Joe Dan: The Madness of King Barry -S2E15


Turns out, the White House knew all along that millions of Americans could not possibly keep their insurance… but the best way to sell a lie is to tell a lie—a lot of lies. And that’s exactly what Obama did.

Obama lied to over 300 million American citizens time after time after time after time— it is on video, there are multiple angles, from a variety of venues. This marxist clown was caught lying as red-handed as you can get! And he keeps on! LOL. This is the behavior of a person with mental problems….SERIOUS mental problems.

Then after a complex sequence of lies, distortions and assorted other misrepresentations, Obama says “he” and he alone….can change the law. This guy is delusional.

Obama is a fraud… and the Emperor has no clothes.

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  • Zach Smith

    Great find! Definitely going to subscribe to this guy!

  • TruckinMack

    As bad as Obama is as a President, and he truly is atrocious, he got the way because the media is laying cover. Ditto Bill Clinton, with the reverse being true of George W. Bush. While George II certainly had flaws, he was nowhere near as bad as the far Left news media and the Hollywood machine made him out to be. Some day Obama will be gone, but the Liberal media and the even more Liberal Hollywood machine will still be with us. We have our work cut out for us fighting these horrific institutions.

  • I like the back round music this guy picks.

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