Cher, Still Trying To Attack The Tea Party With Racism

Cher wants a revolution against the Tea party,
Not very smart Cher.
We’re the bitter folks with all the Guns,
Remember? That Revolution might not turn out well for you.
Don’t you know you’re not supposed to bring granola bars to a gun fight?
I’m playing off your perception of us of course. If we Christians republicans types were so ready to unload on y’all we would have done it all ready… More on this on ZoNation!

  • This is just a fading actress/singer trying to revitalize her image by attempting to be ‘edgy’ and controversial. Her way of saying ‘hey! remember me?” I used to be something a few years ago. Maybe if we ignore her, she’ll just go away.

    • Jimmy Dimples

      Thing is, she’s siding with the establishment, the power, Obama, Mr. Establishment. And if she’s making a foolish statement, it needs to be brought to light so we’ll remember WHY we tuned her out and shouldn’t tune back in to her.

      Also, there’s this pesky thing about not letting a lie stand unchallenged.

    • Zo

      Sho’ Nuff!!!

    • T Lady

      And without the air-brush Glam she’s really starting to look her age. That picture speaks volumes. And yeah, it would be nice if she and couple of her other aging counterparts would “just go away.”

  • catholic_citizen

    Personally, I love it when people like her go out and spout this nonsense. It is really starting to have an effect on that big mass of Americans – the ideological middle.

    The more hyperbole they spout, the more of the moderate vote that got Mr. Obama elected dissipates from his camp.

  • Lane

    It never ceases to amaze me that some of these Hollywood liberal blowhards really have no clue how their bread gets buttered. I guess she’s old, made her money and doesn’t care what we think of her now.

    • Bob

      As I recall two great men were democrats when they were President of the Screen Actors Guild: Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston. Of course they both saw the light and switched parties. I strongly suspect that she won’t smarten up like they did.

  • Maybe she’ll do a favor for us and move to Venezuela or Argentina should Obama lose. Both of those dictators should meet her approval.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      She can take a few with her – Glover, Garafalo, Paltrow, Penn, Crow, Heigel, DiCaprio, and all the rest of the Hollyweird big mouth losers. You can count the decent actors on two hands.


    Is she out of money , cuz damn time hasn’t been good to her. You would think being of Indian desent that she would be more careful of racism. But I guess money just makes most in the movie and music industry racist from those that don’t fit there finacial status. I guess once you get the big money you get your liberal card !!!

  • I grew up listening to Cher,watching the Sonny and Cher show,love her songs,she was always so beautiful,but all I see is an idiot,and I really mean that,not trying to be ugly but,really,I am a member of the Tea Party,is there some reason she has hate for life long fans of hers? Or hate that she became famous because of capitalism or that most of the people who paid to see her and support her are the ones she accuses of racism? Does she know or even care who her fans are? I suppose people like her,and the list is getting longer and longer,dont give a rats pa-tuty who their fans are really. Well atleast the Dixie Chicks wont be alone at the bottom of the trash can.

    • Bob

      I remember her from years ago too. Today, I wish she had gone on that skiing trip instead of her Republican husband, Senator Sonny Bono. He was a good American.

    • Sharon

      The Hollyweird crowd are incapable of understanding they are insulting the people who actually made them what they are. They are incapable of realizing that if you denigrate people, they WILL stop supporting you. The same way The Dixie Chicks imploded after Natalie Mains uttered her smear against George W. Bush.

  • Ol has been

  • My3Dogs

    Back in the day (and since) she let us all know she didn’t graduate from high school. I guess it shows really badly now. Esay to manipulate people who never learned to think for themselves. Just an aside – can you make a greater contrast between the letters and background? The comments are kind of hard to read with these eyes….

  • Passionate Pachyderms

    Thanks for sharing with us, now I’d like to return the favor. Please watch and like this video. It will make you cry, then make your heart sing, (it’ll sound better then Cher, and dance better then her son/daughter/both/either/pick one. PP~

    • passionate pachyderms

      (see link above… it’s late and I hit post before including the link, sorry. ‪#TheColorsIFly

  • Passionate Pachyderms


  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Didn’t she have a song a long time ago about liberals…”hippies, tramps and thieves…”

  • That broom pilot has snorted one too many lines, instead of reading them.

