ZoNATION: Oprah Orders More Whine On The Race Card

Oprah has raised the debt ceiling on the race card. Even though she’s got enough money to swipe that card ’til it smokes. Funny how the wealth she has mostly comes from her white fans, but somehow it’s racism that’s causing Obama to fail. It can’t possibly be his policies. Hear more in this ZoNation.

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  • I like what you did at the end their and according to liberal logic if a white person disagrees with a black person they are racist. I wonder if liberals realize that they do it all the time when they call people like you racist names.

  • John H. Melton

    Dude- you just made my day- and made me eject coke out my nose…

  • X3Charlie

    Someone should sell this, I’d buy it and carry it around in my wallet!

  • Truth Seeker

    I passed by this posting on FB a few times, thinking it was something else entirely. Then watched. Was awe-inspired and had to actually clap at the end, then, of course, giggle at the chest hair falling off line. Thank you, Alfonzo, you are honest and true with your words.

  • MaxEffectUSA

    Great job, as usual.

  • Kevis

    Dude you are an 8th degree black belt (oh crap, was that racist?) in verbal judo. Love to see you in debates with people like Debbie Whatshername-Schiesse or Pears More-gun. Hell I must be racist for making fun of them too…

    Rock on man.

  • Terra Pennington

    No longer a fan. I use to love her for all she has over come in the life.

  • Melissa

    You are the man Zo…you keep giving it to them and they can’t take it…liberals can dish it out but they can’t take it when it’s towards them. My opinion the so called race card is used all too much, I’m not saying racism is not a real problem, but I think it’s not the cause of the many acts that people like Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton and now Oprah try to make it out to be. Fights happen, and they happen between blacks and whites, blacks and blacks, and whites and whites, not everything is about race, sometimes it’s just about one person being an ass, and the fight that ensues from that. So many people disagreed with Bush, and some of them, I’m sure, were black, so does that make them racist? Just because you disagree with the politics and the way people do their job (such as with Obama) does not mean you’re racist…my opinion here is Obama has gotten more chances than any other president ever…he’s been involved in scandal after scandal, he’s been caught in lies, both from his campaign promises and now with obamacare, yet so many try to make excuses for him…the problems of the first four years were because of Bush –according to Obama’s backers, now we are on the second term and they are still blaming the Republicans, surprise huh? Supposedly, according to the liberal democrats that back Obama, he is for taxing and making the rich pay…the only thing I have problems with is if this is so, then why did the 3 richest men in America back the democratic party? Gates, Warren & Ellison. I keep hearing references to the Koch brothers, the awful Republicans they are because they are rich, yet 3 even richer men are backing Obama. And now Oprah, with her 2.9 billion dollars, another rich person backing Obama…Why would rich people back an administration that plans to TAX and take their money away from them???

  • Naomi

    Zo! Your raaaaacist! LOL, against goat molesters…

  • Venita R Mariani

    Dude I love you!

  • Thomas E. Ashley

    Well done, well said!

  • Stephen Peele


  • Jeff Martin

    There is no racism…. to say there is makes one uneducated because my education taught me that human is a race with many of that race have visual and physical differences. So in short I am human so who is not part of the human race?

  • Janie Johnson

    Alfonzo, You just got another fan, I wish more people would see this Video and listen, you make more sense, then anyone I have heard from in the past 2 months, so much common sense, something alot of people are lacking these days…God Bless….

  • Ray Mac

    Im a fan!!! you rock!

  • D.B

    The red wine snarfed out of my nose. Good job. Hurts, but good job.

  • Robert G Mitchell

    Alfonso, I’m stunned. I’ve NEVER heard a black person call another black person a RACIST. I am a newly indoctrinated fan of yours now. TRUTH is colorless.

  • Robert Veite

    Awesome, clean cut and articulate!!! Biden pun intended!

  • Abby Sapp

    You have gotten to the bottom of the problem! Thank you!

    I’m keeping this up for a while so I can send it on to others who have questioned the severe damage Oprah has done to herself and what she continues to do to our communities.

    Bravo sir! It would be nice if she knew this, but I doubt that will ever happen at this point.

  • Sherry Jones

    Dude, I love your style! Very snarky, but in such a totally cool way 🙂

  • Imtoooldforthis

    I love your comments because you are so in touch with reality. Please, keep up the good work.

  • mytro

    ok I am going to be a smartass. I just watched the oprah video on race and racism and scrolled down to read some of the comments and before I got to the comments there was a lil section describing on the manner in which all comments should be posted. I just want to see if anyone chuckled when they “got it”

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