ZoNation: Examining the Communist Core…Oops, Common Core Survey Pt.3

Zo Continues with the survey to find out the political leanings of parents. That way students can know who the enemy is, according to the State. Kinda like that Hitler youth thing. Hear more in this Zonation!

Here’s Part 2 In case ya missed it

Here’s Part 1 in case ya missed it!

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  • Loren Castelucci

    lots of great points ZO. glad i became a follower.

    one of my biggest problems with abortion is that its the first choice that pops into everyones minds. why not ADOPTION?? i know you have stated this before im just singing along with the choirmaster ^.^

    • Gerri Matras Lanter

      How about abstinence???? It’s near impossible within a culture where sex is thought of as a need…like food or air

    • Loren Castelucci

      well see abstinance is what you do to prevent having an unwanted/unplanned child where as Abortion and Adoption are things to think of once you have crossed that step. Yes Abstinence is a great practice to reduce unwanted/unplanned children but like you said everyones minds are being plugged with sex sex sex. i was mainly thinking of an alternative to the one idea that pops into peoples minds first after they ignored Abstinence.

  • ZoCitizen

    LOVE THE ZO!! The Lord is working in you.

  • Florida Baked

    Common Core Survey? What students are exposed to this survey? This is disgusting no matter who is being sampled. What a load of ‘dirty diapers.’ Keep up the sanity Zo.

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