  • JR

    Wow! Shes still alive? With all the preservatives she has in her, she will look the same in a hunderd years from now.. Stretched, old and well used…. As one had commented. ” just another old singer try to get the lime light, long after its gone out”..Maybe she could call Hanoi Jane, and they both get into a convertible and drive off a cliff. Oh Oh Oh! Let Susan Serandon drive. wow! What a nice thought

  • Docs357

    Some people never grow up and never shut up.

  • Cheery1

    Please…go away….NO one really cares what she thinks….ughhhhh….

  • JR

    Looks like my last comment got booted from being posted. They talk about 1st admendment rights on this site. But! I guess everyone doesnt have that right, Unless, you’re a liberal bad mouthing America. I will try again. Cher should contact Hanoi Jane and Susan Sarandon, so she will have company from to 2 other has beens.

  • jim

    i belong to the “t party” and there is no raceism in it .
    we have a black man in our group and wewlcome any body who wan ts to come just no foul language and no voiience

    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      DADDY LIKE :0)

  • jhforsythe

    Cher is a fruitcake!

  • krdave

    She was hot and wild and different 45 years ago, but now she is just an older has-been who has been pampered and catered to for all these years and she is trying to keep in the news. She fits in with the Fonda, Sarandon , Obama crowd very well.

    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      “SAD BUT TRUE” MetallicA

  • Bernie

    Who cares what these Hollywood think…..they have just parroted the words given to them all their
    “working” lives…….. They should seek to grow old with grace ….. if they have any issues about the how
    much money they were lucky to earn ….. set up a fund or contribute to those who made their life possible….
    (returning militatry warriors, firemen, police, and the like)

  • Mike

    Cher, This gal is without a doubt one brick shy of a load…Nothing else needs to be said to this moron!

    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      “Ignorance can be corrected STUPID is Forever.” Kent Hovind

  • junkmailbin

    few things are worse that members of the entertianment industry having political oral diareia. One thing is worse, old members of the group spoutting off. Money does not bestowe brians or knowledge but can amplifiy stupidity to a great degree.

  • mimi

    TO all these hollywood people go away, they don’t stand for we the people ,they are all up OBUMMERS BUTT BIG TIME ,I JUST DON’T GET IT!!!! I will never go to any thing they put out never,they make their money in AMERICA THEN GO TO OTHER COUNTRYS AND PUT DOWN AMERICA, WHY WOULD ANY REAL AMERICAN GIVE THEM A PENNY STOP GOING TO ANY THING THEY DO!!!! UNTIE FOR AMERICA LAND OF THE FREEE WE CAN’T LET THE KKK slave party of DEMOCRAPS TAKE THAT FROM US,FREEEEEEEDOOOM!!!! VOTE OBUMMER OUT and the slave party because SOCIALISM IS SLAVERY and i will NOTbe know one OF THEIR SLAVES !!!!!! I BELONG TO THE PARTY OF Abraham Lincoln a real AMERICAN FREEDOM FOR EVERY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL BE VOTING FOR THE REAL AMERICA MITT AND I HAVE PHOTO ID EVERY ONE SHOULD HAVE PHOTO ID OR YOU CAN’T VOTE!!!!!!!! LETS MAKE THAT A LAW AMERICANS,WE PAY THE COST TO BE BOSS and this is what i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Irma

      What irks me is that I recently read that many in the Hollywood crowd make ads in foreign countries for millions of dollars per shot and keep the money IN THE FOREIGN COUNTRY so that they don’t have to pay US taxes! Nice, huh!

  • Candyman

    Can you spell has-been with a weird child? She was a slut when she was young and hasn’t changed much since.

  • Backgammon

    This piece of plastic surgery has no idea what the real world is like. Hollywood is 90% liberal crap.
    Her son/daughter or daughter/son is the problem in America, not the solution. I stop going to movies and supporting their songs years ago. If all conservatives stopped spending a penny on the entertainment world, they would go away.

  • Crying shamecarthy didn’t finish the job in “Hollwierd” .

  • Sam

    Cher is a senior citizen whore. Nobody cares what she thinks.
    Besides, she has ban DNA. Have you seen her offspring?

  • Cher , come on be real! I can’t believe someone that has been around for as long as you have can’t see that “REAL PEOPLE” belong to the Tea Party . These are the ones who watched your TV shows and attended your concerts I get it ….it’s old age or Alzhimers getting to you to even think that just because this intellectual midget in the White House has destroyed the country you have to bring race into it!!

