ZoNATION: ObamaCare–All the Cool Kids are Doing It

Dude! Obama Care is so awesome! Dude, seriously… You like have to have it! No, seriously you actually have to have it. Hear more in this ZoNation vid!

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  • Kristie Jacobson

    Hit the nail on the head!! Great video….

    • James Loos

      yes. yes he did. I would really LOVE to confront everyone who said i was an idiot, right-wing nut, and other worse (much worse) things over my stance on obamacare (and his administration in general) and rub their damn noses in current events with a very loud “i told ya so”

    • Sunshine Kid

      Hey, I wear the term “right wing nut” proudly. They don’t seem to like it much when I call them “wrong wing nuts”.

    • I am going to use that if you don’t mind.

    • Sunshine Kid

      I don’t mind at all – and my wife says I never mind, so I guess that confirms it.

    • Kristie Jacobson

      I also proudly wear any and all names that they send my way! I look on them as the proverbial badge of honor!! Of which they have none!!!

  • Liberals only care about four things sex, booze, free stuff and other people’s money. All they do is worship these things to death and don’t even care what they are doing to everyone else. For we hard workers are in their way. It is really sad that we are forced to pay for their life style.

    • fights

      That’s what happens when you don’t have God in your life.

  • bdaniel230

    Zo, as always you hit it like a Gangsta hits his baby mama. The entire plan is coming to a head and they MUST have the millennials signing up or it collapses of it’s own weight and the Liberals know it.

  • And one more thing I would like to add. Please liberals explain maternity care for men? Do you guys understand that Junior was a movie and not a documentary?

  • TruckinMack

    OMG!!! I have already posted this ad on my FB page saying the insult was not that girls were encouraged to be sluts, but that they could not do math. That it would be cheaper to buy your own birth control than to pay the new Obamacare premiums. // Alfonzo, what you said was so much funnier and so much more accurate. I’m reposting this to my FB page right now.

  • louisk

    At least Alfonzo is keeping me up to date as to where all of my money is going. thanks.

  • fights

    Not only are all the cool kids doing “it”, they’re also doing drugs, stds, unwanted pregnancies. Yea, so cool. ugh! Oh, and love ZO!

  • Melissa

    Zo you are the man. I’ve found that common sense is something that is lacking in America these days, so many don’t see the lies that are coming forth from the president. Obama now says you can keep your insurance for a year, question, what happens after that year? Question…will the premium remain the same? One problem in today’s society too is that we are not responsible, if you get pregnant, it’s not your fault, abort it, if you want to have sex, it’s not your fault, make others pay for your contraceptives. Our youth, as we all know of our own youth, know that unprotected sex is bad, just as drinking and partying (if driving home comes after it), is bad. It’s like watching National Lampoon’s Animal House then seeing a Mother’s against drunk drivers ad, it’s counterproductive. These ads for obamacare are saying go out and risk STDs and AIDS, get on the pill someone else will pay for it. Don’t worry about drinking, party like it’s 1999, get the obamacare so you’ll be able to be hospitalized after your wreck because you’re drunk, or after being raped/beaten by Bubba cause you were put in jail for a DUI.

  • MissMicki

    Thank you Zo. Everything you said made perfect sense, meaning it will go over the heads of every liberal.

  • rick0857

    What do all of you guys mean that if there are not enough young people signed up this thing will collapse??? What Federal Program ONCE started HAS EVER BEEN REPEALED? Now maybe this MIGHT be the first, but, if you ask me, as long as the Lyin’ Hawaiian is in the White Mosque YOUR TAXES will go up, up, up, up, up before Obamacare GOES DOWN!!

  • Dragonheartxp

    What all Americans are missing is that the Subsidy you get with the health plan will be considered ad TAXABLE INCOME BY THE IRS!!

  • Imtoooldforthis

    According to the Merriam Webster dictionary the only time the work democrat is Capitalized is to denote the political party. I am a Democrat-party. I am a democrat-I believe in democracy. Are they seriously saying that the people that teach those students are too dumb to know this. I hope not because all those parents wasting all that money to be taught by a bunch of idiots is really very sad.

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