Kanye’s Judgement Goes South with Rebel Flag Stunt

Humility doesn’t have much to do with Kanye West, who describes himself as a genius.

He reeks of such arrogance while claiming to ask, “What would Jesus do?” Well, Jesus would not come off as arrogant, including doing things like Kanye taking his nickname, “Yeezy” and crossing it with Jesus, to get “Yeezus,” and then calling himself a god. Kanye West is deeply infected with pride. I guess Kanye, and the Confederate flag are a great fit. Since that’s what it’s all about… Pride. Hear more in this Zonation!

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  • How does Kanye like his eggs?


  • Django Lachlan

    I hate to be the one to bring this up, but I think “Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction” is already a movie…

  • Dan

    You may want to research the real reason the south left the Union.. Hint It was about Taxes and control of the industry of cotton. Yes slave were part of it but was not the main thing or we would not have the extra amendments and laws about the military use on US land in place

    • Bryan Lyman

      Dan, you apparently missed the video where Zo proved this theory completely wrong.

  • Arsenio Contreras

    And here I just saw who was supposedly Kanye, selling his General Lee Charger on eBay, and the description (written in all caps) was talking about how he didn’t support the flag and what it represented. Now I gotta wonder.

  • What is the matter Zo he just wearing the Democratic colors?

  • I am the true rebel and this is the flag I fly. They call us the racist but yet you here some of these liberals talk and you think we never left the days of slavery Chris Mathews is a perfect example. You also here it in rap hip hop which is the very reason most of the time I can’t stand it sure their are a few good ones but most of the time it is like why do I want to listen about a song of a guy going threw women like a fat guy goes threw donuts? It makes no sense to me but they got the balls to say we are the sexist racist ones.

    • Allen Michael

      I know exactly what rapcrap is. I was guilty in my immature youth of listening to it. Too bad those that listen to it, listen as if it is their surrogate parent! I did enjoy hip hop which believe it or not had a lot of knowledge for youth. One big one that sticks out is KRSOne. Now that is an intelligent individual. I do remember when 2LiveCrew came out, and they were ridiculed for their offensive music. As I have matured since listening to it, I see why! But they are protected by our 1st Amendment. But ultimately it is up to the parents to be aware of the garbage their children are listening to! LOL, brings me to some memory of when I would crank some rapcrap out my window while I played basketball. My mom came storming down to my room, pull the rapcrap tape out and stomped on it. I look back and don’t blame her one bit!

    • Really the only rap I do trust is Christian. I never got into Hip hop style I am more of a Rock Hard rock and country time of guy. But your right like everything else Parents should be the ones that police the home for trash. I never like the how ban video games argument for the same reason. If their where more responsible parents out their then bad music violent video games and movies would not get into our youths hands.

  • Frank Visone

    kunta-kanye??? for real??? no you didn’t! hahahahahahaha omg Zo, that could possibly be the greatest thing you’ve ever said! love it! and I agree with you here, this was yet another spot-on segment. keep them coming!

  • Edwin Hutchins

    The Marvin the Martian schtick was crazy funny. There was supposed to be a BOOM!!!

    • David A. Carlson

      Where’s the Earth-shattering kaboom?

  • Darlene TwoDat Pilet

    The South seceded from the Union over states’ rights. Not slavery. Lincoln freed slaves in the South but not in the North. Do a little research on history not written by the winners.

    • Jeff Sedam

      You are the one that needs to do the research. ^Plus the fact that after all these years you are still trying to justify the south shows an astounding amount of ignorance.

    • Wibbins

      They seceded over a states right to … allow slavery. Sorry, try again next time.

  • Ralf Link

    PLEASE STOP REFERING TO THE CONFEDERATE FLAG AS A SYMBOL OF OPPRESION. This Flag stands FOR History and NOT Hate. besides that you of all People should know that more then 30% of ALL Slave-Owners in the South have been BLACK. You should also know that the “Father of Slavery” was a BLACK Man. I also DISAGREE with the Term “Civil-War” because it was NOT a Civil War BUT it was a War instigated by the Northern States and for purely Economic Reasons. Thus this War should be rightly called “The War of NORTHERN Aggression” Check your Historical FACTS. The Conflict started in April of 1861 but the Notion of “Freeing” the Slaves did not enter the Picture until 10 months LATER. another thing you should NOT forget is the FACT that BLACKS VOLUTERELLY served in the Confederate Military AND they did so PROUDLY.

    • MaxVoltz

      The ‘Confederate Flag’ shown was a battle banner, not the official flag of the CSA. It had nothing to do with slavery. It’s a cool looking flag. Too bad the race baiters have made it into a symbol of hate.

    • tim

      it represents the side that lost the war, not pride or history.
      its a representation defeat where is pride in that? their were not very many free blacks in the south before the” civil- war” and a slave does not do anything voluntarily.

  • Kevis

    Kanye is a hypocrite and makes his money doing so. Sad statement about society that slackers, liars and deceivers are the heroes.

  • Allen Michael

    Kayne is about as big a joke as Miley Circusclown, and Snoop pussycat! They do these stunts for publicity, which equals what Zo did for popularity and power! So they try to stay in the limelight! Good vid Zo!

  • Kennyd67

    He got all jealous when Miley Cirus got all that attention so he had to think of a way to act like an even bigger ass then her

  • Good word, brother Zo. I bet Kanye and his supporters wouldn’t like it if I made a t-shirt with the n-word across the front and wore the shirt to liberate the word.

    Think Kanye will drive-up in the General Lee at one of his photo ops? 🙂

  • Indigo

    Although Taylor Swift has been gettings awards ever since being upstaged by Kanye (big boost to her), Kanye’s pride, if not repented of, will reveal in his ruin (already has). As the Proverb says, Pride goeth before destruction.

  • Ron Gilbert

    Zo, thanks again for that proper doctrine about why Jesus Christ died for us and that He DOES NOT ACCEPT SIN. I have discussion after discussion with those that support homosexuality about how I am a hater because I see their sin and call it out. What they do not realize is how this is not hate. Identification of sin is a must for repentance. Instead of hate they should see it is a message of caring. I often use the example of someone going down the road and see’s that their neighbors house is on fire. This particular neighbor is one that yells at people for making noise or for stepping on their lawns. Knowing this about that neighbor, should a person not wake them from their sleep because they might get angry with me for waking them up or should I show them that I care more about them by waking them up from their slumber in order for them to escape certain death? Telling someone of their sin, the consequences for that sin, and the escape from that death should be viewed as an act of love and caring not as being judgmental and hateful. Now there are those that do it with hate (Westborough Baptist is a prime example of that due to my not ever seeing them tell someone how to get saved) and those people will certainly answer for that. I try not to be one of those (sometimes I fail at it). Again, thanks for you correct doctrine and your humorous way of presenting lunacy.

  • David A. Carlson

    Damn, he does a good Marvin the Martian impersonation.

  • Virginia Qureshi


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