  • wombat

    The butterfly tattoo she got on her ass when she was 19 is now a condor.
    Washed up old prune.

    • carlenefrazierwendel

      hahahaha FUNNY

  • Guest

    I believe Cher is the way she is because she looks at what she has done to her own child and has to direct her hate at others. Unfortunately she reproduced and made another like her.

  • Shari

    Cher, just stay home in your ivory palace and do charitable works with your money. Nobody really cares what you think anymore and grabbing for attention any way you can get it makes one a small person. Besides, I have figured out over the years that Democrats are really bad at name calling. They can’t seem to get a point across unless they use really bad language: case in point, some of the members of Congress and the Senate ( you know who they are!). Thats why this campaign is so dirty and just plain nasty, but asking the Dems to back off with some of their rhetoric and be honest and TRUTHFUL is impossible. I know I got sidetracked but since I had the floor for a second, I just added a few other things that bother me to.

  • Opie

    Is she still around and voicing her opinion like anyone cares? I thought she was leaving the U.S. if Bush was elected for a second term? No luck huh?

  • Cher has a big mouth allot like Linda Rhonstadt. Rember Rhonstadt was booed off the Stage in Las Vegas for slamming President Bush during a Concert. And then you have the two chief jackasses Striesand and Fonda. I wouldn’t give you a dime for the whole bunch of them…

  • elizabeth57

    Cher its all those drugs. This bunch hypocrites that spew this filth should just shut the hell up. Tea party arent racist

  • luzmark1

    Awwwwh ! A lost soul she be.

    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      Where there is life there is HOPe Today is the day of Salvation.

  • nina


    • Kellymatthew Barnes

      Are you a demokkkratikkk plant?

    • carlenefrazierwendel

      I don’t care what she does with her sex life.. i just wish she would invest in a brain. When they get mixed up with Scientology, they lose it all. When you walk the wrong path, it will get you for sure.

  • nina

    Just look at the waste products she produced, queen of freaks.

  • nina

    Satan’s Spawn

  • Country Lady

    I have to wonder if any of these Hollyweird types have every taken the trouble to attend a meeting or delve into what the Tea Party is really all about! Of course not – why would they – it’s much better publicity to lie about what you don’t know anything about…

    • Sharon

      If they did bother to actually find out what the TEA Party is, their minuscule brains would explode. Better to be a TEA Party member than a brain damaged Liberal.

  • Gee

    Cher, What A Putride Example Of WomanHood, What Does She Know About Patriotism, If It Ain’t Liberal Drugs, Then She’s Spaced Out. Cheers Semper Fi.

  • Dr. Evil

    Racism – not in the 10 commandments

    Bearing false witness – in the 10 commandments

  • Marceil Gladys Lively

    Part of Webster dictionary’s Definition of liberal includes licentious, lacking moral restraint which many Hollywood liberals do typify. It also defines liberal as being broad-minded; especially : not bound by authoritarianism which Cher and others are bound by the authoritarianism through Scientology! And as her comment shows she is not Broad- minded!

  • Kellymatthew Barnes

    “To the egotist there is no other.” RAVI ZACHARIAS

  • MaxVoltz

    Have some more botox….in your orange juice!

  • LibertyChick

    I wish Cher and the rest of the folks who keep trying to divide us would wake up. At the time of the Civil War the north was predominately Republican and the south Democrat. Over 2 million white men – predominately Republicans – marched down across the Mason Dixon Line to fight for the freedom of the black slaves. Over 600,000 Americans died in that war – more than any other. The segregation that followed was part of the Democrat south not the Republican north. If you think about what could be done to destroy a group of people, its been done through social programs designed by the Democrats to “help” the blacks: free money for food, housing, etc. Their initiatives disempowered them, destroyed their communities, broke up the family unit. I remember in the 1970’s happily married black couples were divorcing so they could make more money from welfare. I read an article about the new generation of black people coming over from Africa and they are having as much success as the white immigrants. Why? They believe they can. Social programs have created a cast system of dependency and poor education that leave American born blacks questioning their own ability and believing the lie of “no you can’t”. What a waste of so much potential!

    Check out this site for “Uncle Sam’s Plantation”:

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