ZoNation: Common Core Survey Series, Part One: Hey! Teacher! Seriously! Leave them Kids Alone!

From the folks who brought you Common Core, comes a survey of the political leanings of the students’ parents! Because, obviously, Common Core can’t be taught effectively with any of those right wing leanings in the way. Hear more in this ZoNation vid!

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  • Oh look Obama is brain washing our kids again.

    • SD

      Again? Don’t you mean still?

  • rich jolynne

    How do I get a copy of the common core test. I home school my grandson. But you never know when the government will step in on this subject. I want to be able to prepare him with the truth.

    • They have not even made them yet- the comment was just made this week, when same question was asked at an info meeting…’We are building the plane while flying it!’ (nothing like a bit of excitement!)

    • johngs54

      Yup. just like Obamacare. Let it fly before we install wings.

  • Debi Katzman

    Awesome!!! He’s great!!!

  • Again people fail to see and use common sense, they don’t see that the government wants more control. Zo you are the man, you tell it like it is, sure I don’t agree with everything you say, but most of it, I do, as with this segment. Liberals word questions so that you have to agree with them or you appear either racist, uncaring about humanity, uncaring about the planet, or make it seem you are a conservative with an attitude. I’m neither, I want to help my planet, my country, people in need and all that, I have problems with people who don’t want to work, who want to leech off the tax payers, who want to make it so that people have a hard time just living, and to use tax payer money as birth control to abort children. Liberals try to make like they are all for the people, the planet, etc…but they want socialism, which limits what people will want to do, (why should I get a better education and a better job, if the government will just take my money and redistribute it among the people who have not given up things to get a better education, who have not strove as hard as I to better myself?)…this is just the start, we who have common sense, who are conservatives, need to keep vigilant..I feel something in on the horizon…and it won’t be pretty.

  • Guest

    teachers can’t leave the kids alone. the government funds them and the unions, and the government needs future zombies to take 100% taxes.

  • Adina Photos

    teachers can’t leave the kids alone. the government funds them and the unions, and the government needs future zombies to take 100% taxes–common core is the key to dumb down the future.

  • Rogue_Patriot

    Dead on target, Zo. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of these videos on common core. This is creeping my kid’s way and I’m scared because I haven’t the funds to send him to private school. When I asked the principal about this “common core’ she got all defensive about it and didn’t seem to want to disclose the details.

    • WhoMeToo

      If the teacher is defensive, that should tell you something right there…. o.O

    • johngs54

      As a single Dad I everything possible to find a Private School I could manage to afford. I’m grateful I found one. My Daughter is now happily married and I have a Granddaughter. But, My daughter is a conservative anti Liberal productive citizen. I gave up a lot to afford the education and I would do it again. If that isn’t possible. Then maybe homeschooling. Or at least Know what they are teaching them and take time with them and go over their lessons. Correct any bias or problematic info. Our Kid are the future of America. This is where we must win. EDUCATION.

  • johngs54

    Spoken so even a Liberal can understand. Well maybe that’s a stretch. Great Video.Zo. Keep um coming.

  • apollodr

    Awesome video as always.

  • Sunshine Kid

    For the last 65 years, schools have turned from ‘teaching’ to ‘indoctrination’. Being taught history, math, science and social values is not as important to the schools as molding the minds of children to accept as gospel the “truth” of government.

    Where in the Constitution is it, by the way, that the GOVERNMENT has a responsibility at all to educate? It has only become ‘acceptable’ to believe that the government’s job is education, but when the government did NOT have control of education, we had a better education system that was by 1850 beginning to rival Europe. Now our competitive “edge” in education is not only GONE, but WIPED OUT.

  • mackelby

    Schools have always had an agenda, from the first day. But their agenda is getting more evil every generation.

  • That is liberalism for you Christianity is evil but yet killing children in the womb is perfectly fine to them.

  • John Julian

    ZO! Thank you for tackling this evil, moronic, marxist, revisionist BS! I’ve been teaching for over 30 years and I’ve watched, ranted, complained every time some nonsense like this, or NCLB, or any other govt program has de-railed the educational process. Reagan was right when he said “government isn’t the solution, government is the problem.” This applies to education as well as everything else.

    You rock, dude!

  • Virginia Qureshi


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