Knock Knock. Who’s there? Knock Out. Knock Out, Who…?

I’m bored. How ’bout you? Let’s go knock the snot out of somebody. Sure it could kill ’em. But better them dying than me dying of boredom. Al Sharpton’s not gonna do anything about it. He’s just gonna take that bullhorn that was meant for us, and turn it on white folks and blame them for us being bored, and guilt trip them into paying more taxes.

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  • Bob Beezer

    It’s all fake Zo, the media said so.

  • ExtraChrispy
    • JK

      “Offensive language” seems to be an understatement. But, yeah, the guy is right.

    • No need to go down to their level.

  • Greg Brosek

    Alfonzo, great messages you send! So glad I ran across your site a few months back!

  • disqus_1hGlJoy1KD

    As usual Zo…you nailed it, especially about the entitlement culture fostered by liberals.

  • Sherry Jones

    Dude, you always nail it right on the head….. love the way you present an issue!

  • Bill Conroy

    OH ZO !!! “Containment breach of their voter stock” I can’t stop laughing..

  • So let me get this right liberals. It is racist to disagree with Obama but it is not racist to knock white people out in a game called polar bear hunting? I don’t know I think their logic is a little faulty. Some one please help me out here I am so confused.

  • J.w. Appling

    It a shame that your not on TV where more people can hear what you got to say. you’re good at getting to the truth of things and explaining it in a way that’s easy for people to understand.

  • SD

    Zo for president!

  • Jim Prell

    I had a group of 4 approach me while I was out walking my dog…heard the biggest one tell the other 3 “Knock out….?” I locked my eyes to theirs, raised my right hand to show I heard them and brought it to my back as if I was carrying one of my guns. They stopped in their tracks looked to each other, shook their heads no, and beat feet back to the street. If they had called my bluff, who knows what would have happened to me and my small 14 lbs. dog! Was not carrying at the time…WON’T make that mistake again while walking the dog!

    • Richard M

      I carry inside my house, outside my house, in my car, outside my car, in any store I visit. I live 10 miles from Maryland; I do not go to Maryland…ever. I pay attention to my surroundings and have taught my wife to do the same. You never know when some “baby daddy” is going to have an attack of piss poor judgement. You just never know when someone is more anxious to meet God than they should be.

  • When I got bored as a teen I made a raft out of four oil drums and old wood. 8 years later teens are doing this what happen?

  • making_pie

    Somebody needs to invent some anti-monkey spray.

  • I don’t mean this is a racist way, but the need to be put out in the fields, I picked beans during the summers to buy my school clothes, we were too tired to be bored. When we acted like we were bored, our parents would find some work for us to do, there were always leaves to rack, wood to get, something that needed to be done….that’s the problem with youth today, parents have been too easy on them, they don’t make them do anything anymore, it’s like go outside and do something, so they get together with their friends and do this. I know people say it’s bad in these type of neighborhoods, if it’s really as bad as they say, then I think they need to move…and before anyone says that’s impossible, look at the immigrants who came to America during the 20s and 30s, many came with only pennies if that in their pockets. Many of these people are on welfare and food stamps…fine, can you not get them anywhere in the state?? Move to where you can have a bit of control over your child. Also raise them better, if they have a better upbringing then they can become a helpful addition to society, not someone who will become a statistic when while doing something like this they meet someone with a gun…which I heard just recently 3 did….to lose a child in a accident or to a fatal disease is hard, but to lose a child to this kind of preventable violence is wrong. Teach a child better, teach them respect for everyone.

  • Mark Calvin

    I keep inviting punks to try and hit me, but they never bite. Sometimes it sucks being 2 to 3 times as big as they are. I only want to play too!

  • Charles

    So very very intelligent

  • John Barleycorn


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