Part 5/5: Are We All Communist Now? Examining a Common Core Survey

Zo examines the front lines of the communist take over of America; The education system.

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  • Rhiannon Hall

    I absolutley love the way Zo breaks down all the double speak in the questions and gets to the heart of the matter. I do have one tiny issue and that is in reference to the men getting mammograms statement. A family friend who is male just passed away from breast cancer; men can and do get it. I realize that men can’t get a typical mammogram, but a screening wouldn’t be a bad idea for anyone! Zo didn’t say it in such a way that I was offended or anything, just wanted to clarify the point that it was not unheard of for a male to have breast cancer. But as to the topic, it isn’t the gov’t job to force us to be covered by insurance of any type! Rock on, Zo!

    • Rob Darden

      So should auto liability not be mandated?

    • Change or Chains

      You can make a choice not to drive.

    • DavidBarton

      I would add that Liability Auto Insurance is for catastrophic coverage of an accident and not for routine repairs. The Obamacare Monster goes way past that.

  • Robert Crouch

    These questions are loaded but his responses are about equally spun. If you are actually naive enough to believe corporations want everyone to have money than you obviously have not paid attention to our disaster of an economy over the last few decades. If we can’t afford to buy anything they’ll just ship it overseas to people who can. corporate mentality is ONLY concerned with profit ever. They have no foresight which is why they’re not concerned with putting money in their slaves’ pockets.

    • Wayne Coyle

      Which corporations are you talking about? I ask because all the ones that typically come to mind are already shipping their products overseas. So are they trying to drive everyone into poverty except their boards of directors and stock holders? How much money do you really think Wal Mart could make if their entire customer base was only a portion of that 1% that liberals love to hate? No business, large or small, can exist for very long if all the people that used to spend money with them stop doing so. Some corporations may be short sighted but I’m pretty sure they, at least, understand that.

    • DavidBarton

      Wayne Coyle you know that you can’t fix ignorant when it is too stupid to get past the talking points. All these anti-corporate loons have no idea how financial management works in a business model that actually makes money. Their financial models are based on robbing the taxpayer and redistributing the wealth as they call it. To them wealth is a finite thing like matter and can neither be created nor destroyed, but just changes form and place from one hand to another.–Gunny Barton, Ret..

    • vesey

      wow !! simply amazing insight…… win the next Karl Marx Brain Dead Liberal Award…………congrats Bob………………..

  • Virginia Qureshi
  • Ticked Off

    ZO – Any word on Operation American Spring? This movement seems to be picking up steam!

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