonder why they try to protect their money from morons like you and I have to call B.S. of you being a business owner because anyone dumb enough to support an moron that thinks higher gas prices = great economy cannot do the simple math to own a business. Oh and I don’t see rich liberals paying their fair share helping the poor I swear you liberals are the biggest hypocrites to ever walk the earth. Michael Moore Obama and Al Gore are great examples of vulture capitalist but you liberals have no problems with that.

    • steve

      And where do you come up with this 50% tax rate from? Why the top 10% of wealthy in this country pay LESS than 10% while the average hard working American gets stung 30+% riddle me that batman! Oh and I think the Sam Fisher was a great character….Splinter Cell was it?

    • At least we got one thing in common.

    • steve

      Here’s something else to ponder! If you make 50,000 a year here’s where your taxes go: 3.98 for natural disaster relief..6.38 for welfare..22 .98 unemployment insurance..36.83 for SNAP..43.78 retirement/ disability to gov workers..235.81 medicare…246.76 defense…4000 !!! For corporate subsidies !! Per year…are you sure your pissed at the right people!?

    • Oh yes because big government buffoons are behind that.

  • TDS

    So, when do I get my share of his millions???

    • Jim Cavanagh

      Interesting…Why should you get any share of his millions???

      Get it????

    • TDS

      Well, he wants everyone ELSE to share, so…

  • pearl87

    Russell Brand, Tom Hanks, Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Brangelina, the list of Hollywood celebrities who are multimillionaires, yet they all believe that the working man should be plundered to pay for their “Utopian” schemes. But Utopia for whom? Only themselves and the unmotivated class of parasites who will surely drag all of humanity into the pit of discontent they represent. We need to separate ourselves from these takers. One way we can disempower the loud mouth celebrity class of Communists is to STOP CONSUMING THEIR PRODUCT! STOP paying for their movies, their cable T.V., their magazines, their concerts. Move in the direction of independent thought. Be a real person and wean yourself from this phony culture of “hype and change”.

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