ZoNation: Part Four: Rotten to the Commie Core — Examining the Survey

Zo examines the survey that isn’t really a survey at all. It’s part of a programming agenda to influence students for the left wing ideology. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • JDMedia

    On the money!

  • You telling it like it is Zo…I don’t understand how people cannot see that living off the government is being under the government’s thumb…they think they are putting something over on the government, but what happens when the government decides to pull the plug, or do what Hitler did in Germany with the Jews. If it comes down to the poor being taken care of or the rich liberal democrats enjoying their wealth, guess who will lose. The tax payers need to stand strong, it’s time to get out and vote!

  • louisk

    Bad Bad news Alfonzo. Her in Florida the Catholic Private Schools have opted in to the common core program. that is correct, I said opted IN.

    • TruckinMack

      (Sigh) My Catholic church makes so many bad decisions. So many.

  • Jeffrey N. Woods

    Zo, You gotta know all us teachers are not Liberals and many of us are fighting this common core government push that is in violation of the constitution. Students intrinsically reject a lot of socialist ideas. Just letting you know that some of us conservatives are teaching that the government isn’t here to do anything but protect us. It is a hard fight….

    • George Potwin

      I’m sure Zo knows this, but I can say for myself I know what you’re saying is true. We surround them, it is just that far too many of us have been silent and not active…well the giant is waking up and more and more each day. Keep teaching and inspiring life long learning.

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