Barackalypse Now ‘Drop & Roll’ Intellectual Froglegs S2E16


Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!

We all know our Community Organizer in Chief blew off the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address—but he did take the time to read Lincoln’s speech… well kind of….like the good marxist that Obama is—-he left out ‘under God.’ But that’s what Democrats do. Remember they booed God at their last convention.

Also in this action-packed Turkey Day episode, Deputy Barney Fife explains Global Warming, Great Moments in Democrat History, Celebrity Experts and more!

Plus, Al Sharpton explains why Thanksgiving is so important to him. Music from The Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin, Earl Scruggs, Alan Parsons to mention a few.

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  • Karen Silin

    love it !

  • NAACP = Kwaanza Kook Klan

    Jews Lead Gun Control Charge

    • Why oh why everywhere I go I see morons like this that blame Jews for everything?

    • Brock Naramor

      I would think Jews would be the LAST ethnicity to want gun control.

    • Yup I guess you can say they got six million reasons to be nervous about gun control.

    • I did no such thing… I don’t like Islam or Judaism though… desert cult nonsense…

      Religion is not a race.

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