Lincoln, a Democrat? What Did I Miss?

At a Chicago area college, a sign dedicates a building to “Abraham Lincoln, Democrat.” If memory serves us right, Lincoln was the first President of which party? Oh yeah, the Republicans. Democrats try to reinvent history to try to make themselves look better on issues like civil rights; but it has always been the Republican platform acknowledging people as free persons and protecting the balance of liberty. Check out more in the ZoNation vid!

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  • Bryan Lyman

    Maybe they were talking about a different Abraham Lincoln. Maybe it was that Abraham guy who was working down at the CVS pharmacy and won the Lottery…you know…that guy with the eye patch and the gimpy leg? Just Kiddin’

    Zo, I just bought your book, I am listening to it as we speak (or type…or…whatever this is called)

    • Imtoooldforthis

      The college claims that the word democrat is used because of Lincoln’s belief in democracy. The word has nothing to do with his political affiliation. He believed that all men should be free. Sounds like the biggest crock of crap I’ve ever heard.

    • Bryan Lyman

      I am glad you can recognize crap by the sound and not just the smell 😉

    • Kevin Watson

      He voted for Obama, so he MUST be a democrat. Right?

  • Shameless.

  • Charles Beltz

    Sounds a lot like your book during a portion … I watch & help with my girls history homework, guess what … they are starting to try to slide in some “Revisionary History” … LOL

  • Spencer

    Zoe, what can we do about this?! How can we change this? Its a blatant lie! Their literally rewriting history! We need to write to the school, or send them a history book or….SOMETHING! I am serious, what do we do?!

    • Keith Wetzel

      Well Spencer, get involve with your local community, attend PTO meetings, attend school board meetings, see if you can join the school board. Get together with like minded individuals and educate your family, friends & neighbors. Look up Precinct Project on Red State, over half of the Republican Precinct committee/captain seats are vacant. They perform critical roles in getting out the vote durying elections & primaries If we can get Conservatives to fill all those vacancy, we have a great step in taking back the Republican party and make it stand for something.

    • Spencer

      Thanks that helps! I am gonna look into all of those options! Though taking a high powered drill to that sign and physically removing that lie sounds like a great plan ‘B’.

  • triangle whip

    The 1st democrat president was white supremos Andrew Jackson. Ask a Cherokee , if you don’t believe me..

  • demarion

    True, Lincoln was the first Republican president. That said, these days one has to wonder If Lincoln would be a Republican. Poor fellow, he’s akin to Jesus; all sides claim him as one of their own.

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